The AD6 Airdyne stationary bicycle is Schwinn’s mid-range fan bike. In their schedule of fan bikes, it comes right smack dab in the center between the AD2 and the AD7.

Follower bikes are amazing as well as I love the Schwinn brand name, so it should be a no-brainer that the AD6 would be the perfect combination, right?

Well, not always. Just because a name brand name is recognized for high quality job, it does not instantly suggest whatever they touch is gold.

Especially in scenario similar to this, where the exact same brand name is providing 3 various follower bikes. Exists really sufficient difference in between the versions to make it worth paying more? Or could you do just fine with the more affordable variation and save yourself a little cash?

I think it’s important to take a close check out what the AD6 Airdyne needs to offer and after that see whether or not it warrants the asking cost.

That’s precisely what this review is intending to do. After reading this, I wish you have a much better suggestion of whether or not this stationary bicycle is right for you.

Before we enter the meat of the evaluation, a fast word on airdyne.

A Quick Word On Airdyne

Schwinn is so prominent that a great deal of individuals believe that “airdyne” is really a sort of exercise bike. For instance, I’ve seen individuals asking “who makes the very best airdyne bike?”.

Well, Schwinn does obviously! And that’s due to the fact that Schwinn is the only brand that makes airdyne bikes.

Technically talking, “airdyne” is just the name Schwinn decided to give their brand name of fan bikes. It’s sort of like asking “that makes the very best kleenex?”.

Kleenex is simply a brand of cells (and also other things)- like airdyne is simply what Schwinn calls their fan bikes.

Ok, I really hope that makes good sense.

The essential takeaway right here is that airdyne bikes are follower bikes. Follower bikes, also referred to as air bikes, obtain their name from the truth that their resistance is produced by rotating blades connected to the bike’s flywheel.

As you pedal, the flywheel (with affixed follower blades) spins.

The faster you pedal, the harder it ends up being due to the fact that those blades are pushing harder via the air (producing drag). This resistance system provides you unrestricted possible resistance- the more challenging you press, the more resistance you feel.

This is why fan bikes are so amazing for high strength workouts, especially HIIT exercises. You can really burn some calories doing full blast intervals with these bikes.

This is possibly why they have come to be so preferred with Crossfit professional athletes and also are commonly utilized in their competitors.

Don’t stress though. You don’t need to do HIIT exercises with fan bikes.

Bear in mind, YOU control the strength based on how tough YOU pedal. If you want a more laid-back workout that’s feasible too.

Since we are all on the exact same page pertaining to airdyne, lets carry on to the main attraction …

I pointed out in the intro that the AD6 is Schwinn’s mid-range airdyne bike. It’s mid-range both in terms of price and also features. I attempted to break up my testimonial based on the most essential points I assume you should think about when buying a follower bike.

If there is something I overlooked or you have any type of questions, just strike me up with a remark at the bottom.


  • Easy assembly
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Great warranty
  • Built-in water bottle holder makes it easy to stay hydrated during your workouts
  • Unlimited wind resistance, perfect for high intensity workouts
  • Enlarged console that allows you see all metrics simultaneously
  • Telemetry heart rate monitoring compatible


  • Seat isn’t fully adjustable (no fore/aft adjustments)
  • Some complaints about unwanted “clunking” noises during use


The resistance on the AD6 is developed by the fans rotating versus air- the more challenging you pedal the even more resistance you feel. Just like all air bikes, the resistance degree is unrestricted.

As I discussed previously, this is why a great deal of people gravitate in the direction of this sort of bike. It can offer one hell of an exercise.

The other factor is that you can likewise get an upper body exercise with the moving handlebars. The way the handlebars and pedals are set up on this bike, their movement is in sync.

That is, your limbs relocate with each other throughout use. This is typical for air bikes, but if you have actually never utilized one before it could take a little getting used to.

But if you wish to work just your arms or just your legs you can. There are little foot fixes on each side that you can relax your feet on if you wish to simply offer your top body a workout.

On the whole, the majority of customers agree the resistance system functions fine. You may feel a little wind during your workout, however Schwinn created the bike so the majority of the air is predicted ahead as well as not directly right into your face.


Seats on stationary bicycle are notoriously uneasy. Simply the method it goes I presume. The seat on the AD6 is bigger as well as has a bit more cushioning when contrasted to the seat on the AD2.

These adjustments are most definitely a step in the best instructions, however many customers would certainly concur that the seat is still among this bike’s largest failures.

We can forgive Schwinn for giving us an uncomfortable seat, due to the fact that all bike seats are unpleasant. As well as if you wish to, you can just swap out the factory seat for any kind of bicycle seat of your option.

This is something you can not easily do on the AD2, by the way.

However not offering us the capacity to change the horizontal placement (fore and aft) of the seat is a large strike in my publication. Particularly in this price range. The AD2 does not allow you to adjust the seat in this position either.

Rather, Schwinn saved this ease for their highest-end airdyne, the AD7.

You can obviously readjust the elevation of the seat on this bike, however that’s it. Not having the ability to adjust the fore and aft substantially limits your capacity to customize your setting on the AD6.

As well as this is something users grumble regarding- many really feel the AD6 is designed as a “one dimension fits all” bike.

And if you fall outside this “one size”, you may have a less comfortable experience. The much shorter and also taller users may have problems.


Schwinn made some upgrades to the display screen on the AD6. The AD2 has a really small screen that is rather limited. Below, Schwinn has actually raised the size dramatically, making it easier to view all of the basic exercise metrics you ‘d expect.

One more huge enhancement over the AD2 is that you can conveniently see every one of your statistics at the same time on this console. The less costly design can just display one metric at once in a consistent scan mode.

Below, time, rate, range, watts, calories, as well as pulse are all noticeable on the display whatsoever times.

The AD6 likewise has a snazzy little RPM meter at the top that gives you a graph of how rapid you are pedaling. It’s a wonderful little touch, could help encourage you throughout your period exercises.

An additional improvement on the AD6 over the AD2 is the inclusion of telemetry heart rate monitoring.

One isn’t included however (that would certainly have behaved), yet this bike works with breast band displays.

FYI, the console is powered by 2 AA batteries as well as they are not included. No power cables implies no electrical outlets needed for procedure.


Putting the AD6 with each other is fairly uncomplicated. You are primarily just affixing the stabilizers, attaching the handlebars, seat, and console. Should not take you long- most users have it completely constructed within a hr.

It might be available in convenient to have a 2nd set of hands throughout assembly though, while affixing the stabilizers. The bike itself is rather hefty.

All needed devices are included (Allen wrench, little screwdriver).

Weight Capacity

If you know with any of my evaluations, you know I constantly speak about weight ability when it comes to work out equipment. When it concerns weight limits, bigger is constantly better. It implies an equipment is well developed and much more long lasting.

The Schwinn AD6 has a max weight capacity of 300 pound.

This is a solid weight limit as well as is what we ought to anticipate in this mid-range cost classification.

This is solid sufficient to handle most users. It’s also 50 lb more than the smaller AD2, who tops out with a 250 lb weight ability. Bigger customers need to think about the AD7 with it’s 350 pound limitation.


Guarantee is another essential attribute to take into consideration when getting any kind of physical fitness tools. This resembles insurance on your investment.

Better items should have much better service warranties, but this isn’t always the situation.

Schwinn, nonetheless, is rather charitable with their guarantees. The AD6 features the following:

  • One decade framework warranty
  • 2 year mechanical warranty
  • 1 year electrical
  • 6 months labor

The 10 year structure warranty is rather remarkable. That’s really 2x that used on the acclaimed Attack Fitness Airbike, arguably the gold standard in home air bikes. Kudos Schwinn, kudos.

Final Thoughts

Looking carefully at every little thing the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne bike needs to use is necessary when attempting to determine whether it’s the appropriate bike for you or otherwise. Amongst one of the most crucial things to consider are weight capability, service warranty, as well as functions.

After examining the AD6, it appears that this bike does have a whole lot to supply. Being an air bike, it can provide unlimited resistance– terrific for individuals who enjoy HIIT design workouts or any other type of interval training.

It additionally has a good console that is compatible with telemetry heart price screens. This is a nice function to have since it offers you the ability to maintain a close eye on your intensity degree during your exercises. The AD6 is simple to construct, to ensure that shouldn’t be a concern for anyone even remotely helpful.

This bike likewise comes with a commendable weight capability and an excellent warranty.

That stated, the AD6 isn’t perfect. It’s most significant flaw is the seat that isn’t completely flexible. It would have been simple sufficient for Schwinn to consist of the totally adjustable seat on this design, but I guess conserving that for the AD7 makes great advertising sense.

Provides a lot more reason to justify the additional $300 …

When looking over customer reviews, you will likewise see several problems about the AD6 making “clunking” or “metal knocking” noises after a few months of use. These concerns appear to be triggered for unknown reasons and also aren’t always reparable.

The guarantee is generous, so if this happens to you, odds are it will be covered by the warranty.

Given these issues, this bike is still very well ranked total by customers.

Finally, I assume the Schwinn AD6 is a rather strong fan bike. It is a definite enhancement over their even more inexpensive AD2 as well as offered the considerable improvements, I believe the extra $200 is necessitated.

As long as you obtain one that operates correctly, I assume you’ll enjoy.

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