The Outsource Test: Hire 1 person for 10$

You must start. The rest is easy, and best of all, cheap. You can outsource SOOO much and prices are usually absurdly low.

Here are a few things I get done for super cheap on the regular, and remember, I own two businesses and am building a few others. I’ve gotten so good–it’s not hard–at outsourcing and delegation that I find myself with more free time than ever before. This is in spite of having more projects than every before.

And no, I’m not exaggerating in the least. These tools are available to everyone yet most have no idea of their existence.

You need to go do this right now. It will cost you 10$ and a few hours of time but you will learn something that could save you money and time for the rest of your life.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of amazing people like this.


The Outsource-VA trial:

1. Go to

2. Browse some of the open job listings to get an idea for terminology used and what to expect on site

3. Create a position and job description of your job that includes: pay, hours required, expectations, etc

4. Post the job to the appropriate category or ‘invite’ some contractors that you like from the listings.

5. Complete the bank verification and all that so you can pay your contract when he or she finishes work

6. Hire the contractor and sit back while someone else works for you

7.  Pay him or her and give them good reviews afterwards (if they earned it)


1. Treat people with respect. They are, after all, people.

2. Explain with words and images. If you want something done visually I recommend you download stitch. Working digitally means you must convey your ideas as simply as possible so that your contractor can understand.

3. Learn and laugh. Don’t take it too seriously. If people make mistakes, show them some guidance, and be patient throughout the process.


Other sites I recommend:

Fancy Hands (personal and business – it’s amazing)


The key is to get started and learn as you go. Delegation and outsourcing are skills that can be learned and take practice. No one is born being a perfect boss, manager, or delegator. The more you manage people the more you learn, and hopefully, the better you get.


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