10 Must-Have Products For Fit People

You can’t buy results. Many try, many fail.

You can buy HELP with your results, though.

The tools that help you progress towards your goals are the weapons in the war for your health and fitness. And, make no mistake about it, it’s a damn bloody war. Society, fast food, gmo’s, factory meat, friends and family, and your lazy brain, are all out to destroy you. They all want to sabotage your results, to maintain the status quo, to hold you back. The better weapons you have to fight back this onslaught, the more likely you will come out the victor.

And like any warrior, your weapons must be treated with respect.

Th samurai cares for his Katana like a mother for her newborn. A solider oils his sidearm even when when it doesn’t need it. These warriors use their chosen tools with skill, precision, and care. These are useless in the hands of an untrained novice while deadly in the practitioner’s. And they are necessary to their way of life.

This is just like you…

Think of yourself as a warrior. A warrior that is battling fat, sugar, and all the other crap in our society that is out to keep you sick and fat and weak. You have to wage WAR. And the weapons that you use in this battle are of paramount importance. They must be used with skill and precision. Owning these tools is not enough. You must use them to fight.

Your tools are your weapons and your weapons come in many forms

Yes, you will spend money, and yes, they will be investments. An added benefit of spending money on weapons is we tend to stick with things we spend money on (this is the sunken-cost fallacy and it’s useful in this instance). 

However, spending $1000 on the best knives and pans isn’t going to make you an amazing cook. Although, it will definitely make becoming a great home cook that much easier. Prepaying for a year at the gym isn’t going to give you 6-pack abs, but it will definitely nag you into going more than if you were on a month-to-month, cancel-anytime agreement.

You should spend money strategically.

I’ll help you with this. You can learn from my mistakes (thousands of dollars worth). I’ve learned the hard way that it doesn’t have to cost a truckload of money to get your hands on some durable and functional tools to get the job done.

Of course, I’m referring to products that you buy one time and use over and over. These purchases are investments. In fact, anything that improves your health is an investment, an investment in your future. While you should also spend money on getting the highest quality consumables you can find–like food and supplements–I won’t go down that rabbit-hole right now. Let’s save that for another day.

For now, let’s stick with the basics tools that you will use a thousands times over. You can buy these piece by piece or place a huge early-birthday-present-for-yourself order and outfit your war-chest in one swoop. Whatever. Just make sure you make it a priority to compile these tools one way or another. Each one of these is going to return its weight in gold in the form of better health, strength, and sexiness. 

10 Products I Use All The Time

My Favorite: BlenderBottle® Classic 28-ounce Black

This thing is a workhorse. I use this for bringing ice-water to the beach, drinking my iced coffee, and the most common, taking to then gym full of water and Bulletproof collagen whey protein to sip during my workout. These make great gifts also.
I had a pair of Doo wins and they fell apart. These ReeBok Lifters things are solid-freaking shoes. I’ve used them every week for the past 2 years and they are still in perfect condition somehow. They have a raised heel and provide a super-solid base for getting PR’s as well as general weightlifting work.

These are a must-have for anyone that trains with any level of seriousness. 

3. A coffee-bean and spice grinderbest-for-bulletproof-coffee

This thing is the best $20 you will ever spend. I grind my Bulletproof beans every morning for my butter coffee. It also grinds spices and nuts down to a fine powder as a hobby.

You know when you buy a product and you just love it? Well, this is one of those. You know when you buy a product and you just love it? Well, this is one of those. If I spent $50 on it I would probably just be a satisfied customer as the cost would warrant the performance, but it was only $19.05, and honestly, that’s just retarded for such an amazing product. 

4. Ancient Sea Saltancient-sea-salt-paleo-salt

My Favorite: RealSalt Kosher Sea Salt, 16-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

Salt is the workhorse in the kitchen. Most people think salt is bad, it isn’t when it’s the right kind. There are soooo many kinds of salts: good, bad, big, large, flakey, fine, coarse, iodized, bla. Let’s make this simple.

Here are the rules for salt:

  1. It must be sea salt. If it doesn’t say sea salt on the package than it is processed/refined, and that is bad.
  2. Kosher is the best style for general seasonings. It’s what chefs use and it has the right size for multi-purpose seasoning.

Kosher Sea Salt is da winner and the only brand I have found is the RealSalt brand above. I have been buying these red 16-ounce packages for 2 years now. The pack of 6 is a great deal (trust me, you will use it eventually).

5. A lacrosse balllacrosse-ball-mobility-stretching

My favorite: WOD Wear Lacrosse Ball

Keep one at home and get on the ground and use it. Self-Myofascial/Trigger point release should be an integral recovery component of your program. It’s easy (and painful) to do.

Just lay on the ground and place the ball between the ground and a part of your body, like your back. Then pick your hips up while planting your feet and move around until you find ‘pain points.’ Slowly work through those and loosen them up.

6. A foam rollerfoam-roller

My favoriteBlack High Density Foam Rollers – Extra Firm – 6″ x 36″ Round

Check out this tutorial. Start using one.

7. A mugoxo-good-grips-travel-mug

My favorite: OXO Good Grips Mini LiquiSeal Travel Mug, Silver

This is another one of those ‘love it’ products. I use this everyday for my coffee. The button at the top opens and closes the lid–ingenious.

8. A kitchen scaledigital-scale

My favorite: Digital Scale City Pronto Precision Plus Stainless Steel 11lb. Kitchen Food Scale

Measure food, ingredients, protein, coffee, whatever. This is an indispensable tool in the kitchen.

9. A Swiss ball to sit on in lieu of a bad-for-your-back chairswiss-ball-for-chair

My favorite: 2000lbs Anti Burst Exercise Stability Ball with Pump

I have one of these that I switch in and out with my Aeron chair. I sometimes see how long I can balance on my knees and stabilize my abs before noticing and resting. Kill two birds with one stone: work on your fitness and save your back.

10. A Book on Epictetus, one of the greatest Stoicsart-of-living

My amazon account shows that I’ve purchased 17 copies of this book: I have. I give them as a gift to those close to me. It’s that freaking good. Some pages have a few sentences while others have as many as 5 paragraphs. Each page includes a short, nugget-type excerpts of wisdom that is applicable to everyday life. Reading this book is a practice. It’s mental training.

The more often you read it, the better you will apply the concepts in your life. The better you will accept life and end the suffering you suffer at the hands of the external world. After all, who wants to be a pinball in the arcade game of life bouncing around from one response to the next? That isn’t freedom, that isn’t autonomy. Grab a copy here, it’ll be the best $10 bux you’ve ever spent…

My “Armory”

These are some of my favorite weapons that I use to go to war on my health and fitness every single day. Amazon is the best place to find honest reviews and the best prices–it’s where I buy 90% of everything in the universe.

If you have any questions or comments let me know!

Yours in Fitness,

Colin Stuckert

P.S. I’d really appreciate it if you would share this link with someone you think would benefit from reading The Gym Life!

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