The Air Squat is the first of the 9 CrossFit Movements

Whether you are a trainer, gym owner, or just an average Joe that wants to get in shape with CrossFit, I highly recommend you master the 9 CrossFit movements.  Learning how to perform them effectively as an athlete or as coach will drastically improve your personal fitness and that of your client’s.

Remember: Fit clients tell all their friends and fit Joe’s take their shirts off at the beach…so become a better CrossFitter or Coach by mastering the basics!

The 9 CrossFit Movements

All 9 in one post

Air Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Shoulder Press

Push Press

Push Jerk


Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Medicine Ball Clean

The Air Squat

The squat is a fundamental movement that is a part of our human evolutionary biology.   It is not an ‘exercise’ created by a trainer or coach, it is a natural human movement.  Everyone can and should squat.

Squatting is not bad for the knees, in fact, it is necessary for healthy joints (and helps the hips and back as well).  If you don’t squat you don’t have functioning and healthy knees.  The use it for lose it concept very much applies to the squat just as it does to the brain and the rest of the body.

Scaling options for the squat are many but my favorite is a box.  Position a box at the heels of a weak squatter and have them sit down.  Then have them stand up following the same knee-to-foot plane in which they sat down.  Then do reps of this.  That’s it.

Step 1:

air squat 

Step 2:

air squat

Step 3:

air squat

Step 4:


Step 5:

Common Squat Fault: Dropping Shoulders

Common Squat Fault: Missing Depth

The “good but not great” Squat: Missing Depth

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