Your Success is Exactly Equal To How You Spend Your Spare Time

Want to know what your future is going to look like?

Look at how you spend your time, especially your free time.

If you waste time through procrastination, being lazy or other unhealthy habits, your future is going to reflect that.

Success is simply the summation of everything you do, it’s a reflection of how you spend your time.  The difference between successful people and average folk is how they use, and think about, time.

Think about this the next time you squander your most precious depleting resource…

What takes up the majority of your free time?  Do you read fiction or non-fiction?  Do you you watch reality TV or documentaries?  What about the time spent waiting such as at the airport, on a plane, or at the DMV to renew your license?  Most utilize these periods of waiting time poorly while successful people use every second wisely.  The difference is in the mindset.

Those who appreciate time use it better, plain and simple.

With all the traveling I’ve done recently, I’ve had ample time to observe people in waiting.  On average they do the following: read, watch TV, nap, read a novel, stare at their phones, or stare at the wall (and some do all of those in various order).  The successful ones are usually working away on their laptops completely oblivious to the surrounding zombie wait’ers.

I’m not making judgements, just observations.

Of course, I don’t recommend making yourself busy for the sake of being busy.  I just think we should be more conscious of how we spend our time in general, especially our free time.  I would rather do something productive or nothing at all (meditation).

how do you spend your spare time?

Next time you are waiting and with nothing to do, try this: count your breaths to 100–inhale one, exhale one, inhale two, exhale two, etc–and try to keep your mind blank throughout.  

Good job, you just meditated.  You did nothing, but the difference is it was nothing on purpose.  Doing nothing on purpose is better than letting your attention go from random to random.

Those that ‘respond’ to life are like zombies.  They let their attention go from stimuli to stimuli and become shaped by whatever is happening to them at any given moment.  Successful people, those with intent, create their own reality by spending time strategically.  They shape what happens to them through hard work, determination, and awareness of themselves and what they are doing.

In summary: zombies go from distraction to distraction with no plan or goal while the success-minded individual will act specifically and always on purpose.

Remember: success is the reflection of spending time purposely.

Don’t wander around wasting time. Don’t be a zombie. Always have a plan or a goal. That is the only way you move forward. How are you spending your free time? Mindless or Focused?

“Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life.” -Michael LeBoeuf


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