Cheap Food Comes With a Price (graphic links provided)

Watch these Vides: Walmart Cruelty and (graphic videos, be warned)

The above videos are very graphic and that is exactly why you should watch them.

Then, when you go to the grocery store to buy that ‘big brand’ cheap meat (or eat at most restaurants) you will visualize these horrific images as you support the companies with every dollar you spend. Not only is buying and eating this food bad for your health and the environment, you are also directly responsible for animal cruelty.

I like animals, not really a ‘lover’ of animals, but what is shown here happens every day and it absolutely should not. Shame on the government and so-called FDA regulatory (if you can call it that) ‘organizations’ that allow this crap to happen. And even more so, shame on fat-disgusting-lazy Americans ( we are at almost 40% obesity rate btw) that buy this crap every single day and promote its existence.

 Cheap food comes with a price.


Vote with your dollar

If more consumers would spend the couple extra bux on the better quality animal products, these corporations would have to change their practices or go out of business. You should support small family farms that raise animals in the type of outdoor environment that they belong. A place where animals are not injected with hormones and have natural diets consisting of grass, bugs, hay, barely, etc. Buy brands that use “humanely treated” and other “Happy animal” type labels.

And, I hate to break it to you, but the meat you eat at restaurants all come from factory farms (aside from a select few, often expensive, places). I can step foot outside right now and be at a mall that has 50+ restaurants. I know with absolute certainty that not one of them is factory-meat free. In fact, the only non-factory-framed meat I will probably find is the seafood (and even that will probably be farmed and not wild).

Chiptole is an except to the rule here and I’m a big fan of their food and company. Their meat is sourced from small family farms that have exclusive deals with the company. That is why their food taste so damn good. Factory food tastes like the crap that it is, and natural, humanely raised food tastes amazing because it is.

Watch those videos and visualize those images the next time you buy and/or eat cheap factory meat.

Buy your food from reputable sources and cook it at home. You might even lose 15 pounds in the process…

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