How To Cook Chicken Perfect Every Time

Chicken is a staple for most of us. And it’s usually a boring one at that. But it doesn’t have to be so.

Chicken can taste great if you treat it properly. Learn how to cook chicken perfect every time with the following “Chicken Rules.”

1. Make sure you pat it dry

Chicken usually comes in a package swimming in a pool of chicken slime. If your chicken is moist when you pan-sear it, it will not develop a crust. When you place chicken in your pan, the liquid will end up steaming your chicken. This results in flavorless, bland, unevenly cooked chicken.

2. Make sure your pan is pre-heated for 3-5 minutes over medium heat

You want your pan hot. This allows you to develop a nice crust avoid avoid any steaming from escaping liquid. Check this out.

3. If your chicken is thick, tenderize it

This is beating your chicken flatter. It makes for a juicy piece of chicken that cooks faster and more evenly. It’s actually my preferred way to eat chicken.

4. Use a high-smoke point oil

I prefer MCT oil over other fats because of the higher smoke point and nutrition (I use avocado oil in the video above). Butter burns at the higher heat that we need to cook chicken although ghee is a solid choice. Stay way from shitty seed oils such as peanut, oil, soy, canola, vegetable, and don’t use olive oil due to the oxidation from heating it.

5. Season each side with sea salt and pepper

One of the main reasons that most chicken is bland is because there is no seasoning. It’s often as simple as that. Start using more salt. A quality sea salt is good for you, just stay away from the Mortons iodized crap.

6. Flip the chicken once you can shake the pan and it moves free

Do not touch it until this happens. It is developing a crust. When the crust is formed, you can flip it.

7. Finish in oven if piece is thicker (or if it’s a chicken thigh)

A 350 degree oven is great to finish the cooking process without overcooking the crust and making it tough. If your chicken isn’t thick enough to need an oven treatment, let is sit in foil for a couple minutes to rest and let the juice redistribute.

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