How To Brew Coffee With The Aeropress

I make butter coffee every morning using Wild coffee beans brewed with an Aeropress. Some claim that the Aeropress makes the best cup of coffee possible. I mostly agree.

My early attempts at using the Aeropress were less than stellar. But now, like most things, I’ve gotten better.

First, always grind right before you brew. Pre-ground coffee isn’t really coffee. That is all I will say on the matter.

To make an amazing cup of coffee, follow the steps below. Morning brewing is an addictive routine that can have a “meditative” effect–I love it.

What you will need:

The process:

  1. Bring 8oz water to a boil
  2. Rinse filter and end cap with hot water
  3. Invert Aeropress until plunger is set at the 4
  4. Grind 18oz coffee to as fine as table salt
  5. Pour water that is 30 seconds off boil over ground to wet grounds
  6. Let bloom for 30 seconds (let sit, you will see little bubbles)
  7. Stir grounds
  8. Pour in rest of water
  9. Place top and flip over a cup or mug
  10. Press slowly (about 10 seconds) until you hear a hissing sound
  11. Enjoy hot or iced or continue to making Butter Coffee

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