I love training bodyweight and gymnastic movements. I think everyone should be training bodyweight conditioning in some capacity. Here are some great resources for learning basic body movement.


This Digital Diary video made for Can’t Forget Italy takes you on a trip through the province of Basilicata in Southern Italy, where tradition, food, wine and hospitality are plentiful.

This is a Project Called People. I had this idea for awhile and then I stumbled on Humans of New York and I was kicked in the ass to get some tangible down.


This is a must-watch video.

The message that Jamie is fighting for has global, life-saving implications that we must all become aware of.

My passion for food has led me along a similar route as Jamie to become passionate about health and how food is at the center. I came this way as a means of improving my results and eventually I feel in love with cooking and food and the study of nutrition. My book, The Gym Life Cooking Technique Book, is about learning how to cook utilizing simple cooking technique. The power of cooking cannot be overstated in its implications for increasing health, fitness and results. I believe in this message with all of my being.