Concept2, the brand that acquired fame for their first-rate rowing machines, recently included a stationary bicycle to their schedule- the BikeErg.

Using the same premium flywheel that’s located on their rowers (and SkiErgs), Concept2 is wishing to increase their competence to the world of cycling.

Yet unlike most air bikes, the BikeErg doesn’t come with manages for your arms.

Rather, it’s developed more like a traditional spin cycle, only instead of utilizing a weighted flywheel, it utilizes a fan system.

The result is an one-of-a-kind health and fitness bike unlike anything else presently on the market.

However the actual concern is whether Concept2’s BikeErg is worth buying- which’s specifically what we’re hoping to assist you find out.

In this testimonial, we’ll supply a comprehensive check out every little thing this bike has to supply. After analysis, you must have a much better idea regarding whether or not this is the appropriate bike for your residence health club.

As a brand, Concept2 doesn’t offer that lots of products- rather, they have actually gone the route of mastering simply a number of physical fitness devices.

The expression “high quality over amount” enters your mind.

Concept2 becan in the ’70s when 2 Olympic rowers started creating their very own oars. The oars took off, coming to be the oar of choice for most Olympic level rowers today.

A couple of years later on the brought out their first rowing maker et cetera is history. Concept2 rowers have become the best marketing rowing machines on the planet, in addition to the off water training option of Olympians.

The firm has brought out a few various models for many years (the Design E gets my elect the most effective air rower in the world) yet they all include the same follower based flywheel.

More just recently, Concept2 has actually added the SkiErg to their schedule. The SkiErg is basically an upright rower, using the same flywheel however rather than resting and also rowing, you’re standing and resembling the activity required during cross country winter sports.

It does not take wish for the exercises to get really intense on this equipment, making it a favored for Cross Fitters around the world.

Finally, there’s the BikeErg, Concept2’s newest addition to their physical fitness schedule. As you can most likely think, they’ve taken the very same flywheel system discovered on all their various other devices as well as made an exercise bike around it.

Makes sense to me, besides, if it’s not broken, why repair it?

Their flywheels are remarkable and also everyone who utilizes one seems to love it, so why not progress right into cycling?. However before we write the BikeErg off as an immediate success, allow’s dig a little deeper.


  • Fully adjustable, multi-grip handlebars
  • Lightweight frame
  • Sophisticated PM5 console
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Air resistance system
  • Belt drive
  • Damper with 10 settings
  • Easily adjustable seat


  • Warranty could be longer


Despite the fact that the BikeErg isn’t exactly a conventional spin cycle, I assume it most closely resembles this type of exercise bike, so I’m gon na arrange my evaluation as if it is one.

And also when it pertains to spin cycles, I such as to begin with a discussion on the flywheel.

I pointed out previously that traditional spin cycles typically utilize heavy flywheels, with the general idea being that larger is much better since the even more weight you have, the even more energy you build, producing a smoother trip.

Well, the BikeErg doesn’t use a weighted flywheel- it utilizes a follower system.

Fan systems utilize fan blades as well as air to produce your resistance as well as they have some really particular advantages over various other types of resistance.

For one, with air, the faster you pedal, the even more resistance you feel.

This is why a lot of significant rowers like air (or water) resistance since they do a great job of simulating the feel of rowing on water.

The more challenging you pull the oars, the even more resistance you’re gon na feel.

The 2nd most significant advantage is that there’s practically no restriction to the amount of resistance you can receive from one of these systems. Once more, the more challenging you pull, the even more resistance you get.

Some individuals do not such as the noise that includes fan equipments- personally, I do not mind it. Particularly if you’re rowing, it sort of mimics the sound of the water.

However follower flywheels like the one found on the BikeErg are noisier than various other resistance systems, so most definitely something to bear in mind if you believe you’ll be working out while other member of the family are trying to rest.

Although this bike uses a belt drive (instead of a chain), so at least you don’t have to hear the chain throughout use (belts are also much less maintenance).

The follower system utilized on the BikeErg is the precise very same one they utilize on their rowers and also their SkiErg, meaning it’s been time evaluated and also confirmed to be reliable.

Although pedaling quicker will offer you a lot more resistance, you can additionally adjust the feeling of your ride by using the damper on the flywheel.

The damper manages just how much air gets in the follower, with even more air relating to more resistance.

There are 10 damper settings, with setting 10 admitting the most air and being the most difficult.

I’m not a knowledgeable rower, but I’ve read discussions from experience rowers and also their handle damper setups as well as they always claim that boosting the damper setup isn’t specifically the same point as “including resistance”.

Instead, they correspond increasing the air consumption to including even more weight to the boat- the heavier the boat, the more challenging it’s going to be row.

How this differs from good ol’ made raising the resistance, I couldn’t precisely inform ya- it’s everything about the feeling.

Concept2 likes to think about the damper settings on their flywheel as the gears of a roadway bike- boosting the damper setting is like changing into a more challenging gear.

So, if you desire more resistance, you can pedal faster (rise cadence) or adjust the damper setup. Doing both will significantly increase the difficulty degree.

Adjusting the damper is done so by shifting a bar on the flywheel. It can be gotten to easily enough while you’re riding, yet it would behave if you might change the damper from an equipment shift on the handlebars.

The flywheel on this bike likewise has a clutch feature, implying that the flywheel will certainly remain to rotate if you stop pedaling, comparable to just how roadway bikes function.

Overall, the flywheel on the BikeErg is high-end and time evaluated to be efficient. It’s capable of offering as much resistance as you desire and the damper setups enable you to adjust the “feel” of your trip.


The BikeErg uses a basic road seat. This provides it a comparable feel to riding a bike outside, but likewise indicates maybe a little unpleasant for inexperienced bikers.

If you ask me, all bike seats are uneasy until you get made use of to them, so we can not hold this versus the BikeErg.

However, because this bike uses a typical seat, it implies you can easily swap it out for any other updated seat you prefer (if you currently sit you love, you can easily connect it to the BikeErg).

You could additionally quickly throw on a gel seat pillow, which works wonders.

It’s simple to readjust the elevation of the seat using the lever, yet there isn’t a conveniently easily accessible method to readjust the fore/aft position.

That claimed, you’ll see the seat post is tilted a little- this means when you raise the height of the seat, you’re really bringing it a little farther away (and vice versa when you lower the seat).

Many users need to be able to discover a comfortable seat setting without the fore/aft modification, yet it would be nice to have a totally adjustable seat just in case.

Concept2 records that more fore/aft changes can be made with a wrench, however this isn’t something you might easily do while riding.

In general, it’s nice that the BikeErg uses a typical bike seat due to the fact that it gives you the option to quickly swap seats if you favor, yet it would certainly behave if the seat allowed less complicated fore/aft changes.


I do not assume the absence of fore/aft adjustments on the seat is that large a bargain though because the handlebars are totally adjustable. This indicates you can change the elevation as well as straight setting of the handlebars fairly easily.

You obtain 10 in of height adjustability and also 7 in of horizontally adjustability, which makes for a ton of modification options.

The deals with are multi-grip, enabling 3 different hold options during your rides.


Initially glance, the BikeErg looks a little longer than your typical spin cycle. When I compared dimensions, I saw that the BikeErg is dramatically longer than most with a length of 48 ″.

This provides this bike a form that more closely looks like a roadway bike.

This isn’t necessarily a good idea or a negative point, but something to consider if your workout space is limited.

The frame on this bike is made primarily out of light weight aluminum, which makes it a lot lighter than it looks. With a weight of only 68 lb totally put together, the BikeErg is half the weight of many spin bikes (Sole’s SB900 considers 160 lb).

This makes it really simple to relocate this bike around.

Even if this bike is lightweight doesn’t mean it’s lightweight though- the BikeErg can securely hold customers evaluating up to 300 pound. This is quite basic for house exercise bikes, yet definitely high enough for most of cyclists around.

The framework is do with a black powder finish, which looks good but additionally aids protect it from scratches.

On the whole, the frame on this bike is light-weight and also resilient, making it simple to deliver if necessary.


Exercise bikes usually include pedals that are developed for tennis shoes (cages) or cleats. Others include pedals that work with both.

The BikeErg includes pedals created for usage with tennis shoes (although there aren’t any cages, which looks far better if you ask me).

The pedals can conveniently be exchanged out also with Shimano clipless ones if you favor to make use of cleats.

Overall, nothing to fascinating going on in the pedal department. If you do not want to have to bother with acquiring cleats, you’ll value that you don’t have to (but if you currently have some, feel free to swap em out).


Concept2 made a great selection when they decided to place their famous PM5 screen on this bike. The PM5 is among one of the most innovative rowing device monitors out there and certainly sets their rowers apart from the remainder.

Well, they programmed the exact same display to put on biking.

The PM5 console is large and easy to read throughout usage. It displays all the cycle metrics you would certainly desire, including tempo, rate, watts, and also calories.

There are a number of workouts to pick from as well as a just trip option.

The PM5 is bluetooth as well as ANT+ suitable, making it very easy to sync up with the majority of heart price screens and also health and fitness applications. Concept2 has their own fitness application (Concept2 ErgData) too, permitting you to track and also share physical fitness data.

Generally, the PM5 is more innovative than the majority of consoles, specifically considering most air bikes include limited display screens.


The Concept2 BikeErg features the complying with service warranty:.

  • 5 year frame.
  • 2 year parts.
  • 30 day cash back assurance.

I’m a little dissatisfied with this bike’s service warranty. 5 years is a little bit brief on the framework- I ‘d expect to see a lifetime warranty on a bike of this caliber.

2 years on parts is alright, however once again, not excellent. The majority of high quality exercise bikes feature components assurances in the 2-5 years range, so the BikeErg falls on the shorter side.

A 30-day refund warranty is rather wonderful though. If you’re not pleased with your purchase (for any type of factor), you can obtain a full reimbursement throughout the first one month (you pay for shipping).

Generally, the warranty could be much longer, yet this coincides service warranty they provide for their renowned rowers and also those points never malfunction.

Final Thoughts

Concept2’s BikeErg is a distinct item. The suggestion of combining an air bike with a spin cycle is interesting, especially when it’s coming from the manufacturer of some of the very best rowing equipments on the planet.

The absence of manages transforms this air bike right into even more of a spin cycle, which is wonderful if that’s what you’re looking for.

I such as that Concept2 used the same flywheel they always use and that they make use of a belt drive instead of a chain. I likewise such as the lightweight aluminum frame as well as the PM5 is constantly a group pleaser.

My biggest issue would remain in the guarantee department- maybe longer.

But every one of Concept2’s items include the very same warranties and they’re all unbelievably durable, so I question this is anything we must stress over.

If you have actually utilized air bikes in the past, I assume the BikeErg could be a fantastic enhancement to your home health club, particularly if you’re a biker.

If you have actually never ever used an air bike previously, it might be an excellent idea to try one out first to make sure you like it- some people prefer the continuous resistance that comes from a standard exercise bike.

Overall though, I think the BikeErg is an extremely well made cycle that’s capable of offering a fantastic workout. I suggest this is Concept2 we’re discussing here. Advised.