Sunny Health & Physical fitness is a popular, budget-friendly residence physical fitness brand name with a ton of items to choose from. Their treadmills are specifically popular for people searching for several of the most affordable versions around.

Yet with a lot of their treadmills having similar appearing, numeric names, it can obtain a little confusing when searching for the very best choice.

So, I figured an overview going over the best Sunny Health & Fitness treadmills could be valuable.

In this write-up, I’ll present my 5 leading Bright treadmills on the marketplace, along with the specs you need to take into consideration when comparing different house treadmills generally.

If you’re trying to find a Warm treadmill, I wish you find this overview helpful.

However first things first …

Is Sunny Health & Fitness A Good Brand?

In order to address this inquiry fairly, we need to consider the price array Sunny remains in– I do not think it’s reasonable to contrast Sunny to brands that are providing $2-3k treadmills because there’s just no comparison.

Let’s be real- Sunny is a budget plan brand.

As well as budget plan brand names set you back much less for legit reasons.

Spending plan brand names set you back much less because their items are much less heavy-duty, featured much less excellent efficiency specifications, and extra times than not, featured little to no guarantee.

And also I’m not slamming budget brands. These brands play a key role in offering people physical fitness alternatives that otherwise could not have the ability to pay for residence devices.

However it’s important to have reasonable assumptions when looking for budget plan fitness equipment.

And by “budget”, we’re chatting treadmills that are well under $1000. Think it or otherwise, a treadmill that costs $700-$ 800 is very affordable in the world of residence treadmills (where most of the leading picks cost $2k+).

A lot of Sunny treadmills fall in the $500-$ 800 variety.

Yet back to the concern handy- is Sunny a good brand?

I would certainly say yes.

When contrasted to other budget brands, Sunny holds up pretty well. They have actually got a lots of versions to select from and their treadmills are very well-reviewed by individuals.

Their treadmills come with a lot of attributes you should not necessarily anticipate in this rate array, like built-in workout programs, power incline, and also bluetooth capabilities.

Sunny’s products might use longer service warranties, however otherwise their specs hold up versus any other spending plan brand.

I would certainly go as far as to state that Sunny is one of the very best budget plan residence physical fitness brand names around. The only budget plan brand that possibly has ’em beat is Xterra, who supplies better guarantees.

My greatest complaint about their treadmills is how tiny they are.

There’s no navigating it- these treadmills come with little running surface areas. These devices are most definitely designed for smaller customers (which is also noticeable when you see the weight capabilities on these designs).

The smaller sized running surfaces as well as reduced weight capacities tell me that these treadmills are best fit for strolling and also light running- taller and larger individuals beware.

One more tiny beef I have with Sunny is exactly how they call their products- they usually just utilize these mathematical codes to recognize the different versions, making it nearly impossible to bear in mind which version is which.

The mathematical names not do anything to identify one treadmill from another to a customer. It would be nice if they had catchier titles or at the very least much easier to bear in mind numerical codes (like Sole makes use of).

Anyhow, it’s a tiny issue.

Choosing A Treadmill (Regardless of Brand)

Prior to we study the leading Bright treadmills, I wished to include a quick tip on what we should be looking at when contrasting treadmills.

These are likewise the exact same specifications I utilized to choose which treadmills made this list.

Running Surface

I mentioned running surface above. This specification defines the usable dimensions of the belt and also is the single most important spec for a treadmill in my viewpoint.

Which’s since it directly connects to how comfy it’s mosting likely to be to make use of.

Treadmills with larger running surface areas are more comfortable to use- more area amounts to more space to wander as well as guide while strolling or jogging.

The gold criterion for a quality house treadmill is a running surface area of 20 ″ x 60 ″ (size x length, determined in inches).

It’s unusual to see running surfaces this large when checking out treadmills in this rate array, as you’ll see when we begin discussing the treadmills listed below.

Yet when it comes to running surface, bigger is always better.


A treadmill’s motor is its heart- it’s what maintains your machine going as well as it powers all of your workouts. When it concerns motors, stronger is always better.

A more powerful electric motor will not need to function as hard to provide the very same output as a weaker motor will. This means more powerful electric motors should, theoretically, last longer.

They must additionally give smoother, quieter workouts also (because they aren’t needing to strain as much).

Quality residence treadmills usually feature an electric motor that’s at least 3.0 CHP, however numerous go as high as 4.0 CHP.

If you plan on doing a great deal of running, I recommend opting for at least a 3.0 CHP motor, but as you’ll see, none of the treadmills on this list reach this limit.

Once again, more affordable treadmills come with smaller sized electric motors, yet even when comparing spending plan options, I would certainly still try to choose the stronger motor when comparing comparable alternatives.


Guarantee is an additional vital specification you should take into consideration when looking at any kind of treadmill. As you ‘d anticipate, much longer guarantees are constantly preferred to shorter ones.

Treadmill service warranties are generally broken down right into the following elements: framework, electric motor, components, labor.

Some will certainly additionally consist of a separate deck warranty.

Excellent quality house treadmills will certainly feature lifetime structure as well as electric motor assurances, 3-5 years on parts, as well as a year or 2 for labor.

Budget treadmills will certainly feature considerably shorter service warranties, as you’ll see below. But once again, discovering the longer warranty is always the goal.

If you would love to find out more regarding what to seek when choosing a treadmill, take a look at my detailed treadmill overview.

The 5 Best Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmills

Sunny’s Efficiency Treadmill covers my listing because this design features among the most significant running surfaces this brand name uses. It also features a more powerful motor and also an excellent combination of exercise programs to select from.

The T7874 (see what I indicate here?) features a running surface area that determines 18 ″ x 54 ″.

I know this is substantially smaller than that gold standard I discussed above, yet it’s in fact one of the bigger decks for Sunny treadmills.

That said, I still assume any individual nearing 6 ′ in height is gon na have a hard time running on it.

This version does feature a 3.0 CHP motor nonetheless, which is remarkably solid for this brand. The T7874 can reach a top speed of 11 mph and also features 15 levels of power incline.

The folding structure on this treadmill features a max weight capacity of 285 lb, which is more than many Bright devices.

When it comes to the console, this model is loading 14 workout programs, fast pick rate buttons, and also integrated speakers for playing your favorite songs.

This treadmill is backed by a 3 year structure and also 180 day parts guarantee.

On the whole, the Performance treadmill is just one of the bigger, more powerful treadmills in Sunny’s lineup. And also for about $700, it’s got a lot to be proud of.

If you’re seeking a sleeker, a lot more modern look from your Sunny treadmill, their ASUNA SpaceFlex may be a great fit. This tiny, folding treadmill features a little impact and a minimalist style, enabling it to suit also the smallest of spaces.

Sunny’s ASUNA lineup includes a number of the brand’s higher-end machines. That stated, the specifications on these items aren’t always far better.

The running surface area on this design measures 19 ″ x 51 ″. The width is pretty good below, but at 51 ″, the length is rather brief.

Strolling and jogging at slower speeds must be achievable for the majority of smaller individuals, however taller folks are mosting likely to run out of space if they start extending their stride.

The ASUNA SpaceFlex features a 2.5 CHP motor, so just a little weaker than the motor provided on the design over, however tolerable for this cost range.

This machine can reach a full throttle of 8 mph and likewise offers 12 degrees of power slope.

This treadmill just has a 220 lb max weight capacity, so this is absolutely a model made with smaller sized individuals in mind.

Yet with a complete maker weight of just around 120 pound, moving this treadmill around will certainly be a breeze, particularly given that it folds in half for simple storage space.

The SpaceFlex features 8 built-in exercise programs, a USB billing port, and integrated audio speakers. It’s also backed by a much more impressive, 5 year structure guarantee.

Overall, if you’re of smaller stature as well as seeking a slim, streamlined treadmill to add to your residence, Sunny’s ASUNA SpaceFlex is worth looking into.

I’m not truly sure why this design is described as the “slope treadmill”- it doesn’t supply anymore slope than the other designs, yet it does have a little bit extra going on in the tech department.

The running surface area on this treadmill gauges 19 ″ x 52 ″, so conveniently in the exact same ballpark as every one of the various other treadmills on this list so far.

The motor on this incline treadmill is just loading 2.0 CHP, making it among the weak machines on this listing. Again, do not get this maker and expect it to stand up to exhausting running, yet it can reach a full throttle of 10 miles per hour.

It likewise comes with 15 power incline degrees as well as quick pick buttons for both rate and also slope.

Yet when it comes to the console, there are a couple of enjoyable shocks.

For one, the SF-T7917 comes with bluetooth speakers, implying you can play music with the treadmill wirelessly. It likewise includes handrail speed/incline controls, enabling convenient changes throughout your workouts.

This version likewise comes loaded with 15 integrated exercises to pick from, giving you a great deal of variety available.

The SF-T7917 features a 265 lb max weight ability and Sunny’s typical 3 year structure guarantee.

Generally, the electric motor is a little weak on this design, but this could be excusable for the individuals that like the idea of bluetooth audio speakers and also a lot of exercises to pick from.

Sunny’s T7873 is extremely similar to the T7874 that landed my # 1 spot, however with fewer exercise programs and also a somewhat smaller deck. As the really lengthy name indicates, this model additionally features a function that approximates your body fat portion.

The T7873 includes a running surface that determines 16 ″ x 52.5 ″.

The size on this model is long for a Warm machine, yet the 16 ″ width may feel a bit slim. Although to be reasonable, there are treadmills in this price variety that include a 14 ″ width.

The T7873 includes a 2.5 CHP electric motor and also a max weight ability of 285 pound, both of which go over when contrasted to most Warm models.

This treadmill can get to a full throttle of 11 mph in addition to a leading slope of 15%, which ought to be plenty to test any kind of individual.

The console on this model comes with 9 pre-programmed workouts, quick select speed/incline switches, integrated audio speakers, as well as twin canteen owners.

This is likewise a folding treadmill, making for very easy storage space when not in use.

The T7873 features a 3 year framework, 180 day components warranty.

Generally, with a list prices simply over $600, Sunny’s T7873 has a great mix of efficiency specifications and also console attributes to offer.

Completing our list is Sunny’s Smart Treadmill. This treadmill features the smallest deck of the lot, however it supplies a neat little tech feature that no other model on this can do.

And when I say smaller deck, we’re chatting a running surface area of 16.5 ″ x 49.5 ″.

This indicates the length of the SF-T7515 is virtually a foot much shorter than the gold basic 60 ″ length we such as to see. This suggests most folks are mosting likely to be extra comfy with walking and also light running on this treadmill and not so much faster running.

Although shorter individuals may not discover the shorter deck.

This treadmill comes with a 2.2 CHP motor that can reach a max rate of 8 miles per hour. It additionally includes 12 levels of incline which can be established instantaneously with the quick touch buttons.

The weight ability on this smart treadmill maxes out at 240 lb, so larger individuals must look in other places.

If you’re wondering why Sunny describes this as their “wise” treadmill, it’s since this design is bluetooth compatible.

Not just can you listen to your music through the built-in speakers via bluetooth, however you can also address your phone and have a conversation via the treadmill’s microphone.

I don’t understand just how often you’ll actually need to make use of that feature, however it’s pretty cool I think.

Jokes apart, this attribute is pretty impressive when you take into consideration that this treadmill has a sales cost under $500. Like many various other Sunny treadmills, the SF-T7515 includes a 3 year framework and also 180 day parts assure.

On the whole, it’s gon na be hard to locate a smarter treadmill for under $500.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a budget plan treadmill, Sunny Health and wellness & Health and fitness is anexcellent brand to check out. They have actually got a ton of versions to pick from with lots of featuring list prices in the $400– $800 array.

Like all spending plan brand names, you need to take the great with the negative.

In Sunny’s case, the bad often tends to be smaller sized running surfaces and pretty brief guarantees.

That said, Sunny can still compete with any of the various other budget plan brand names around. I like this brand name due to just how considerable their lineup is and due to the fact that their items have a tendency to be of higher quality than the majority of in their price array.

Simply put, they are among the best spending plan brands around.

I assume the 5 options pointed out above represent their finest treadmill choices to date. When comparing treadmills (Sunny’s or otherwise), if nothing else, I motivate you to think about the running surface, electric motor toughness, and warranty.

These 3 specifications will inform you a whole lot about the treadmill you’re checking out.

Alrighty, that about does it. I wish you found the above details useful. Like always, if there are any kind of questions or comments, please leave them below and I’ll get back to ya quickly.

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