Sunny Health & Health and fitness’s ASUNA 7150 obtain’s perk points in my book for its label alone- the “Minotaur”. There’s actually no denying that that’s an outstanding name for a spin cycle.

And if first impressions benefit anything, then the Minotaur should be one of the most prominent bikes in its course due to the fact that this thing is as about as sleek looking as they come.

So, immediately we’ve got an evil name as well as an amazing looking structure, however does the ASUNA 7150 score very where it really counts?

It in fact does.

This bike comes with a 33 pound flywheel, a micro-adjustable magnetic resistance system, and also a totally flexible seat. It also features a peaceful belt drive as well as a heavy-duty structure.

Long-story-short, the Minotaur is a solid bike. But there are a lot of solid bikes in this rate array, so does it make sense to purchase this set?

That’s the real question this evaluation is below to assist you answer.

In this detailed review, we’ll discuss everything this bike has going for it. After reading, you ought to recognize whether or not it’s the appropriate option for your house fitness center.

Let’s get rolling.

Sunny Health & Fitness has actually gone far for themselves having almost two decades of experience giving premium, budget-friendly residence health and fitness tools.

They’re based in Los Angeles, yet their items are produced in China and Taiwan (which allows them to cut prices).

Bright offers the typical home health and fitness relevant equipment, from treadmills to stationary bikes and also leap ropes to kettlebells and also their lineup is instead extensive.

Other than focusing on economical tools, I believe they have a flair for crafting extremely strong indoor cycles too. In fact, their bikes offer like hotcakes as well as are highly-rated by users.

In 2017, they launched a new collection of spin bikes called ASUNA. The ASUNA series features more modern performances and attributes, like a heavier-duty building and construction, magnetic resistances, as well as a belt drive systems.

The ASUNA lineup contains their most advanced fitness devices and sets you back a little greater than their common schedule of machines.

The Minotaur is just one of their highest-end spin cycles (second possibly only to their ASUNA 6100) and also most definitely has the most effective name of any type of Sunny product I’ve ever before stumbled upon (although their Obsidian Surge Rower is a close 2nd).


  • Fully adjustable handlebars
  • Multi-grip handlebars
  • 2 water bottle holders
  • Pedals with SPD cleats
  • 330 lb max user weight capacity
  • 33 lb flywheel
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Micro-adjustable magnetic resistance system
  • Fully adjustable seat


  • No monitor
  • Can’t track resistance level
  • Standard warranty


The flywheel is an essential aspect of any type of stationary bicycle as they straight identify the general efficiency high quality of your routine.

The flywheel is the big round disc that rotates as you pedal. In the case of the Minotaur, it lies in the front of the bike. Others are placed at the rear-end, like on their ASUNA 6100.

Heavier flywheels are much better because they develop more energy. More momentum results in much more resistance. They’re also connected to a smoother and more constant operation of the device.

I assume it’s a good suggestion to look for at least a 20 pound flywheel when searching for a residence exercise bike. This rule definitely isn’t written in rock, however it’s a great guideline to pass.

With this in mind, the Minotaur has a 33 lb flywheel, which easily exceeds our 20 lb guideline.

This perimeter-weighted flywheel is more than heavy sufficient to assist maintain the spinning motion smooth and also stable. It’s also bi-directional, giving you the possibility of pedaling backwards while retaining its stress (if you so choose).

Like a lot of other industrial spin bikes, the Minotaur makes use of a magnetic resistance system.

It’s in fact a micro-adjustable resistance system, meaning whenever you turn the dial (no matter exactly how small the turn), the magnets get that much closer to the flywheel.

The advantage is that you get a tone of resistance levels at your disposal- you aren’t restricted by pre-determined resistance setups to pick from.

The disadvantage in this case, is that there’s no way to gauge what resistance degree you’re on (no screen to present resistance setting). Instead, you have to simply go on the feel of it.

This is fine if you such as to do your very own workouts, yet it can make complying with streaming workouts (like Peloton) more difficult (however certainly not impossible).

The exact same handle also acts as an emergency brake. Whenever you intend to immediately stop the flywheel, just push it down.

The Minotaur has a heavy-duty belt drive that’s quieter than a chain and calls for much less maintenance.

Generally, the Minotaur has sufficient muscular tissues under the hood to satisfy the most innovative cyclists. I choose to have a way to determine my resistance setting, however I simulate the micro-adjustable system.

Seat and Handlebars

The Minotaur has a large, well-padded seat of 10.5 ″ L x 7 ″ W x 2.75 ″ H. It has a huge longitudinal groove to boost ventilation and blood circulation during seated workouts.

But like many exercise bikes, the Minotaur’s saddle isn’t designed for comfort. Yes, it’s supported, however it’s a slim seat that could be awkward to newbies.

With regular use, I’m pretty certain you’ll get utilized to it. Otherwise, it has a basic design that you can change with other choices. You might likewise get a gel cover instead.

The seat can be readjusted 4-way: up, down, back, and forth (totally flexible). It can be adapted to 10 ″, from 28.5 ″ to 38.5 ″. Therefore, the Minotaur can suit customers between 5′ 0 ″ and also 6′ 7 ″ or those with inseams of 15.5 ″ to 27 ″.

The handlebar is also 4-way flexible. It’s cushioned with high-density foam for a comfortable hold even when your hands get exceptionally perspiring.

It’s multi-grip as well as has actually incorporated aero bars. There are 2 container holders attached to the handlebar as well.

On the whole, both seat and handlebar are versatile, including big, adjustable levers that are simple to hold and turn. It ought to be very easy to find your best fit and maintain appropriate positioning as you ride.


The Minotaur has an extremely strong crankset. It measures up to its online reputation of being a commercial-grade system. Its steel crank arms that can quickly hold the whole weight of the cyclist.

The pedals are dual-sided, including SPD components and toe cages with bands. These provide security and overall comfort for your feet, particularly when spinning at greater rates.

The bike’s Q-Factor is 140 mm (Q-Factor is the spacing between the pedals). A reduced number suggests that there’s less space or range in between the pedals, which’s what we should be interested in. It connects to a better reduced body placement for customers.

You can place your feet naturally without the additional lateral tension on your knees or ankles. This generates decreased post-workout joint discomforts and also longer workouts.

Generally, the Minotaur has wonderful ergonomics for your feet’s protection and also comfort. I such as that the pedals are dual-sided, enabling you to select whether you make use of cleats or tennis shoes.


The Minotaur features sturdy construction. It has a one-piece, all-steel structure that’s exactly machined. The only frame parts that are affixed by screws are the bases.

It can conveniently sustain individuals up to 330 lb (which is excellent, but I’m actually a little surprised it can not hold heavier thinking about just how strong this point is).

Most of the bike is coated with industrial-grade corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant paint. Its seat and handlebar blog posts as well as sliders are in a chrome finish that’s additionally corrosion-resistant.

The only non-metallic parts of the Minotaur are the belt guard and the top guard of the flywheel and resistance pad. They’re constructed from PVC material that you can conveniently eliminate whenever you need to oil the belt or brake pad.

The Minotaur is only available in black, which looks very sleek if you ask me. The Minotaur name remains in white, while the logo design is in blue.

It considers over 130 lb, contributing to its general security and structure honesty. It additionally has base tubes including flexible stabilizers with rubber caps.

Folks say that the Minotaur is very secure to ride on. It doesn’t rock or totter even if they have actually attempted spinning at higher rates.

Unfortunately, the Minotaur isn’t a small bike. It has a larger impact than most at 51.5 ″ L X 27.5 ″ W X 47.5 ″ H.

But moving it will not be a concern as it has a set of transport wheels. You’ll just take care of over half of the bike’s weight when relocate.

Overall, the Minotaur has a well-founded framework that can conveniently sustain you even throughout outrageous exercises. It has top quality products that’ll much less most likely call for upkeep in the long haul.


The Minotaur is pretty very easy to set up. The flywheel, belt, crankset, and also their covers are already affixed to the structure. Hence, you just have to attach the bases, seat, handlebar, and pedals.

The bundle consists of whatever you require for the assembly, like the fundamental tools and also the setting up handbook.

The process is pretty uncomplicated, but if you ask me, the instructions could be a little simpler to adhere to. They aren’t terrible, yet I wish to see it broken down into more steps with much less taking place in each action- looks less cluttered that way.

However that’s simply me quibbling.

On the whole, assembly should not be a concern, many individuals were able to end up the task in thirty minutes or two.


The ASUNA 7150 Minotaur includes the following guarantee:

  • 5 year frame
  • 180 days parts

Five years on the structure audio short considering this bike mores than $1000, but it’s quite on the same level for bikes in this price variety (the luxury Peloton only offers 5 years on their structure for comparison).

However 180 days on components is short regardless of just how you take a look at it. I want to see at least a year on parts.

On the whole, this warranty isn’t dreadful, however it might certainly be better. Warranties often tend to be one of Sunny’s weak points nevertheless.

Final Thoughts

Besides the incredible name, the Minotaur has a whole lot going for it. Not just does it look wonderful, however it’s a very robust bike.

It does remind me of a bike you ‘d see in an industrial spin studio, with the hefty framework, heavy flywheel, as well as total magnitude of it.

Truthfully, the only genuine downside I see is that you can’t track your resistance setup (aside from passing feel), which I think could be a problem with house workouts.

It would absolutely make it more difficult to comply with streaming workouts, where instructors are telling you to establish your resistance to specific degrees throughout the workout (if you’re looking for a bike that can do this, check out my overview on best Peloton choices).

Yet even if you’re okay keeping that, I do not see any factor to acquire the Minotaur over Sunny’s ASUNA 6100, which is less expensive, has a heavier flywheel, as well as features a display.

All things taken into consideration, the Minotaur is a wonderful bike. But I assume there are far better choices for the cost.