What Is The Purpose Of Life


“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”  ― Ernest Hemingway I totally get what Hemingway is saying here. I’ve seen this very thing is myself and others. In my life, I often think how much easier life would be if I was a less-aware, less-thinking, and more simple-minded person. Sad but true. […]

50 Ways To Get Better At Fitness


  Your Task: 1. Read the list… 2. Implement… 3. Watch yourself get better! How to get better at Fitness (in no particular order): 1. Gear up. Get Oly shoes, some inov-8s or nano’s, a speed rope, wrist wraps, and quality workout clothes. 2. Lift heavy weights regularly. Don’t just stay in comfortable 70% zones. Push your limit… which leads perfectly to #3… 3. Use […]

5 Rules For Finding Your “Secret” To Success


Do you agree with Mr. Powell? Personally, I agree and disagree. He’s got it right with the latter part of his quote: success requires preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. But he’s wrong about there being no secrets to success. I believe there are secrets. In a way, that is. This makes me think […]

50 Ways to Lose Weight


50 ways to Lose weight intelligently without the use of drugs or unhealthy protocols. Please share this one with anyone that you know will benefit! Let’s keep fighting the good fight… Here is a snazzy click-to-tweet link. This essay is about losing weight but it also doubles as a guide on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Overall, […]

Book: 50 Ways To Lose Weight: 50 Sure-Fire Ways To Lose Weight and Burn Fat Without Wasting Time, Money, Or Your Life In The Gym


I decided to write an expanded version based on the popular Gym Life article: 50 Ways To Lose Weight. Thus my new book was born:  50 Ways To Lose Weight: 50 Sure-Fire Ways To Lose Weight and Burn Fat Without Wasting Time, Money, Or Your Life In The Gym I’m super excited about sharing this […]

What I’ve Learned Over The Years: A Short Manifesto For Life


Be open-minded. Learn from everyone. Never say “I know.” Question everything. Challenge your beliefs. Understand both sides. Play Devil’s advocate. Read 10x more than you do now. Study people. Study psychology and philosophy. Read biographies. Get your hands dirty. Deliberately practice. Read fiction. Train your mental resilience. Test your mind with your body. Test your […]

Sometimes It’s Not What You Read But When You Read It

Colin-Stuckert-author-agymlife.com2-2 copy

“We become what we think about.” –Earl Nightingale I read a lot of books. But I don’t always finish them, especially if they don’t “hook” me in the first few chapters. Naturally I have plenty of unfinished books taking up digital space on my kindle and physical space in storage. The quote above reminded me […]

Why You Don’t Have Abs: It’s Your Food Dummy


  Today’s Topic: Training your ass off and screwing it up with your diet Goal: Get you to make better food choices How: Mindset shifts, informed decisions, and a damn Crockpot Training Hard And Not Eating Well   I see this all the time: Athletes work their ass off in the gym (some everyday) They get […]

Remember That Guy That Gave up?


“Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does anyone else.”   -Unknown Read this quote a few times. Let it sink in. Words have the power to stir something deep inside you. Let these words seep into your subconscious.  Think to yourself: “I’m not going to give up.” Say it: “I’m not going to give up.” […]