Bust Through Plateaus and Finally Get You Those “Paleo-Results” Everyone is Talking About

I’ve bought nearly every Paleo info product/cookbook every made. I’ve bought almost every Paleo cookbook that is on the market right now. I tend to use one or two and the rest make great gifts.

The point is, I don’t often recommend these anymore because there are so many options and you can just check out some of them on Amazon for a good idea of what is popular.

Alas! I’ve found a product I can recommend…

Now, I get lots of emails from people asking me to promote their product to my list. “Your community will love it,” they say. Then I look and see it’s some gizmoo that promises either a miracle result (ya right) or it’s some typical wanna-be product that does nothing (these I call fitness 1.0 because they used to work but then people got wiser).

Every once in awhile I’m sent an email introducing me to a product that peaks my interest. Check this picture:

The graphics got my attention. You see, most information products use designs that are done by some dude in Bangladesh for $3.33 an hour (not joking btw, in case this is news to you. And sometimes these guys do great work!).

They say that the number one thing that causes people to mistrust a business online is poor design. Design is that important in the new, more sophisticated internet market.

I will NEVER buy a product from a site whose web design I do not respect. Really. Now-a-days, for me anyways, this is simply the cost of doing business. Have a properly designed site or you get none of my money.

So, anyways, the reason this product caught my eye was their design, and I bought it. They offered me a review copy but since Clickbank (the selling merchant) has crazy-safe-and-long refund policies, I decided to just buy one to feel out the checkout process just in case I decided to ever promote it to you guys.

So is this product any good?

Yes. It’s very good.

In fact, I’m going to read the entire “Your Guide To Paleo” as a fundamentals refresher. And that’s only 1 of the 5 files you get.

Check out what you get:

The design is great. And the information is spot-on. Check out these screenshots from the interior of the main guide:

I highly recommend this product. It’s only a few bucks and the results you will get from Paleo will be life-changing. It’s changed my life, my sister’s, my mom’s, and the lives of countless others out there. I can’t recommend anything else in the world that will do more for your health, longevity, and looking good naked than the Paleo diet.

The guide has a 60-day, no questions asked, 100% refund policy. If you don’t like it, don’t use it, or completely hate me for recommending it to you, than get your money back.

And yes, I do receive a small commission if you purchase it through my link. This helps support the massive amount of time I invest into this site trying to spread the good word of intelligent health. I only recommend the best products that I use myself. And this is one of those.

How to get your Paleo guides:

  1. Click this Link: Your Guide To Paleo.Com
  2. Read through some of their awesome sales copy and graphics
  3. Go to the bottom where the big orange button says “Buy Now”
  4. Follow the prompts and you will get access immediately

Shoot me an email if you have any questions

Yours in Fitness,