Healthy Paleo Fats For The Modern Man

Fat is the miracle nutrient.

It is the body’s preferred fuel source.  Your brain is two-thirds fat and the essential fatty acids (ALA – Omega-3 and LA – Omega 6) are what build brain cells.  Maintaining a one to one ratio of omega-3s to 6s is one of the integral parts of long-term health and wellness.

Without venturing too far down the fat/nutrition rabbit-hole, I will leave you with this:

The ‘right’ fats are your best friend while the ‘wrong’ fats are your worst enemy.

Organic Coconut Oil

The first thing you should do, if you aren’t already, is incorporate lots and lots of this amazing oil into your diet.

You can cook on low-medium heat, you can take it by the teaspoon as a supplement, you can rub it on your skin (works awesome for sunburn), you can rub it in your hair (gets a bit greasy though), and so on.

It really is one of Mother Nature’s miracle ingredients. Nutiva is my favorite brand.

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Olive oilpaleo-olive-oil

This is the most hyped ‘healthy’ oil in the world.  If you buy cheap stuff you will be consuming a blend of other ‘unknown’ oils, sometimes including soy and canola.  And I shouldn’t have to tell you, but that is not good.

You should buy the high quality stuff, organic is good also.  Make sure you store it in a dark place away from heat (really do this, it’s important). You should use it soon after opening as it deteriorates fast.

You can cook with it but I would recommend very light cooking if you do as heat can further breakdown the oil and you lose much of the healthy benefit.

It is best used as a topping, condiment, or dressing.

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Red Palm oilred-palm-oil

I have a jug of this stuff and it can be a useful oil for various baking and frying situations. I would avoid using it in a pan or in direct contact with any food that you are going to present as it leaves a red stain that doesn’t look the most appetizing. I use it for deep frying and mixed with coconut oil in various dishes to add some variety. My fav brand.

Refer to Mark Sisson on this oil as I know only minimal about it and purchased some at his recommendation.

Nut/Seed oilspaleo-oil

Better oils: Walnut, Macadamia Nut (one of my favs), avocado

The key here is to mix it up.  Nut and seed oils typically have a skewed omega-6 to 3 balance and that is what we are trying to avoid.  Macadamia and avocado oil are my preferred oils form this category. Both have relatively high smoke points and are mild in flavor.

Walnut oil is good for dressings but I wouldn’t cook with it.

Avoid: Peanut, Sunflower, Safflower, Soy, Canola

These oils are highly processed and are found in most restaurant kitchens.  This is another reason why eating out is just bad for you.  I recommend you ask for your food to be cooked in olive oil or butter.

If not, your food will be slathered in these processed ‘poison’ oils.  That is no bueno.

Further reading oils by the Primal Boss Mark Sisson

Grass-Fed Butterpaleo-kerrygold-butter

Ya buddy!  This is the stuff.  I buy Kerry Gold unsalted.  It tastes amazing and it’s good for you.  That is what you look for in any food right?

If you are new to this Paleo/Primal thing then let me give you a quick breakdown/reminder:

Fat doesn’t make you fat.  Especially saturated fat.

Fat helps you lose weight because it is integral in so many beneficial processes in your body.  There are essential fatty acids that your body MUST consume and they are absolutely integral to health.  Basically, you will just waste away if you don’t consume these fatty acids.

Grass-fed butter includes a healthy dose of omega 3’s also known as the healthy fats, and yes they are healthy, but that is not the full picture.  What we are looking for is the magic (hard to attain) ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s.   The issue is that all the garbage processed food and factory farmed animals result in food products that are insanely high in omega-6s and low-to nonexistent in omega-3s.

When you are consuming something high (or even just adequate) in omega-3s you are helping to correct this balance.  Correcting this balance is why fish oil is touted as the miracle supplement and why all grass-fed animals and wild-caught fish are so ‘good’ for you.

So, to reiterate the main point, fat is your friend. Eat a lot of the quality stuff mentioned in this article as well as fat from healthy animals.


A grass-fed ribeye cooked in Kerrygold grass-fed butter….healthy fat is damn yummy

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