The Deadlift – A Foundational Movement

The Super Awesome Best Ever Exercise

If you had to pick one exercise, and only one, to train for the rest of your life it SHOULD be the deadlift.  This amazing exercise actives more muscles than any other exercise in existence (I consider tire flips the same movement btw).

Because I’m a skinny guy I have to focus on deadlifts and squats to generate as much HGH and testosterone in my body as possible to help my smaller frame build and maintain muscle.  If you are a guy and aren’t deadlifting on a regular basis you are doing yourself a major disservice.

Not only is the deadlift great for building full body muscle and fitness but it is also an amazing preventative exercise.  It develops many dormant muscles that don’t get the action they need from other movements.  It is as ‘functional’ and effective as you can get.  It improves you in any sport, prepares you to survive anything that can come your way, and gives you a shredded back. That sounds like a triple play to me…so start deadlifting today!

For the ladies: Do you desire a sexy back end comprised of firm thighs and butt?  Make deadlifting your go-to exercise (and squatting of course).  That is the secret formula for developing the female figure – deadlifting and squatting.

Safety: Yes it is safe.  Done properly the deadlift is super safe and is a necessary movement to be a functional human being.  We all pick stuff up and put it down.  Period.   The deadlift has been blamed for back injuries done by lifters not taking their time or using proper form on heavy lifts. Anything is unsafe when performed this way.

Step 1:


 Step 2:


Step 3:

Step 4:


Step 5 – The Negative (way back down):


Step 6:


Step 7:


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