Fitness devices, like virtually everything else these days, has been attached to the web for a long time. While brands like Peloton and also NordicTrack have made linked biking mainstream, rowing machines appear to have been left.

Although this transformed a little when Hydrow struck the scene, there still had not been a much more cost effective alternative available.

Tier transformed that with the unveiling of their new Smart Rower- an inexpensive rowing maker that offers you access to on-demand workouts lead by expert instructors.

Emphasizes consist of 32 levels of magnetic resistance, a folding frame, as well as a tablet holder that can rotate 180 °.

If you want adding a connected rower to your residence fitness center that’s a whole lot more spending plan friendly than the Hydro, Echelon could be a great selection.

In order to assist you determine, this testimonial is right here to take you on an up close and individual scenic tour of every little thing this clever rower needs to provide.

After reading, you’ll recognize whether this is the appropriate piece of equipment to satisfy your demands.

Tier has been busy making a name for themselves as the best brand for budget plan friendly, linked fitness tools. They started off as a much more budget friendly alternative to Peloton, however they’ve begun branching out over the last couple of years.

The idea is quite wise- conserve money by utilizing your very own tablet computer as the console.

The majority of people nowadays have a cell phone or tablet computer, why not utilize that (and an application) to access a library of on-demand workouts?

The concept must’ve caught on since Tier seems to be doing pretty well. Over the years, they have actually come out with a number of linked cycles (like the EX-3) as well as have even developed their own bike with a built-in screen (the EX-5s).

They took the exact same game plan that’s functioned well up until now and also used it to rowing equipments. Like most of their cycles, you use your own tablet computer as the console for this model.


  • Adjustable foot pedals
  • Easy assembly
  • Access to hundreds of on-demand workouts
  • Scenic rows
  • Tablet holder swivels
  • Smooth magnetic resistance system
  • 32 levels of resistance
  • Resistance adjusted conveniently from handlebars
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Folding frame


  • Short warranty


The Echelon Smart Rower uses a magnetic resistance system. Comparable to many spin bikes, the resistance is developed with making use of magnets and a rotating flywheel.

As you paddle, the flywheel revolves with a magnet (or collection of magnets) on each side of it.

The resistance can be enhanced or decreased by bringing the magnets closer or further from the spinning flywheel, specifically.

This is a nice established due to the fact that the magnets never ever actually touch the spinning flywheel, meaning there is less opportunity for failure. Magnetic rowers are additionally popular due to the fact that the resistance is constant, regardless of how fast or tough you pull (unlike water or air rowers).

Magnetic rowers are likewise a lot quieter, due to the fact that there aren’t any type of followers or water entailed.

The Smart Rower, being a magnetic rowing maker, is able to give every one of these benefits. It features 32 resistance levels to work with, offering you a large range of intensity degrees to choose from.

I also like that the resistance is readjusted from the handlebars- this is convenient since you do not have to fret about getting to the console in the middle of your workouts.

You can quickly use the up and down switches mid-stroke if essential, without interrupting the flow of your workout.

On the whole, the Smart Rower makes use of its magnetic resistance system to produce a smooth, constant, and silent exercise experience. With 32 levels of resistance to collaborate with, it should be able to fit novices and skilled rowers alike.


Quality rowing makers require to have secure structures that aren’t going to totter as well as rock throughout usage. It can be hard to determine this without literally remaining on the rower and taking it for a spin.

Yet there are a few points you can consider to get a concept.

Initially, take a look and also see exactly how robust the framework shows up. Is it skinny or is it big? In this instance, large is preferred due to the fact that it means it was likely built with stronger elements.

My impression of the Smart Rower is that it shows up to have a really robust frame. The front and back stabilizers are large as is the real estate for the flywheel.

Extra fairly, we can have a look at the device’s weight capability to give us a concept as to exactly how sturdy the framework is.

Rowers with higher weight restrictions will have stronger, extra long lasting structures.

However, Echelon doesn’t make this information conveniently offered. After a little excavating, I had the ability to discover that this rower has a weight capacity of 300 lb, which is rather typical for a rower.

Fully put together, this rower weighs about 125 lb, which is much heavier than a great deal of spending plan versions. Once again, larger is an advantage- it suggests raised stability.

The handlebars are attached to the flywheel with a belt. Belt drives prevail these days due to the fact that they’re durable as well as a little quieter than chain drives.

Tier makes themselves a couple of bonus factors in the frame department since this rower is foldable. You can easily fold up the rail vertically for storage space, which is handy for limited space.

I additionally like that you unravel it by stepping on the little pedal, practical.

I believe it was wise to include the transportation manage as well, makes it much more comfy to walk around. It’s the small things that make all the distinction.


Echelon uses 2 choices when it involves their rowers- one with an HD display screen (the Row-S) and also one without.

And considering that we’re here talking about the one without, it makes it actually very easy for me to finish this section of the review, because there is no screen.

Well, no included display anyhow.

Recall that Tier is able to keep the expense lower due to the fact that individuals are anticipated to utilize their very own tablet computer or phone as the display. In order to do this, you have to download the Tier app and also connect it with your rower through bluetooth.

Doing this allows you to see all your workout statistics along with gain access to Echelon’s on-demand library including thousands of trainer-led workouts as well as beautiful rows.

Although you might practically use your smart phone to do this, talking from experience, I suggest you make use of a tablet computer. A phone is as well tiny.

The regular monthly subscription charge is $39.99 if you pay month to month, yet you can conserve substantially if you purchase an annual (and even 2-year) strategy.

Oh, I nearly neglected- the tablet owner can swivel 180 °. Why is this crucial? Well, it makes it a lot much easier to do other, non-rowing workouts from Tier.

Instead of needing to take your tablet off, or even worse, watch the tablet computer while it’s connected in the rowing placement, you can transform the tablet around and enjoy it without having to be behind the rower.


Rowing devices are typically remarkably easy to put together– and the Echelon Smart Rower is no exemption. Depending upon which bundle you determine to buy (that is IF you choose to acquire), delivery and also or assembly could be included (Free shipping on orders from Echelon!) But if it’s not, constructing on your own shouldn’t be a concern.

The primary device comes preassembled- you’ll be accountable for affixing the stabilizers, linking the rail, and adding the pedals. There’s very little even more to it than that.

All you need is the included Allen wrench.

I bet most folks can have this rower out of package as well as working within 30 min.


The Echelon Smart Rower includes the complying with warranty:

  • 1 year
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Thirty days money back guarantee
The guarantee division appears to be a recurring Achilles’ heel for Tier. There’s no navigating the reality that this is a rather lousy service warranty for a $1,000 rower.

I wish to see at least 3 years on the frame as well as a year approximately on labor. To me, that would be a worthy guarantee for a rower in this cost array.

The 30 day refund assurance is nice, yet a longer service warranty would certainly be nicer.

Final Thoughts

When you think of it, rowing machines are relatively easy gadgets- there’s not a lot to them. That said, the distinctions in between a wonderful one as well as a not-so-nice one are normally rather noticeable.

Based on every little thing we have actually talked about pertaining to the Echelon Smart Rower, I tend to think this is a rather good one.

The most significant emphasize of this rower is its magnetic resistance system- 32 degrees of resistance is a lot and also the fact that you can alter the resistance easily during your exercises from the handlebar is remarkable.

This function is key, I imagine, in making this rower quickly suitable with the on-demand workouts readily available with their application.

I also such as that the structure is sturdy, yet easy to fold up. I’ll say it once again, I believe the addition of that little handle is great.

The greatest drawback I see is the brief service warranty- a year is a pretty weak warranty.

Total though, I assume this is just one of the very best magnetic rowers available right now. If you have a tablet and are looking to sign up with the world of linked rowing without ruining your budget, this is undoubtedly a smart selection.

P.S.- Tier usually has deals that include free iPads with purchase … simply sayin’.