My Favorite Supplements

Wild MCT Oil by Wild Foodswild-MCT-Oil-Package

This stuff is a workhorse in the kitchen. You can cook with it, add it to shakes, butter coffee, take it as a supplement, cook with it, and so on. It is the purest and cleanest oil found in nature. I can’t recommend this enough. I use it on a daily basis.

Wild Whey by Wild FoodsWild-Whey-Dark-Chocolate-Package

It goes without saying that I’m a fan of grass-fed whey. It serves an important role in the fit person’s lifestyle. I’ve tried many different brands of grass-fed whey. As far as quality and taste goes, this is the best product I’ve ever had. Wild Whey is an awesome tasting, super high quality grass-fed protein. (I love it so much I wanted to put my name on the label!)

Wild Coffee by Wild FoodsMexico Dark Mock Up 2

Yes, coffee is a supplement. I use it for the antioxidants, the focus, the energy, and the fact that it’s just damn tasty. Wild Coffee is fresh roasted locally in Austin, Texas. It doesn’t sit in warehouses for months on end like most mass-produced conventional coffee.

Cod Liver Oil by Carlson


I’ve been buying Carlson fish oils for a long time now. I only recently moved to exclusively cod liver oil because of the vitamins A & D that act as a buffer in preserving the oil. You see, most fish oil you find in the store is rancid garbage. I don’t trust

any regular fish oil that doesn’t have to be refrigerated (and I’ve been hearing about some studies showing this fear is legitimate). All and all, it’s not worth the risk. It’s easier to be confident that I am getting some protection in my supplements, and that is why I choose cod liver oil.

I dose 3-4 pills per meal (eat two meals a day). You can have a bit more if you have more bodyweight–I’m #160

ZMA by Now Sports

This is my favorite supplement of all time. I cycle this off for a couple weeks every few months to avoid getting too used to it. ZMA is a zmacombination of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin b-6 (from Pyridoxine HCI). Most people are defunct in zinc and magnesium, and that makes this one of the best bang-for-your-buck supplements out there.

This supplement is taken before bed and promotes better sleep and recovery. Women are especially in need of the minerals in ZMA. This could be a game-changer supplement for many of you out there. Magnesium helps control your appetite as well as regulating a host of other things in your body (it’s also great for weight loss). Men take 3 capsules and women take 2 capsules 30 minutes before bed.

L-Theanine by Suntheanine

stress-reliever l-theanineThis supplement was introduced to me by my long-term friend and member Leo Gibely. He recommend it for stress. I’ve used it off and on for the past year. I’ve noticed a slight difference in my mood when I take 3 capsules. You have to double or triple dose with this supplement to feel the effect (this has been my experience).

Betaine HCI Digestive Enzyme by Now Foods

betaine-HCIBetaine HCI is a digestive enzyme consisting of Betaine HCI and a Pepsin enzyme. I use this from time to time, especially when eating large and unhealthy meals. It helps break-down the junk. For those of you that have low stomach acid and have problems digesting food, this could be your life-saver. Take one or two capsules until you feel slight heartburn in your chest–that means you have taken enough. Drink a lot of water each dose.

Purity Products Advanced Vitamin D

vitamin-dYes, this is a bit pricey, but it’s so worth it (a cheaper Now Products version is here). For days that you aren’t getting at least 20 minutes of sun, you take a couple caps of this to make sure you get your vitamin D production. Vitamin D is one of the most necessary supplements to the human body. Either you get daily sun exposure or you take Vitamin D. There is no way around it. It regulates a slew of internal processes.

Magnesium by Life Extension

magnesiumI mentioned the importance of magnesium above. It’s so important that I like to have an extra bottle on hand at all times. I toss a cap in here and there at random times to make sure I’m getting sufficient magnesium. I also use this product when I am cycling ZMA.

Vitamin C by Solaray

vitamin-cVitamin C has been indicated as effective for many aspects of human health in countless studies. I take a couple caps a day with meals.  

Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

cocnout-oilCoconut oil isn’t really a supplement, well, actually: I say it is. It’s that damn good. Check out the many uses for it here. I take a teaspoon each meal. You should always be finding ways to get this healthy fat into your body.

FunFresh Foods Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

pink-sea-=saltThis is a great sea salt for cooking. Pink sea salt has a ton of health benefit, and this is addition to making your food taste better. This bag will last you for a LONG time. I keep a pinch bowl next to my stove full of this pink goodness–and so should you.

Dudu Osun Black Soap, 6-Count

soapThis isn’t a supplement. But it’s just as important for your health. Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Do you not think that exposing it to toxins from all those crappy beauty products is doing you any favors? Of course it isn’t. In fact, we don’t even know how damaging a bottle of Pantene Pro-V really is. I wouldn’t take the risk. This is a black soap made from all natural ingredients (honey being the main one). It’s cheap and it does the job well, the way nature intended.

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