Why Happiness Will Not Come Naturally To You

How often do you get sucked into things you enjoy doing: work, play, hobbies, relaxing, sleeping, etc?

And do you balance these things with your overall  life or do you become compulsive to a point where you need to “quit” them altogether?

When we are lacking in our general happiness, or when life gets difficult, we have the habit of searching for things that make us feel “good.” Finding a ‘fix’ to take our minds off of our problems happens to us all and not just the addicts.

Compulsion is a thing that we can all slip into, and when we do, it often leads to neglect in other areas of our life.

You see this when people that get stuck in the grind of life and become miserable without even realizing it. What happens next can lead to disaster: jobs are lost, marriages are ruined, homes are broken.

It is wildly difficult to become fully content as a human being (the understatement of the century).  Hell, it’s against our DNA to be content.  This yearning for more is a survival trait that keeps us hungry and always wanting to improve our condition and acquire more resources–so we can procreate.  The problem now-a-days is we would be better served with a ‘stay put and be content’ gene.

Our current world involves a level of security and comfort that is completely at odds with how our ancestors lived.  We don’t have to forge or hunt for our food and there aren’t predators lurking in the bushes.  Basically, we have everything we will ever need to survive and procreate in a relatively safe environment.

This should be enough to find true contentment and happiness.

are you balanced like ying/yang?Are you seeking a new compulsion? Do you engage in compulsive behavior regularly?  

If you can understand why you are the way you are you will better avoid falling into that deep hole of discontent that is so prevalent in our society and that leads to so much destruction.

You won’t find happiness in externals.

Your temporary distraction through compulsion won’t last.

Find the enjoyment in what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t.

Strive for a balanced life.  You will be happier because of it.


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