I recently did an evaluation of home health club devices and also I felt bad that I snubbed the body weight team of items. Well, I did so deliberately, because I intended to devote a whole short article to the discussion of The Complete Fitness Center XLS.

I understand you’ve seen them on television, the paid announcements have actually been running given that the ’90s. However, is The Total Fitness Center XLS the “complete” bundle (word play here planned)? Allow’s find out!

A Word On Chuck Norris

– As soon as a cobra bit Chuck Norris’ leg … after 5 days of severe discomfort, the cobra passed away.

Ah, I enjoy Chuck Norris jokes. I have no idea where that all begun, however it’s quite amazing. As is Chuck Norris. Most of us understand him as the badass from all the martial arts films, or as Pedestrian that do-good Texas Marshal that constantly turned up at the right time to obtain the trash.

Despite your preferred Norris personality, something that can all settle on is that Chuck Norris is the man.

Well, The Total Fitness center business was smart adequate to obtain him in on marketing their Overall Health club products. When you see celebrities offering items, you never understand what is actual. We understand that they are being paid to state they such as claimed item. But do they really use what they are marketing? Do they actually guarantee the product?

Who understands. Yet according to Chuck and Total Fitness Center, he does use it and also has actually been for the last 30 years.

By the way, Chuck is practically 80 years of ages (77 )! Whatever he is doing, it’s working. He still looks rather formidable.

As a martial musician, it would make sense for him to make use of a piece of equipment like the Complete Health club.

We will certainly get extra into this in a minute, however among the wonderful advantages of these items, is the fluidity of the movement. You are utilizing your full series of movement (ROM) as you exercise.

Not only does this rise strength, but it preserves versatility and promotes that smooth, fluid like motion the martial artists need.

Christie Brinkley has also appeared in the paid announcements for the Complete Gym products. Christie, arguably one of the most attractive women around, just lately showed up in Sports Illustrated again … at the age of 63. Yea, wow. She is another Overall Health club customer … approximately we are told.

If utilizing the Total Health club will certainly get me in Chuck Norris or Christie Brinkley form, I’m in. Simply to see to it however, we ought to most likely review the actual product first.

– Chuck Norris plays Perilous with a loaded revolver … and wins.

The Total Gym XLS

I was first presented to the Overall Gym with job. When I came out of PT college, I began working at an outpatient clinic. We saw clients with differing diagnoses, lot of knee pains, back pains, joint substitutes. We had an Overall Health club in our facility as well as it obtained made use of daily.

I swiftly learned why. The terrific feature of the Total Gym is that it is incredibly low influence. Really little tension with the joints, which makes it optimal for people experiencing treatment or who have joint inflammation.

The idea behind the maker is that all of the resistance is created by the individual’s body weight. This resistance is raised or lowered based upon the angle the back is set on.

By changing the height (or resistance), you are increasing or lowering the amount of gravity you are combating versus. If I lower the back (closer to the floor), I’m reducing gravity’s result, as well as the exercise comes to be much easier. If I readjust the back greater, I am enhancing gravity’s impact, and also the workout ends up being harder.

Think of doing a raise on your knees, vs standard on your feet, vs elevating your feet on a bench … same concept. Extra gravity = extra body weight = much more trouble.

In the clinic, we utilized it all the time for squats, single leg squats. Some rows for our shoulder clients.

Basic system, however brilliant. Perfect for rehab. However additionally great for offering healthy and balanced people a world class workout in their houses.

The Overall Health Club XLS is the mid-range design in the Complete Fitness center series. When you look at all the different models, they all kinda look the exact same. Seriously. When you take a look at the statistics, you do see some relatively huge differences. The most significant differences are:

  • Max user weight ability
  • Levels of resistance
  • Exercises offered (attachments included).

Generally, the a lot more pricey the model, the higher the max user weight is and also the even more workouts that can be done. That claimed, the Overall Gym XLS provides over 80 exercises … I can not imagine the demand to do greater than 80 workouts, yet the Total Gym GTS (the most costly version) flaunts over 200 possible exercises!

The XLS supplies a few improvements over the Total Health club Supreme including:.

  • New cord and also pulley system.
  • Great squat stand.
  • Extra comfy padding on slide board.
  • Better warranty.
  • Much heavier duty framework with higher max customer weight ability.


  • Easily, quickly transition from one exercise to another
  • 6 levels of resistance
  • Adjustable for any fitness level
  • Comes with: leg pull accessory, ribbed squat stand, wing attachment
  • Includes 5 workout DVDS, exercise chart, nutrition guide
  • Small footprint (19”x90 x43” unfolded)
  • Price
  • Provides full body workout with over 80 exercises possible
  • No assembly required!
  • 400lb weight capacity
  • Folds for storage
  • Low impact on joints


  • Not great for bulking up, better for getting lean and tone
  • Some complaints about foot plate being too small

Final Thoughts

I’m “totally” in! Yea, the Total Gym XLS is most definitely the complete package (I promise this is the last time I will say that). It provides a complete body exercise that is reduced impact, comfy, as well as conveniently versatile to any type of physical fitness degree.

There is no setting up called for, features 5 exercise DVDS, and just occupies about 8 feet well worth of flooring area.

It’s a quite incredible equipment. Once again, I like how easy the idea is. You have a pulley system and also a move board, the remainder depends on your creativity.

I simply briefly discussed it above, however among the most significant benefits of the Overall Gym XLS (as well as any other model for that matter), is exactly how quickly you can change between workouts. We are speaking secs, or no time at all if you are transforming between upper body workouts.

Reflect to those Chuck Norris paid announcements … he would certainly change between upper body press, upper body flys, lat pulldowns, tricep expansions without stopping. Doing this turns your fortifying works out into a cardio workout … which is a good thing.

Decreasing that lost time in between switching workouts is mosting likely to enable you to shed more calories, melt more fat, and do so in a much shorter quantity of time. In addition to the cardiac benefits of keeping that heart rate raised for longer periods.

This kind of fluid movement that enables you to make use of your full ROM will certainly aid keep you adaptable along with boost stamina gains.

Let’s talk cost. I assume the cost is rather reasonable. You are well under $1000 here and also you are getting access to over 80 workouts along with the exercise DVDs and dietary strategy.

You can obtain cheaper items with other firms, yet caveat emptor: you get what you pay for. Complete Health club is a trusted supplier that has actually been making these products for a very long time as well as the XLS is backed up with a great producer’s service warranty.

So there it is. In general, I think the Overall Health club XLS is a great product. It’s an all-in-one house fitness center machine that will certainly give a full body enhancing exercise. It will certainly get your lean and tone and keep you there as long as you want.

If you are ready to get in serious, Chuck Norris deserving form, click below to begin. To see even more Total Gym models, take a look at my Total Health club guide for more info.

Allow’s completed with a pair even more Chuck Norris jokes, why not?

– There is no theory of evolution, simply a list of animals Chuck Norris enables to live.

– When Chuck Norris was birthed, he drove his mother to the health center.

– Chuck Norris threw a grenade as well as eliminated 50 people, after that the explosive blew up.

Strike me up with any kind of concerns or remarks as well as I’ll get back to you quickly