Gift Ideas For Athletes

Athletes Love Their Gear

Around the holidays I like to find gifts for people that they will actually use. Luckily all of my friends and family are athletes so finding something for them should be a cinch.

There is no better gift to give an athlete than a fitness related gift; preferably something that they will use over and over again.

Athletes tend to be habits of nature and any tool that is used in their routine will get a ton of action.  This is the best kind of gift in my opinion. No one likes useless crap that gets tucked in a box or drawer left to die.

Here is a list of products for the athlete this holiday season:


Cookbooks are one of my favorite gifts to give other athletes (or anyone that needs to eat better). I own each of these books and I use them on a regular basis. All are super high quality with excellent recipes and photography. Check out this link for the books (and more)


Supplements are always a possible gift idea but you should know what people like because many athletes are very picky about their supplement routine (just like their training and diets).  Some top supplement brands include (check out my full list here):

Primal Nutrition By – I personally use primal fuel, primal fish oil, and primal flora.  I have them auto-shipped to me every month. Highly recommended

Stronger Faster Healthier
Some of my trainers use their grass-fed whey and rave about it. I have not had experience with their products however.

Blender Bottle
I Highly recommend a blender bottle for anyone who trains.  It can be used as a water bottle or for mixing supplements pre and post workout. It is also BPA free. I have one that I have used for 4 years now and still gets the job done.

Coffee – Yummy

Learn how to make my morning recipe of Bulletproof Coffee CLICK HERE 

First, it starts with the beans. These are some amazing coffee beans. I won’t drink coffee anywhere else after getting hooked on these. Yes, they are that good.

This is the rest of the ingredients for amazing morning coffee. There products are also amazing in their own right and have many uses in the kitchen.


Clothing is always a safe bet  but I would recommend getting sizing as clothes for training tend to fit snugly and no one likes to train with baggy clothing.

Some top clothing brands:

Lululemon Athletica
I have spent way too much money at this place. Stuff does last though. I love their v-necks for men.

I have their Oly’s and their version 1 Nano’s.  Excellent shoes all-around.  Every athlete should have a pair of Olympic weightlifting shoes.
Have bought a few shirts from them.  High quality stuff and good customer service (had an issue with a pair of shorts and they returned quickly and with no issue)



Athlete fashion rule number 5# states that knee-high socks are required WOD gear, especially for females.  Not only are knee-high socks fashionable when tearing up a WOD, but they are also functional because they protect your pretty little shins from scars, cuts, and bruises from the barbell.

A few sock options:


Jump Ropes

Speed ropes are a safe bet as well as wrist wraps.  Typically these are one size fits all so you shouldn’t have trouble with choosing one.  Here are some of the best jump ropes that my clients use and that I have tested myself:

Standard speed rope – These are good for the price but will wear out after a bit of use. I recommend using only on matted areas and not concrete or gravel. I suggest buying a couple extra for backups.

Rx Ropes
I have no experience with these but I have heard good things from a few clients that use them.

Rogue Speed Rope
This is my personal favorite rope although I haven’t tried the new Rogue rope which looks awesome.  Maybe Santa will bring me one to test out 😉


Abmats are awesome and everyone uses them because every trains their abs. Most of my clients do GHD and Abmat work after every single class.  Abmats support your lower lumbar and make the sit-up safer and more effective.

Kitchen Gear 

Most people train to lose weight and look better naked, and because of this they understand how diet works and the importance of eating better.  You will typically find athletes as do-it-yourself type of people who like to cook (or at least try to) and kitchen gear that can help them in the kitchen is a perfect example of a gift that will get practical use.  Because there are so many different options for kitchen gear I will only list some of my favorite and most recommended to my clients

Rada Set
A knife set – I know what you are thinking, that’s expense, but not with the Rada Cutlery Starter Set set.  I have 4 knives from this set and they work awesome. It is an excellent set for the price and for most people it is more than enough to get the job done.

Crock Pot
This is the absolute best gift you can give a busy athlete (or anyone for that matter). Set it and forget it cooking that is almost impossible to screw up.

Perfect for the fitness and Paleo enthusiast. I own two and sometimes hook them both up to slow cook multiple dishes for the next day.

Garlic Press
Garlic is one of the easiest ingredients to add major flavor to your dishes but it is also the most hassle to use.  Personally I hate peeling and fine dicing these little bastards so I bought myself a heavy duty garlic press to completely annihilate these and save myself a ton of time.  A super useful gift that will be used many times over.

Immersion Blender
Amazing device. One of the best tools in your kitchen.  These can whip, blend, puree, make soup, dips, applesauce, salad dressing, sauces, and so much more.

Plenty of Gear Ideas for the athlete near you

Surprise that special someone and stand out this year with a fitness related gift.  While most people will be giving mugs, ornaments  calendars, and other useless (and unoriginal) crap, you will be giving the gift of  fitness.  There isn’t anything better than that.

Have A Happy And Very Paleo Holiday!

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