Well, it looks like Bowflex has done it again. As well as by “it” I suggest come out with an additional ingenious house fitness device unlike anything else on the marketplace.

With their VeloCore Bike, Bowflex has taken the conventional spin cycle we all recognize and also love, as well as added the ability to lean from side to side as you ride.

As well as we’re speaking about the frame right here people- the structure itself has the capacity to move side to side, simulating the feeling of leaning into a contour as you would on an actual roadway bike.

This added feature might or might not suffice reason to invest in this stationary bicycle, yet the VeloCore has a whole lot extra going for it than simply elegant theatrics.

Their latest spin cycle also includes an HD touchscreen screen, 100 degrees of micro-adjustable resistance, and also a totally flexible seat.

So, if you’re looking an exciting new spin bike, Bowflex’s VeloCore could simply be what the doctor gotten.

But before you begin swiping bank card, make certain you read this thorough testimonial in full.

In this post, we’ll talk about whatever you require to learn about the Velocore in order for you to determine whether it’s the right bike for your residence fitness center.

The Bowflex VeloCore Bike

Bowflex is quickly among one of the most well-known brand names in house fitness. They’re right up there with NordicTrack as well as Complete Fitness center– you recognize, names everybody recognizes with.

Although all of it started with their home fitness centers that utilized their patented Bowflex power poles, I seem like it’s their various other devices that gets all the focus nowadays.

They’ve got rather the considerable lineup to choose from and personally, I assume their cardio equipment is a few of the very best around.

If you look at the top quality to rate proportion, Bowflex is just one of the top names in the game (right up there with Sole, who I also enjoy).

But unlike Sole, Bowflex seems to take it upon themselves to come up with new and interesting methods for us to work out in the house. It seems like they’re constantly introducing and developing interesting new makers.

Case in point: their brand-new VeloCore Bike.

Just like the TreadClimbers and SelectTech pinheads that came before it, the VeloCore is changing the way we think about residence exercise bikes.

For this design, Bowflex took a good spin bike and included the capability to move the frame back and forth during your exercise- the idea being that you can engage your core extra, in addition to enliven an average exercise regimen.


  • Access to JRNY streaming app
  • Access to entertainment apps
  • 3 lb dumbbells included
  • Bluetooth armband heart rate monitor included
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Leaning frame
  • 100 levels of micro-adjustable, magnetic resistance
  • Fully-adjustable seat
  • Multi-grip handlebars
  • Option to lock frame for stationary mode
  • 325 lb weight capacity
  • Dual link pedals
  • Choice of monitor size (16″ or 22″)
  • HD, touchscreen display


  • Short warranty


Even though the VeloCore is various than any other spin bike I’ve come across, I’m still going to begin this evaluation by taking a look at the flywheel.

Just to see to it we’re all on the same page below- the flywheel is the disc that rotates as you pedal the bike, which, in this instance, is located in the rear of the framework.

Flywheel weight is a rather warm topic in spin bikes (however also crucial to take into consideration in any other exercise bike or elliptical), because it plays a vital function in the feeling of the bike as well as in the resistance the bike can give.

There are 2 schools of thought- that heavier flywheels are far better and that lighter flywheels are much better.

Many brand names go the means of using much heavier flywheels since the included weight builds even more energy as it spins, which gives a smoother feeling throughout your pedal stroke.

Brands that utilize lighter flywheels say you don’t require a heavy flywheel if you raise exactly how quickly that lighter flywheel is rotating (which also leads to added energy, or inertia).

There’s no question light flywheel spin bikes can be amazing (Keiser’s M3i is a prime example), however since most rotate bikes make use of heavy flywheels to achieve the wanted outcome, we’ll choose that concept in a little more detail.

Normally talking, in order to make use of the “much heavier is far better” frame of mind, a spin bike’s flywheel needs to be at the very least 20 pound. Anything higher than this, as well as there’s a good chance the bike is mosting likely to supply a wonderful feel.

Bowflex does not supply any type of information relating to the flywheel weight for this bike, so it’s difficult to contrast it to various other bikes in this price variety.

We understand that the Bowflex C6 utilizes a 40 pound flywheel, and based upon the images, we can see that the front mounted flywheel on the C6 is a lot larger than the smaller, rear installed flywheel on the VeloCore.

If I needed to guess (as well as I have to because I can’t seem to locate any clear-cut details on the flywheel), I would state that Bowflex used a lighter flywheel on this bike to make it less complicated to move throughout the leaning mode.

But honestly, I do not think flywheel weight is as big a problem on this bike as it could be on a more conventional spin bike due to the fact that allow’s be genuine- anyone that purchase this bike isn’t doing so for the flywheel- they’re doing so for the moving frame.

What we do know, is that the VeloCore features a 100 level, micro-adjustable magnetic resistance system.

This sort of resistance system is excellent, because it offers you 100 degrees to collaborate with. This permits you to make really little, step-by-step increases/decreases in your immune throughout your exercises.

And if you are searching for a bike for streaming workouts, this will be available in useful (this is the same type of resistance system Peloton and their health and fitness app utilizes), because it makes it very easy to match what the instructors are claiming.

Generally, it’s a secret what the real flywheel weight on the VeloCore is, yet we do know that it features 100 levels of magnetic resistance to deal with.


The seat made use of on the VeloCore is a typical roadway bike seat, which indicates you can conveniently exchange it out for an upgraded seat if you so choose.

One of the most vital point to see regarding the seat, is that it’s complete adjustable, suggesting you can readjust both the elevation of it and also the horizontal setting (fore/aft placement).

Having the capability to adjust the fore/aft position is terrific since it provides you more area to tweak the seat position and also locate the most comfy riding setting for all users in your house.

All bikes in this price array should include a completely adjustable seat, but it should not be assumed.


The handlebars on this bike aren’t completely adjustable. You can readjust the elevation of them, but you can not adjust the fore/aft position.

It would certainly behave if you might readjust the straight setting of the handlebars, but honestly, I do not think it’s actually that big of a bargain.

Many people can discover a comfortable setting by readjusting the seat alone (plus you can alter the height of the handlebars).

The handlebars are cushioned and multi-grip, allowing for a comfy grasp despite your preferred position.

A top quality spin cycle need to offer a minimum of 3 grasps- slim, typical, as well as vast. These settings are traditionally made use of for various portions of your workouts (flats, climbing up, hillsides, etc).

In general, the VeloCore has a wonderful collection of handlebars that must fit to utilize whether you’re standing or seated.


Ah, the structure, This is the part that really establishes the VeloCore besides every other spin bike I’ve ever before evaluated prior to. Generally in this section, I talk about exactly how robust the bike’s framework is and also what its weight capacity is.

Let’s proceed as well as get that information out of the way real quick so we can reach the fascinating things- the VeloCore has a really sturdy frame that can hold folks weighing approximately 325 lb (which goes over).

Ok, so, in terms of frame stability, this bike scores extremely.

Now, the genuine show stopper for this version is the fact that this bike can lean back and forth during your workouts.

Have you ever before played those motorbike video games at the arcade where you lean back and forth to manage your guy on the display? Well, this bike advises me of that.

This attribute is made to function your core more during your exercises. And also it makes sense that it would certainly do that- when you start leaning while you pedal, your obliques and quadratus lumborum are gon na have to turn on to support your core.

This bike even has a function that tracks your lean metrics, yet I believe you need to enroll in the JRNY membership to open it.

The leaning function is really unique as well as should most definitely include a degree of intensity to your exercises that is different from various other spin bikes, but it’s not going to be for everyone.

As well as this is why I assume it was truly wise of Bowflex to make the leaning feature optional.

You can switch in between leaning and stationary modes conveniently by pushing the bar in the middle of the frame. In this way, you can utilize the leaning setting when you desire and stay fixed the rest of the time.

On the whole, I think the VeloCore ratings extremely with the leaning framework suggestion. I assume a great deal of individuals are going to take pleasure in the added degree of intensity and also variety it added to their exercises (as well as it’s wonderful you can turn it off whenever you want).


The VeloCore includes twin link pedals that permit you to utilize any type of sort of footwear you like. On one side, you have a toe cage that you can use tennis shoes, Crocks, or truly any other shoe you intend to ride in.

On the other side, you have SPD compatible pedals, so you can clip in with your cleats if you have some.

Providing people the option to use cleats or tennis shoes is a nice touch.

P.S., if you’ve never made use of cleats to spin with, you must try it. Once you do, you’ll never return.


Bowflex offered their VeloCore bike an impressive screen. Well, practically, you reach choose between 2 dimensions, yet both are HD touchscreen displays.

You reach choose between a 16 ″ and a 22 ″ display, relying on your choices and budget.

Regardless of which size you choose, you still get the same attributes, which include:

Adjustable console: you can transform the tilt placement to your choice, making it comfortable to see the screen throughout exercises

JRNY application: you get access to the JRNY app, which is Bowflex’s physical fitness application that comes with instructor-led exercises, customized exercises, online coaching, physical fitness analyses, and all that jazz (monthly subscription called for).

Enjoyment applications: you can see Netflix, Hulu, Amazon.com Prime as well as Disney + from your console (I think you need to have a JRNY membership to gain access to these apps).

Metric monitoring: you can track all the usual fitness metrics conveniently from either of the big HD displays.

Heart price surveillance: both gaming consoles are bluetooth compatible for heart price monitoring as well as Bowflex consists of a bluetooth armband screen with acquisition.

Bluetooth audio speakers: there’s a big, bluetooth speaker build-into the console, permitting you to wirelessly pay attention to your favored workout songs.


The Bowflex VeloCore Bike comes with the adhering to warranty:.

  • 2 year structure.
  • 2 year electronics/parts.
  • 1 year labor.

I believe this service warranty is as well short for the cost Bowflex is requesting for this bike. Perhaps they’re being conventional because the item is new, yet 2 years on the structure is quite weak.

For the sake of contrast, Peloton provides 5 years on their framework (and also I assume that is too brief also).

Two years on the parts is really beautiful foregone conclusion, as is a year on labor.

Overall, the guarantee division is one of this bikes greatest disadvantages- it could be a great deal much better.

Final Thoughts

Generally, I assume Bowflex has an amazing product below. I’m generally a follower of their cutting-edge products due to the fact that they supply brand-new, less dull methods for us to work out.

As well as Bowflex has a fantastic track record for giving excellent equipment.

The VeloCore is developed well-founded, which is evident from its 175 lb completely constructed weight. I enjoy that it features 100 levels of magnetic resistance and that the seat is totally flexible.

The console (either one) is very sophisticated and offers you accessibility to a lot of workout/entertainment options if you’re willing to pay the monthly fee for JRNY.

And honestly, I kinda like the idea of being able to lean during spin exercises. I can see exactly how it might truly enliven your exercises, not to mention considerably enhance core activation.

My only real complaint is concerning the service warranty- it’s also short.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a new way to spin, Bowflex’s VeloCore is an exciting option. And do not fret, even if you obtain tired of leaning, you can always secure the frame in stationary mode. Suggested.

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