How To Train For A Muscle-Up – Muscle-Up Progression Exercises

Learn how to break down the muscle-up progression into parts and train them using deliberate practice

When you train these small parts of the Muscle-up progression you increase your chances of getting a muscle-up by ALOT compared to typical methods of just swinging and praying.  And when you finally get your muscle-up you will be much closer to getting a strict muscle-up as well.

These exercises can be used by anyone looking to increase strength in their chest, lats, shoulders, forearms, triceps, and abs.  Rings are an amazing strength and conditioning tool and I recommend getting a set hung today.

*Getting a set of rings for your home is a smart move:[simpleazon-link asin=”B004BW8ZDW” locale=”us”]Gymnastics Rings Fitness Training[/simpleazon-link]

Hanging A Set Of Rings

Option 1: Build a pull-up structure out of galvanized pipe from Lowes.

I built the one right for about $125 from lowes.  You will need flanges, 90 degree and T connectors as well as a couple heavy duty pipe or lock wrenches.  Get someone handy to help you if you are not experienced in building things like this.  You want it to be sturdy and safe.  Build at your own risk!

Option 2: Buy a [simpleazon-link asin=”B005FOPOLG” locale=”us”]Door Way Pull-up bar[/simpleazon-link] and hang rings

I use this setup in my closest and do ring dips, muscle-ups, and support holds on it from time to time, as well as the set of 10 strict pull-ups that I do a couple times each day.

This isn’t the sturdiest setup so I wouldn’t recommend hanging for long periods of time and definitely don’t swing on it!  Use at your own risk!

Option 3: Hang from a tree or any other sturdy structure

Get creative and find a place to hang your rings.  Just make sure to test them for support and make sure you are hanging them from a point that can support safe use.

A Set of Rings Can Build Amazing Strength

A few ring sets a day can keep the weakness away.  I just made that up and it’s true.  Not only will training on rings often help get you a muscle-up, but it will also make you stronger and make your joints strong and fit as well.

There is no better upper body developer than a set of rings.  Get creative and start your training today!

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