Many of you are going to be tempted to skip some of today’s agenda, specifically the ‘spending time’ part if it isn’t already scheduled into your day. DONT DO IT. Even if you don’t think you have the time, or you won’t have a lot of time to spare, you should still try to spend time with a friend or family member.

The act of making it a priority and sticking to it is the effect I want you to experience. This will be a new feeling for many of you that have the habit of fitting in your friends and family time when your schedule permits. But, this is a mistake, I think.

Part of a healthy life is balancing the many parts of our human lives. Your relationships and your alone time are both important to your well-being as a person. You should NOT be put these off. Yet, many of us do just that. When we are busy and stressed, our relationships take the back seat. That’s a sad, counter intuitive thing to do as our relationships are exactly what we need during these difficult times.

So, today when you spend time with someone important to you, practice your mindfulness and be as in-the-moment as you can. You will enjoy the moment that much more (and you might even improve your relationship).


Today’s Agenda:

“Cherish your human connections – your relationships with friends and family.” -Barbara Bush

  1. 1.Choose a recipe you have wanted to tackle and do your best (utilize youtube for help)(post results to comments)
  2. Run, Jog, or Hike for 30 minutes or go to a playground and climb around for half an hour
  3. Do breath meditation while driving
  4. Choose an interesting topic or blog and read for 20 minutes
  5. Answer the following question in written sentence form (no stopping or proofing, just write): “In 1 year my life will look like”
  6. Complete something that has been on your “do list” for far too long
  7. Spend sometime with your kids, family, or friends

New Daily Habits:

  • Go to bed 8 hours before you have to wake
  • Walk after each meal
  • Cook at least once a day (make it a goal to do this every day)
  • Take 5kIU Vitamin D or 20 minutes of sun first thing in morning
  • Eat as Paleo/gluten-free as possible every single day
  • Lift weights + train conditioning at least 3 times a week (mark off if you completed 3 workouts this week)
  • Goal: 100% gluten-free
  • Goal: don’t drink calories

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