How to Make Paleo Leftovers Taste Fresh with ONE Ingredient

What is the secret ingredient to making Paleo leftovers taste freshly cooked?  This mystery ingredient cost a little more than a buck and is available at ANY grocery store.

It comes in a can or a jar (preferred) and is best organic.  So what is this amazing pantry staple that requires nearly zero cooking skill to freshen your leftovers?!

A can of Tomato Sauce

A simple can of tomato sauce can work wonders for the cooking novice.  Any type of tomatoes will work:  diced, whole, sauce, crushed.  My personal preference is crushed tomatoes because of the thick tomato flavor and because they heat well and mix well with most ingredients.

Crushed tomatoes can be used in many cooking preparations but for this guide I’m going to focus on leftovers.  Any health conscious home cook knows that leftovers can be a heaven-sent when that desire to absolutely not-cook sets in.  If you have a private chef and have never had this problem than please hit the little X button in the top right corner, this ain’t for you.

How to “Make” Paleo leftovers with Crushed Tomatoes


Heat protein in oil – add tomato sauce – stir – add herbs – EAT

You Need:

-A pan and oil
-Leftover protein (diced or shredded works exceptionally well)
-Can of Crushed tomatoes (or any tomato)

Process (10 minutes):

Step 1. Preheat pan over medium heat – add oil

Step 2 (optional). When oil is smoking add protein and fry protein in oil for 2-5 minutes until a crust is formed or until you protein is slightly cooked and brought to temperature.

Step 3. Add can of tomatoes

Step 4. Stir to mix ingredients thoroughly

Step 5. Add seasonings of choice. Leftovers are great for experimenting with forgotten herbs and spices in your pantry.  Get creative and experiment.

Step 6. Serve in bowl and eat with spoon!


My favorite finisher is to top with avocado and sea salt

This simple technique can save you from leftover-itis

This entire process will take 10 minutes and produce a have a fresh-tasting meal that was definitely not prepared from scratch.  Clean up is as easy as throwing away a used can, cleaning 1 pan, 1 wooden spoon, 1 plate, 1 spoon, and pouring 1 glass of water.

Grab some leftover ground beef or shred some cold chicken and try it today!

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