The Simple Secret For Reaching Your Goals

The secret to reaching goals is not what you think. It’s a simple habit that can literally change your life. Read below to find out what it is.

The First Goals Rule:
Make your goals specific and time-based


I started reading this book:

One of the main lessons in this book is the writing down of ultra-specific goals of where you want to be in the future–like exactly how much money you want to make next year.

Of course, we all  realize how important it is to set goals, and some of us forward thinkers do it often. But when are we actually specific about our goals?

Version 1.0 of goal setting looks like this: I want to be a millionaire… I want to lose weight…

Version 2.0 is this: I will make $1,000,000 by Jan 31, 2016… I will lose 15 pounds and be under 10% bodyfat in exactly three months from today…

See the difference? First, you change “want”

The Second Goal Rule:
You must believe in your goals with 100% conviction. 

The book also discuss belief and the power of words. I think this is the least talked about, yet most important, ingredient in goal-setting: Belief in your goals.

You have to absoultely-without-a-doubt-in-heaven-or-hell know that you will achieve your goals.

If there is an ounce of doubt, you will fail.

Writing down goals is necessary but I think too many stop there and it becomes an afterthought.  Goals are something that we should come back to daily, weekly, or monthly.  They need to be fresh in our consciousness.  If someone asks us what our goals are we should be able to respond immediately and without thought.

For most people, goal setting goes like this: We write down a bunch of goals after a flash of motivation–like the book above–then return to life.

Then, time passes before inspiration strikes again. We are renewed again with energy and motivation and we write our goals/plans out with frenzied enthusiasm.

Back to life.


History Repeats Itself

So what happens during that time between the actual goal setting?  For most, nothing. Let’s try to change that… I have an idea.

Try this:

  • Write your goals on a index card or piece of paper – 1 year – 3 year – 10 year – whatever
  • Set a google reminder (or whatever calendar you use) to check them daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Read them at set intervals and spend a few minutes considering where you are with them–Are you closer? Have you made any progress at all?


My version:

  1. I ordered laminating sheets on Amazon.
  2. I formatted a google drawing with my goals in small boxes with small font so I could print a small list to laminate.
  3. I cut out the list small enough to laminate and fit it in my wallet.

I carry this around and read it every day. I will have to update and repeat this process as my goals change but I think it’s well worth the hassle.

This practice will keep my goals in front of my face daily. And I’m confident this little habit will will help me reach them that much faster.

The “Simple Secret” for reaching your goals and making all your dreams come true…


Read Your Goals Daily

There you go. Two tips for your goal-setting and reaching endeavors and a super-simple “secret” to reaching your goals. Now is time to get to the doing part.

  1. Write out your goals as specifically as possible and include deadlines
  2. Figure out what is needed to make yourself BELIEVE that you will achieve them (avoid outlandish goals that you don’t think you will reach)
  3. Read your goals daily
  4. Get To Work


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