The Nautilus T618 treadmill is an excellent option for those looking to take their workouts outside. With a generous running surface, this treadmill can handle all of your outdoor needs and more. The 3-horsepower motor combined with the oversized deck provides you with enough power and stability so that you can focus on your workout instead of worrying about the machine itself!
If you’re in need of a new piece of exercise equipment, be sure to check out our Nautilus T618 Treadmill review before making any decisions. We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to!

The Nautilus T618 Treadmill – Buying Guides

Believe it or not, the Nautilus brand has been around for almost half a century approximately. This is a long time for any kind of company, however specifically long for the fitness market, where fad brands appear and disappear at all times.

The Nautilus brand is among numerous owned by the bigger Nautilus, Inc. company.

You might’ve come across a few of their various other brands as well- names like Bowflex, Schwinn, as well as Universal.

Bowflex is definitely the highest-end brand in their profile, yet Nautilus and Schwinn are also fairly high-quality for their particular price varieties.

Nautilus as well as Schwinn are in fact very comparable brand names, although Schwinn is most likely a little a lot more widely known.

Nautilus is a budget pleasant brand name with a rather lean lineup. They just supply recumbent as well as upright bikes, treadmills, and also ellipticals as well as they just have 2 models of each.

You can still locate some of the older models through various other retail websites though.

The T618 is their highest-end treadmill to date. It’s a little stronger as well as a little heavier-duty than their somewhat extra cost effective T616.


  • 4 user profiles
  • Quick touch speed/incline buttons
  • Handlebar speed/incline controls
  • USB charging port
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • Great warranty
  • 20″ x 60″ running surface
  • 3.5 CHP motor
  • 2.75″ rollers
  • 26 built-in workout programs
  • Top speed of 12 mph
  • Top incline of 15%
  • Folding frame
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor included


  • Console a little dated looking

Running Surface

You can tell a whole lot by checking out a treadmill’s running surface. It’s an easy spec, yet it quickly tells you whether you’ll fit on the equipment conveniently.

As well as it likewise provides you a basic concept as to the total high quality of the device- cheaper, lower-quality treadmills often tend to find with smaller running surfaces.

This specification refers to the literal size of the belt, which is determined in inches and also normally created as “width x size”.

Larger is much better, since it’s mosting likely to produce an extra comfy exercise.

A lot of high quality residence treadmills nowadays are including running surface areas of 20 ″ x 60 ″ (or larger) since at this dimension, a treadmill can conveniently hold practically all users no matter speed.

We have a tendency to extend further, enhancing our stride length when going for faster speeds- if you’re especially tall or the treadmill has a brief running surface area, you might not have enough space to stretch out fully when dashing.

This scenario isn’t ideal as well as it’ll minimize exercise fulfillment.

With every one of this mind, the Nautilus T618 is available in with a running surface of 20 ″ x 60 ″.

This is specifically what we like to see out of a home treadmill because it means it’s huge sufficient for the majority of folks to operate on at full speed without needing to reduce their stride.

In this rate array, you’ll discover treadmills that include 22 ″ x 60 ″ running surfaces (like Sole’s F65)- the extra size behaves, yet I wouldn’t claim it’s needed.

When thinking of the deck and also frame as a whole, I likewise believe it’s a good suggestion to take into consideration the weight ability.

Not only do you need to make sure the treadmill has the ability to securely hold your weight, however considering this specification can likewise offer you a concept regarding just how sturdy the maker is.

Seeing a higher weight limitation is indicative of a stronger structure and generally far better high quality of develop.

The T618 ratings really highly in this division with a weight limitation of 350 lb.

This suggests this treadmill can securely hold bigger individuals. It’s also an excellent 50 lb more than a lot of models in this price array.

As well as with an assembled weight of simply over 250 lb, it’s rather very easy to see that this treadmill is built strong.

Generally, I such as that the T618 features a big running surface and also heavy duty frame- it’s big enough and also challenging enough to accommodate larger customers safely.


If the running surface area is the first specification I constantly look at when looking into a brand-new treadmill, the motor strength is constantly the 2nd.

Looking at what a treadmill is packing under the hood is vital due to the fact that you’re gon na need to know whether or not it’s strong enough to power your workouts.

Residential treadmills normally include motors somewhere in between 1.5 HP as well as 4.0 HP.

If you’re intending on only strolling, you can probably get by with an electric motor under 3 HP, but if you plan on running, it’s very recommended to opt for a treadmill with a minimum of 3 HP under the hood.

This is mosting likely to make certain the motor is solid enough to reach and also sustain those greater rates without crappin’ out on ya.

More powerful electric motors do not have to function as difficult as weaker electric motors to sustain the same outcome- because they’re more reliable, practically more powerful motors ought to be quieter too.

Nautilus doesn’t make it simple to identify the strength of the motors on either one of their treadmills- it took me a while to locate this crucial specification (which eventually was reported in the video for the T618).

And I’m uncertain why Nautilus hides this fact- with a 3.5 CHP motor, the T618 is loading some severe warmth.

This is also more powerful than the Sole treadmill I discussed earlier (which I take into consideration to be the very best treadmill in this rate array, fyi).

Anyhow, the T618 comes with an extremely solid electric motor and also can reaching a top speed of 12 miles per hour and also a top incline of 15%.

The motor is impressive by itself, however what I’m actually thrilled by is the fact that Nautilus sets it with 2.75 ″ rollers.

Roller size isn’t always easy to discover when taking a look at treadmill specifications, however it’s an excellent suggestion to discover it if you can.

The rollers are the components that allow the belt to slide across the deck as the electric motor does its thing. With rollers, bigger is much better due to the fact that they make even more contact with the belt.

This results in much less tension on the electric motor, the belt, as well as the rollers, which is great, but it also makes for smoother procedure throughout your workouts.

Treadmill rollers vary in size, but most are someplace between 1.6 ″ as well as 3 ″- with higher end versions making use of bigger dimensions.

Seeing 2.75 ″ rollers on a treadmill in this rate range is uncommon (this even defeats the F65’s 2.5 ″ rollers).

Overall, I assume the combination of the effective motor and huge rollers is this treadmill’s most distinguishing characteristic- really impressive.


The Nautilus T618 features the complying with features:

26 exercise programs- this is a lots of workouts to choose from. These consist of all of the typical alternatives you ‘d expect like periods, calorie shed, fat burn, etc. There are also heart rate programs which utilize your heart rate in real time to guide your exercise.

4 user profiles- you can conserve information for approximately 4 individuals, making it faster to check in and also tailor your workouts.

Bluetooth- this treadmill is bluetooth friendly with fitness applications. You need to download and install the Nautilus cost-free application, which then can sync with a lot of other prominent physical fitness applications. You can likewise get in touch with the Explore the Globe application for beautiful paths as well as whatnot.

Breast strap heart rate display- not only is the T618 suitable with telemetry heart rate displays, however Nautilus includes one with purchase, making it simple to accessibility those heart rate exercises from the first day.

USB charging port- you can connect your devices into the included USB port to keep ’em charged up throughout workouts.

Media shelf- the media rack is easily situated above the console’s screen, so you won’t need to obstruct your view while using your tablet computer.

Quick touch speed/incline switches- you can quickly set the rate or incline with the push of a switch (a convenient feature when it pertains to making your very own period exercises).

Handlebar controls- you can also regulate the rate and also incline by hand from the conveniently situated handlebar controls.

Audio speakers- there are built-in speakers in the console in case you want to attach your phone or mp3 player up via the audio jack.

Cooling fan- there’s a 3 speed follower for added convenience during strenuous exercises.

Water bottle holder- a lot of room to hold your beverage of selection in the large areas on each side of the console.


Getting the T618 unboxed as well as assembled ought to be a rather simple procedure. The assembly guidebook is easy to follow and also the photos are big and clear.

As well as the process itself is quite straightforward.

The deck comes preassembled. If you intend on assembling on your own, you ‘d be in charge of connecting the uprights, the console, as well as a few covers.

Every one of the needed tools and also equipment are included.

It’s an excellent concept to have a 2nd individual around when it comes time to connect the console- it can be hard to hold it while attempting to position it appropriately.

Likewise remember this is a heavy treadmill- having another person about will make moving things around a lot simpler.

Overall though, self setting up ought to be very doable for many able bodied individuals out there.


Nautilus backs their T618 Treadmill with the adhering to property warranty:

  • 15 year frame
  • 15 year electric motor
  • 5 year parts/electronics
  • 2 year labor

Overall, I believe this is an excellent service warranty for this treadmill.

The only room for enhancement would certainly be in the frame/motor departments- I prefer to see “lifetime” in both of these locations, yet realistically speaking, I wouldn’t be disappointed if this treadmill’s framework or electric motor broke down after 15 years of use.

5 years on components is generous, as lots of brands are just providing 2-3 years. 2 years on labor is additionally far better than the 1 year we generally see in this cost range.

All points taken into consideration, Nautilus is backing the T618 with a very charitable assurance.

Final Thoughts

Well, that concerning does it for the T618. I think this treadmill has a lot to supply in this price variety. I such as that it includes such a strong electric motor and I love that it comes with such large rollers.

It’s likewise packing a durable frame with a more than typical weight capability.

As well as the folks out there that like utilizing the integrated exercises will certainly appreciate that this one features so many alternatives to choose from.

Plus Nautilus backs it up with an excellent guarantee.

There’s truly very little to whine regarding right here- the console is a bit dated looking, however it’s easy to use, so I do not really hold that versus it.

In this cost range, I personally believe Sole’s F65 is a much better buy (due to the fact that it features a bigger running surface area as well as lifetime frame/motor service warranty), but it’s debatable.

The T618 does feature a slightly more powerful electric motor, a great deal even more workout programs, and a better parts guarantee.

Either way, I think Nautilus has a victor below. A smart buy undoubtedly.

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