The Shoulder Press – A Foundational Movement

The strict shoulder press is a fundamental move that is very neglected by many.  Even within the bodybuilding community you will hear things such as “never go overhead” to the detriment of many gullible trainees.

The shoulder press is excellent for developing upper body strength and health as well as developing the power zone.  The power zone includes the hip flexors, hip extensors, spinal erectors, and quadriceps.  Developing power from the core to these extremities (the power zone) is a fundamental skill needed for athletic success.

A common fault I see with the shoulder press is not fully extending the elbows out at the top and the arms not fully pressing out.  Often times you will see athletes stick their head completely through like on the thruster and this is not necessary of advisable   You should press the shoulders straight up and avoid pushing your head forward or through too much.

Step 1:

shoulder press

Step 2:

shoulder press

Step 3:

shoulder press

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