Sole produces a few of the finest and most prominent ellipticals for home use. They have actually become a top brand in the elliptical exerciser globe due to the fact that their equipments are durable and they back them with really generous guarantees.

Basically- they work much better as well as hold up laster than the majority of the competitors.

However if you’re interested in including a Sole elliptical to your house fitness center, it could get a little complex looking into all the various versions and comparing their specifications to locate the most effective fit.

Thankfully, I’ve done the hefty lifting for ya– this guide does simply that.

In this write-up, I’ll offer testimonials of all the existing versions in addition to a helpful chart contrasting all the versions in regards to the essential specifications you need to take into consideration when looking into ellipticals.

After reading, you’ll have a much better understanding of just how the various Sole ellipticals compare to each various other. You must likewise have a better concept of which one (if any kind of) is the best choice for your residence

Sole Ellipticals

Sole Health and fitness has been around for years. Although they obtained popularity for their hotel treadmills, they’ve quickly become one of the most popular residence fitness brand names over the last a number of years.

It’s rather very easy to see why also.

All of their products are developed with making best use of performance in mind. From the ground up, Sole items start with heavy-duty steel frameworks that are rugged enough to hold up against event the most extreme workouts.

They do not skimp in the parts division either. Sole elements are typically bigger and also much heavier, permitting them to last longer than the competition.

Long lasting structures and also high-grade components create equipments that run smoother and last much longer. Simply put, exactly what you’re most likely trying to find in a residence health and fitness maker.

That’s why numerous of their ellipticals have made their means onto my best ellipticals of the year listing.

Sole only supplies cardio equipments right now, they haven’t entered the stamina training side of fitness yet. They’re most likely most well known for their treadmills and also ellipticals, but their stationary bicycle are likewise top of the line.

There are currently 6 various designs in Sole’s elliptical machine lineup. They’re all numerically named with higher numbers connecting to higher-end designs.

Like all brand names, the higher-end Sole ellipticals come with certain upgrades over the other designs. These upgrades refer to a couple of essential specifications, making it relatively easy to contrast equipments.

You’ll see the most significant distinctions in between Sole models in the adhering to specs:

Stride Length (in) Flywheel Weight Warranty Weight Capacity Dimensions (L x W x H) Price
Sole E25 20″ 20 lb Lifetime frame
3 year parts
1 year labor
350 lb 70″ x 24″ x 64″ $
Sole E35 20″ 25 lb Lifetime frame
5 year parts
2 year labor
375 lb 82″ x 31″ x 67″ $$
Sole E55 20″ 20 lb Lifetime frame
5 year parts
2 year labor
375 lb 71″ x 27″ x 64″ $$
Sole E95 20″ 27 lb Lifetime frame
5 year parts
2 year labor
400 lb 82″ x 31″ x 67″ $$$
Sole E95S 18″ – 24″ 30 lb Lifetime frame
5 year parts
2 year labor
400 lb 84″ x 32″ x 70″ $$$$
Sole E98 20″ 32 lb Lifetime frame
5 year parts
2 year labor
*Light commercial warranty as well
400 lb 82″ x 31″ x 71″ $$$$

Flywheel Weight

A lot of residence ellipticals use border heavy flywheels, paired with a magnetic system, to offer the resistance. The pedals are affixed to this flywheel, so as you pedal, the flywheel spins.

It’s typically believed that heavier flywheels provide smoother exercises due to the fact that the extra weight builds extra momentum. This extra energy aids the pedals proceed spinning between pedal strokes, essentially eliminating any lag mid-stroke.

The custom is that an elliptical flywheel that weighs at the very least 20 lb is heavy enough to ensure smooth procedure.

This is only a standard- there are a lot of ellipticals that function just great with lighter flywheels. But generally speaking, when it pertains to flywheels, larger is better.

Understanding this, Sole utilizes flywheel weight as an upgrade between designs. Flywheel weight is actually among the largest distinctions we see between their ellipticals.

Sole ellipticals can come with flywheels varying anywhere from 20 lb to 32 pound, depending upon the design.

A lot more seasoned customers and also households with multiple users might intend to consider a version with a larger flywheel due to the fact that it ought to have the ability to supply even more resistance along with run more efficiently.

Weight Capacity

Weight capability is one more crucial spec that will vary depending upon the design you’re looking at. An elliptical’s weight capacity is the maximum user weight it can securely hold without worry of malfunction.

It holds true a maker may be able to hold a lot more, however the specified weight limitation is the number the equipment has actually been evaluated at and been certified to securely hold without breaking down.

It’s not a great suggestion to utilize any type of health and fitness machine if you do not fall within the max weight capacity. The good news is, Sole makes that quite easy.

Sole elliptical weight capacities range between 350 pound to 400 lb, relying on the model.

This implies that even their most spending plan pleasant E25 can safely hold most customers.

Weight capacity typically goes together with complete maker weight, with heavier devices having the ability to hold larger users. This makes sense, because the heavier ellipticals will be bulkier as well as much more sturdy.

Weight capability is also an excellent method to get a concept as to just how sturdy a machine is. Greater weight abilities imply much heavier, more powerful frameworks.


The guarantee department is the last area we see the largest distinctions in between the Sole ellipticals. As you ‘d expect, the a lot more costly versions feature longer service warranties, however the difference isn’t as big as you would certainly think.

Sole just uses 2 different service warranties on their ellipticals as well as just one elliptical (the E25) features the much shorter version.

And also the much shorter of the 2 service warranties is still remarkable when compared to the competitors.

All Sole ellipticals come with a life time structure guarantee. Most include a 5 year warranty on components and also a 2 year assurance on labor. The E25 is the only one that includes 3 years on components as well as 1 year on labor.

Understanding this, the service warranty most likely will not need to play that much of a role in your decision making procedure. I believe it states a great deal to the standard at which Sole runs that they provide such a charitable service warranty on every one of their items (also the budget pleasant ones).

A Few Others

The largest differences in between the different ellipticals are seen in the flywheel weight, the weight capacity, as well as the warranty. But there are a couple of other more refined distinctions also. These consist of:

  • Display dimension- bigger on even more high-end models
  • Stride length- the E95S is only design that features power flexible stride size
  • Power incline- the E95S is the only design that doesn’t include this
  • Footprint- the dimension of the makers vary relying on version, with the E25 and also E55 being the most portable
  • Foot pedal modifications- some models enable you to adjust the relaxing placement of the pedals for included comfort (E35, E55, E95).

Otherwise, there are quite a few similarities between all of their ellipticals. All designs include the very same 10 exercise programs to choose from.

All included bluetooth speakers, a USB billing port, tablet owner, and breast band heart rate screen included.

The E25 is Sole’s many inexpensive elliptical machine with a sale price simply under $1000. Compared to other devices in this cost range, the E25 holds its own quite well- I actually assume it’s the most effective budget elliptical exerciser on the market.

In regards to efficiency specifications, the E25 comes with a 20 ″ stride length and also 20 pound flywheel. The 20 ″ stride length is long enough to conveniently fit most individuals, which isn’t a give up this price array.

This is just one of the lightest flywheels Sole makes use of, however it’s still heavy adequate to get the job done (particularly for people at newbie to modest health and fitness levels).

Sole offers you 20 degrees of magnetic resistance and 20 levels of power flexible slope to have fun with. These alternatives give you a great deal of freedom when it comes to exercise intensity.

You don’t obtain multi-grip handles or adjustable foot pedals on this version, however you do still get the bluetooth speakers as well as included chest strap heart price screen (which is a good shock at this price point).

And with a 350 pound weight capacity, you can rest assured the E25 is tough enough to hold customers of all dimensions.

This economical elliptical exerciser is backed by a life time frame guarantee with 3 years on all components and also 1 year on labor.

Not just is this Sole’s most budget plan pleasant elliptical, but it’s likewise one of their most compact. The E25 only needs a flooring space of 70 ″ x 24 ″ (L x W), making it an excellent fit for houses with limited area.

In general, the E25 has a whole lot to provide and is a terrific purchase for the list price.

Next off in the schedule is the E35, among Sole’s reasonably priced alternatives. At about $500 more than the E25, we see a couple of crucial efficiency upgrades between the models.

This elliptical machine features the exact same 20 ″ stride size we saw on the E25, nonetheless this design’s frame is about a foot much longer and also 7 ″ larger, providing it a larger feeling.

Sole likewise gave this elliptical a 25 pound flywheel, which is substantially much heavier than the 20 pound one located on the E25. Recall that a heavier flywheel indicates a smoother flight and the capacity for more total resistance.

The E35 likewise includes 20 degrees of magnetic resistance and 20 levels of power incline- no large distinctions below.

Yet on this model we see the intro of multi-grip manage bars, an underrated feature if you ask me. Multi-grip handles are great since you target certain upper body muscle groups by merely switching your grip.

Kinda like making use of slope degree to target various reduced body muscle mass groups.

These larger deals with give you lots of alternatives to deal with, as well as helping all users discover a comfortable grasp.

The pedals on the E35 are flexible, enabling you to choose in between 3 different relaxing settings for a more comfortable exercise (likewise helps reduce your opportunities of injury).

This version weighs regarding 19 lb greater than the E25, which is evident in the fact that this elliptical has a higher weight capacity of 375 pound.

The E35 likewise comes with an updated guarantee: life time structure, 5 years all parts, 2 years labor.

Many console functions coincide, although this design’s display screen is about an inch larger than the E25’s.

With a list price of just under $1500, the E35 discovers itself in a competitive cost variety, however I still believe it is among the leading options available. The E35 would function well for individuals trying to find a harder, much more durable maker than the E25.

Sole kind of broke away from their typical pattern with this version. As opposed to being a pure upgrade over the E35, this version simply uses a various mix of functions. It’s generally a combination between the E25 as well as E35.

The E55 is valued identically to the E35, although it includes a lighter flywheel evaluating just 20 pound. Directly, I ‘d anticipate a larger flywheel on an elliptical in this rate range, however it’s noticeable Sole was seeking to maintain this design as compact as possible.

Speaking of which, the E35 is practically as compact as the E25 with an impact of just 71 ″ x 27 ″ (L x W).

This model still supplies a 20 ″ stride length as well as 20 resistance degrees and also 20 levels of power slope. Like the E35, this design does include multi-grip handlebars and also flexible foot pedals for added convenience.

And with a 9 ″ LCD display on the console, the E55 has the biggest display screen we have actually seen until now.
However or else, it’s extremely comparable to the E35. It features the exact same weight ability (375 pound) as well as same wonderful service warranty (life time framework, 5 year components, 2 year labor).

There’s no doubt this is a nice elliptical, but it’s quickly my the very least favorite of the lot.

I simply don’t assume it’s priced effectively when compared to the remainder of the lineup. It has some upgrades over the E25, but I’m uncertain those upgrades are worth an additional $500 in cost.

Recalling at that E25, the biggest differences are the additional 25 pound in weight capacity as well as added years on components as well as labor service warranty (2 and also 1 specifically). You additionally get the multi-grip manages and also adjustable pedals below.

If you’re seeking a compact elliptical as well as do not mind surrendering minority distinctions I just discussed, I assume it makes good sense to save the cash and select the E25.

If you’re seeking the most effective portable design in Sole’s lineup however, then the E55 would certainly be it.

Sole comes back on course with their regular progression with the E95. This elliptical is their second highest-end design, with only the E95S offering even more remarkable specs.
This is another complete size model, taking up considerably much more flooring area than the portable E55 (roughly a foot much longer).

Like most of their devices, this elliptical machine likewise features a 20 ″ stride size. But at 27 lb, the E95 has the heaviest flywheel we have actually attended this point. As a matter of fact, only the E95S has a heavier one.

With a flywheel this heavy, this elliptical exerciser is fully equipped to provide smooth procedure as well as extreme exercises. As well as with 20 levels of resistance as well as 20 degrees of slope to play with, you can go as intense or light as you favor.

This E95 has a durable frame that can hold folks weighing as much as 400 pound securely, allowing it to accommodate individuals of all dimensions.

It additionally comes with adjustable pedals (more placements available than previous versions) and the exact same multi-grip handlebars we see on previous models.

The warranty corresponds most of the previous designs also (lifetime structure, 5 years parts, 2 year labor).

There aren’t lots of differences in the console either- bluetooth audio speakers, USB charging port, and media tablet computer are all there.

The only distinction you’ll see is that the LCD display is larger on this model- a complete 10 ″, making it easier to see whatever during your workouts.

The E95 is actually rather comparable to the E35. The additional $300 or so gets you the larger flywheel, bigger display, and also updated pedal system.

All things taken into consideration, I think the E95 is a front-runner for best total home elliptical exerciser. For the cost, it’s mosting likely to be hard to find an elliptical exerciser that can provide as much which’s backed by suck an excellent service warranty.

The E95S is Sole’s newest and most highly sophisticated elliptical machine to date. It is among their most costly, setting you back simply over $2000 on sale.
The largest upgrade we see with this design is the addition of power flexible stride size.

This isn’t an attribute we see extremely usually, specifically on ellipticals in this price array. With this innovation, you can immediately adjust the stride size anywhere between 18 ″– 24 ″ with the push of a switch on the console.

This function permits the E95S to basically fit any individual completely. This feature likewise permits you to change your stride size mid-workout, in order to target various muscular tissue teams (comparable to utilizing slope).

Speaking of incline, this model does not come with any kind of flexible slope settings. This was given up in order for them to give the adjustable stride size.

The stride length attribute is amazing sufficient in its very own right, yet the E95S likewise features a 30 pound flywheel, the 2nd

heaviest of all the Sole designs.

Heavier flywheel indicates harder workouts and also smoother procedure.

This version comes with a harder frame as well, efficient in holding people evaluating up to 400 pound securely.

Incidentally, this elliptical exerciser considers a monstrous 265 pound totally put together- make certain you have plenty of assistance when it comes time to move it.

Or else, the E95S features the exact same console as the E95 with all its very same attributes. This design is backed by the very same guarantee we’ve seen on every other model with the exception of the E25.

The E95S would certainly be a great option for residences with numerous customers, especially if those users are various elevations. The flexible stride length is a magnificent function, however it implies losing the incline.

If you’ll be the only customer and you do not see yourself needing to change in stride size usually, you could prefer the E95 with its adjustable slope settings. General though, you can’t fail with either version.

The E98 is Sole’s highest-end, heaviest-duty elliptical to date. This model receives light business use, although it’s still valued efficiently for residence fitness centers with a sales price of approximately $2500.

This elliptical exerciser does not have the power adjustable stride size we see on the E95S. Instead, it comes with the exact same 20 ″ size located on all of the various other models in Sole’s lineup.

The E98 does, however, have the heaviest flywheel of the number.

At 32 pound, the flywheel on this machine is just one of the heaviest you’re going to discover. With such a hefty flywheel under the hood, the E98 is well furnished to give difficult and smooth exercises.

As well as with 20 levels of resistance as well as 20 incline setups to collaborate with, the E98 can challenge individuals of all fitness degrees.

This version additionally comes with an extremely sturdy structure, a 400 lb weight capability, and the same fantastic residential service warranty located on the designs above.

The E98 also comes with a light business warranty, making it a clever selection for studio apartment complicated fitness centers or maybe for an exercise space in a firehouse.

In general, if you’re trying to find an industrial grade elliptical machine that can manage the stress of numerous individuals every day, the E98 is a smart selection.

Final Thoughts

Sole has actually earned its reputation as one of the best home health and fitness brands on the planet. Their cardio devices are created from the ground up with heavier-duty components that will certainly do much better as well as last longer than many.

The service warranties they use are first-class and also significantly longer than a lot of the competition as well.

These 5 ellipticals are a great instance of what Sole needs to supply. The differences in between designs can be subtle, yet if you recognize what you’re trying to find, you can spot the distinctions as well as discover the ideal fit.

The E25 is a terrific budget plan option, but also a clever option if room is a concern.

The E35 is a reasonably valued elliptical exerciser packaging specs that can compete with ellipticals setting you back considerably much more. For the price, this is one of the most effective offers Sole uses.

The E55 is an updated small design, incorporating the functions of the E25 and E35. If you’re looking for the most effective compact option around, this is a wise selection.

The E95 takes the E35 and adds a much heavier flywheel, larger screen, and also much more flexible pedals. The result? Among the very best house ellipticals on the market.

As well as lastly, with the E95S Sole gives us power adjustable stride length, a huge 30 lb flywheel, and a weight ability of 400 pound, making it a perfect selection for homes with multiple customers.

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