FITINDEX’s Portable Home Gym is a resistance band based training system made to make it feasible to get a solid workout in anywhere.

Making use of a fold-up base that permits you to link resistance bands in different placements, the concept is that you can obtain a complete body exercise without the demand for any other devices (or without having to go to a health club, which is a certain plus throughout a pandemic).

And also with an asking cost of approximately $100, it’s a great deal a lot more affordable than other similar fitness center systems on the marketplace.

This all audios terrific theoretically, yet is the FITINDEX Portable Home Gym System actually worth buying?

Well, that’s what we intend to answer for ya in this review. In this write-up, we’ll take a look at whatever this affordable house health club needs to provide.

After reading, you’ll be able to choose on your own whether FITINDEX has a winner on their hands here.

Let’s start.

FITINDEX is a budget plan pleasant provider of different health relevant items. I was first presented to them via their massage therapy gun, which I should confess, is incredible (I’m still using it to deal with various soft cells disorders I deal with).

Besides the massage gun as well as the residence health club system we’re here to discuss, they’ve likewise got a few wise ranges as well as wellness supplements in their lineup, along with a suspension trainer.

And when I state “budget friendly”, I’m talking like nothing in their shop costs more than $100 budget friendly.

I actually assume this mobile residence fitness center is their most pricey product.


  • Door anchor included
  • Easy to travel with
  • Large variety of exercises to choose from
  • 12 month warranty
  • Great price
  • Foldable base with 5 anchors/side
  • 4 bands included
  • 2 handles
  • 2 ankle cuffs
  • 36″ aluminum workout bar


  • Base very lightweight
  • Weight capacity only 242 lb

The Base

When you’re taking a look at resistance band systems like this one, it’s the base that truly establishes these fitness centers aside from any other resistance band set.

Having a base with several accessory websites, permits you to do band exercises more pleasantly, due to the fact that it eliminates the need to step on the bands when doing relocations like bicep curls or shoulder presses.

Which, personally, is what I locate most awkward about using traditional resistance bands for these sorts of relocations.

But, not just does the FITINDEX base enable you to attach the bands to the floor (without needing to step on them), however it permits you to choose between 5 attachment settings on each side.

Having multiple attachment factors is a good thing because you can fine tune the starting placement for every exercise. But it’s additionally convenient since it allows you to reduce the bands for added resistance.

Think of just how a resistance band functions- you can obtain even more resistance by using a heavier band OR you can obtain more resistance by stretching the band further from its resting placement.

With 5 support points available, you can affix a band at one factor as well as snake it through a couple of others in order to functionally reduce it- which will certainly increase the resistance as you stretch it.

The base has 5 anchor points on each fifty percent, making it simple to establish for balanced workouts.

The base itself is extremely light-weight and constructed out of plastic (considers about 5 lb). It gauges 33.8 ″ x 20 ″ when killed out flat and also it can fold in half for easy storage.

The lightweight-ness of the base comes in convenient when relocating this system about, but it can likewise make it feel a little lightweight throughout use, as numerous users have noted.

Portable gym systems need to toe this line meticulously- make the base heavier-duty, and the exercise will really feel much better, but you shed several of the ease.

Speaking of which, the base has a weight capacity of 242 lb (kinda funny just how details they are), which is rather light. If you consider greater than this, you shouldn’t be basing on the base.

On the whole, FITINDEX took a web page out of BodyBoss’s manual with their collapsible base right here. It would certainly behave if it were a little heavier-duty, but the several accessory factors on each half work efficiently.

The Bands

FITINDEX consists of 4 total bands with their mobile residence health club. These consist of:

  • 2 30 lb bands
  • 2 50 pound bands

The bands themselves are pretty typical, nothing as well fascinating to speak about right here apart from they do come with a towel covering, which can make them a little more comfy to use.

Keep in mind, with these bands, the extra you extend them, the more resistance you obtain. To put it simply, this is a form of variable resistance training– unlike barbells or dumbbells, the resistance you get below adjustments throughout your arc of movement.

This behaves since you can utilize this to your advantage. Like I stated above, if you want more resistance, you don’t necessarily need to include more bands. You can also reduce the band your utilizing to get even more resistance out of it.

Now when FITINDEX states that a band is 30 pound or 50 lb, that indicates that is the most resistance each band can supplying.

It’s nice that they include 4 complete bands though, because BodyBoss just consists of 2 (30 pound bands if I remember correctly).

Yet if you have your very own bands, there’s nothing holding ya back from utilizing them too. As long as your own bands have a clip at the end that you can utilize to connect it to the base, you’re excellent to go.

In general, I’m impressed that FITINDEX consists of 4 complete bands and that they supply bands of differing resistances (specifically considering how inexpensive the rate is).

The Attachments

The FITINDEX Portable Home Gym includes the adhering to add-ons included:

  • Workout bar
  • 2 deals with
  • 2 wrist/ankle cuffs
  • Door install
  • Storage bag
  • Exercise handbook

Again, I assume this is a rather charitable offering given the price of this system. The light weight aluminum workout bar is 36 ″ long and will be made use of largely for squats, yet I assume it would work just as well for overhead shoulder presses, bent-over rows, as well as bicep curls.

The padded deals with can be used for pretty much any type of type of relocation you would certainly make use of pinheads for. If you’re attaching to the base, you might do bicep curls, shoulder flys, rows, and so on

. If you attach them to the door mount, they ‘d work well for lat pulldowns, tricep extensions, etc.

The wrist/ankle cuffs permit you to do actions that target your hips as well as glutes, like straight leg hip abduction and also extension as an example. You might additionally affix the cuffs to your wrist and use them instead of the deals with.

The storage bag makes it easy to move all your add-ons. Whatever yet the base should fit conveniently inside, making it simple to take this health club system with you as you travel.

In general, FITINDEX does a good work supplying all the needed add-ons. The workout guidebook is additionally wonderful, specifically for users who are new to resistance training.


The quantity of workouts you can do with the FITINDEX system is pretty large. Comparable fitness centers have declared that you can carry out 100’s of relocations with these types of fitness centers- this is possibly true if you count solitary side moves individually from bilateral actions.

Regardless, the factor is, you must be able to execute virtually any reinforcing exercise you can consider with the FITINDEX health club.

In between the base and the consisted of door support, you should have the ability to locate a method to carry out any kind of action you’re considering.

That said, these sort of resistance band systems don’t tend to work effectively for bench press and deadlift. For bench press, it isn’t very comfy to put down on the base as well as attempt to press bench up (plus the bands are usually too lengthy).

Same goes for deadlift- it’s hard to obtain the bands short sufficient to successfully carry out the exercise.

Otherwise however, the workout selection is great, particularly for exactly how small and mobile it is.


FITINDEX uses the adhering to guarantee on this health club system:

  • 12 months

Offered how budget friendly this band system is, I’m kinda shocked it includes any type of service warranty at all. I assume year on this house fitness center is a wonderful guarantee and very fair.

The resistance bands are going to break down with usage, it’s unavoidable. The more you utilize them, the faster they’ll start to malfunction.

That claimed, I have a set of resistance bands I have actually been making use of off an on for several years- they’re showing some indicators of deterioration, however so far (knock on wood), nothing has snapped.

Final Thoughts

I assume FITINDEX’s Portable House Fitness center has a great deal to provide. I additionally assume they’re very charitable in what they give you for the rate of this system.

4 bands, 4 handles, a base, a bar, a bag, and also a manual for $100 … okay.

In general, if you’re searching for a mobile gym system that can give you a full body workout, this is a rather solid option. I assume the most significant disadvantage is the lightweight base- the weight capability is reduced as well as some individuals have noted that the base really feels a little bit lightweight during usage.

But I don’t discover that as well surprising offered the economical cost of this system.

If you’re seeking a budget plan choice that can help you get in or stay in shape, I assume FITINDEX is a clever buy as long as your assumptions are reasonable (and ensure you drop under that weight capacity).