We all know that getting in shape requires some work; but what about finding the right equipment? That can be really tough, and when you finally do find something perfect for your needs, it’s often way out of budget. Luckily we’ve done the research to find you these 10 total fitness gym products at a variety of price points to suit your needs. Whether you’re just starting out or have been working hard for years, there is something here for everyone!
Blog post intro paragraph: We are going to help you get started on this new journey by providing you with reviews on ten different pieces of fitness equipment so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing anything. We will also include information on how much each product costs

Top 10 best total fitness gym:

Now let’s compare the various Overall Gym models that are currently readily available for acquisition, beginning with the spending plan machines and working our method up.

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 6

Attachments: 2

Weight capacity: 275 lb

Price:  $

The Total Fitness center 1100 is just one of the earlier models and also is the most budget friendly variation presently being used. This is the easiest, most bare-bone version of the Overall Gym you can find, thus the exceptionally low cost.

Despite the fact that this version only includes 2 attachments (the multi-function bar and also leg accessory), you see it still offers over 60 feasible workouts.

This just mosts likely to show how functional these residence fitness center makers really are. You will certainly likewise notice the 1100 only has 6 levels of resistance. This is on the reduced end of the range, however it still offers you some area to increase your resistance as your toughness improves.

The Total Gym 1100 has a 275 lb max weight limitation which goes over for any health and fitness device in this cost variety. Specifically considering this equipment only evaluates 54 pound, it has to be effectively built. Overall Gym is recognized for their resilience as well as top quality building and construction.

Something to remember with the 1100 in addition to all the other models is the truth that these equipments take up about 8 feet of floor area throughout use. They can be folded up away for storage space rather easily when not being used.

On the whole, the Overall Gym 1100 is an excellent product for the cost. If you are searching for an affordable home fitness center equipment, the 1100 is hard to defeat. When it pertains to exercise variety, no other home gym can come close to the Overall Fitness center.

The 1100 is their most cost effective version and it still supplies over 60 various workouts.

Exercises: 60+
Resistance levels: 8

Attachments: 4 + 1 DVD + Flip chart

Weight capacity: 250 lb

Price:  $

Next off on the list is the Overall Gym 1400. The 1400 is an additional spending plan machine, but with a few enhancements over the 1100. Immediately, you will discover that the 1400 offers the same number of complete workouts as the 1100.

This version offers you the chance to do around 60 different steps.

The Complete Health club 1400 offers 2 extra resistance levels when compared to the 1100. With an overall variety of 8 different height adjustments, this gym will give you a bit more have fun with your resistance settings.

This can be found in convenient with progressing your stamina training since the difference in between the settings is a little smaller than with the 1100, where the distinction in between 2 settings could be rather considerable.

An additional huge distinction is that the 1400 includes even more goodies. Four add-ons are consisted of: squat stand, multi-function attachment bar, dip bars, as well as leg pulley accessory.

The squat stand alone is a huge improvement with this version.

It additionally features an exercise DVD as well as a flip chart of exercises that can attach to the Overall Health club’s structure for easy referral during usage.

Surprisingly, the weight capacity on the 1400 is actually listed as being less than the 1100’s (250 lb vs 275 pound). I would bet practically anything that the 1100 is not more durable than the 1400, yet it does have actually a detailed weight ability of 250 pound.

I’m not sure what composes that 25 lb difference between both versions.

Price wise, these 2 health clubs are in the exact same stadium, however the 1400 is going to cost you concerning a 100 dollars more. For that additional money, you are getting 2 extra levels of resistance, additional add-ons, a workout DVD, as well as the flip graph.

The Total Health club 1400 is likewise priced effectively taking into consideration just how much a lot more you are getting with this version.

Exercises: 60+
Resistance levels: 8

Attachments: 4 + 1 DVD + Flip chart

Weight capacity: 250 lb

Price:  $

When I contrasted the Overall Gym 1600 to the 1400, I truly couldn’t discover any kind of differences apart from the color design. No, seriously.

I checked out the owner’s guidebook for each and every product and also the only difference I located was that with the Complete Fitness center 1400 you might need to manually install a “stopper” on the bottom bar.

There is no such stopper included with the 1600 (assuming it’s already mounted on this version?).

All various other metrics equal on these 2 versions regarding I can inform. Both health clubs provide 60 exercises, both have 8 resistance levels, both have the same weight ability, and both consist of the exact same accessories.

Both models are the precise very same dimension and also weight, all measurements (folded as well as unravelled) equal.

The Total Fitness center 1600 is in fact regarding $40 cheaper than the 1400 on Amazon, so unless you prefer to pay a bit much more for the red version (the red does look much better if you ask me incidentally), you need to save yourself the additional money and go with the 1600.

The Overall Health club 1600 is additionally extremely ranked, it currently has a 4.7/ 5 user ranking on Amazon.com.

Exercises: 60+
Resistance levels: 12

Attachments: 6 + 2 DVDs + Flip chart

Weight capacity: 350 lb

Price:  $$

With the Total Health club 1900, we see some instead considerable modifications from the 1600 and also 1400. Surprisingly though, the complete variety of exercises that can be carried out on the 1900 coincides as all the more economical equipments stated formerly.

Among the biggest upgrades with the 1900 is the enhancement of 4 extra resistance degrees. This version has 12 different elevation changes, the only Overall Health club with more is the business grade GTS.

An additional distinction is that with the 1900, you get 2 more accessories and also an additional exercise DVD. The Total Fitness center 1900 comes with the following consisted of attachments: multi-function bar, press up bars, dip bars, leg pull accessory, Pilates bar, as well as abdominal problem boards.

You might notice that the squat stand was replaced with the Pilates bar on this model. You can still do squats with this bar, rest assured. The incorporation of the abdominal muscle crunch accessory is pretty remarkable, taking into consideration when marketed independently this attachments costs about $160.

The Overall Health club 1900 likewise has a much more impressive 350 lb weight limitation. This is dramatically more than the earlier designs and also indicates the 1900 is a lot more sturdily constructed. This machine should be able to conveniently fit most users.

Ultimately we come to price. The Total Health club 1900 is typically for sale (it currently is) and when for sale, is about $100 more than the Overall Health club 1600.

If you ask me, Total Fitness center made several obvious upgrades with their 1900 model and also asking $100 more is required. The added add-ons alone compose the difference, but you additionally get 12 degrees of resistance and a substantially stronger frame.

The Overall Fitness center 1900 is quickly the nicest of the numerically called devices (the budget plan equipments). In my point of view, the 1900 is may be the very best value of all the Complete Gyms. It’s also presently flaunting a 4.3/ 5 user rating on Amazon.

Exercises: 60+
Resistance levels: 6

Attachments: 2 + nutrition/exercise guides

Weight capacity: 300 lb

Price:  $

Overall Gym’s Peak series is their latest schedule to day and also it seems they have actually been launched to change the older, numerically numbered designs we have actually been reviewing thus far.

The great information is that all of the Apex models are extremely cost effective and also they generally include some nice upgrades over most of the models reviewed earlier in the checklist.

The G1 is one of the most budget friendly of the Apex series, making it the most affordable Overall Fitness center presently being offered (you can still find the numerically numbered models over online, yet they’re ending up being harder and harder to locate).

And honestly, with the introduction of the Apex devices, I don’t see why you would certainly go with among the older versions anyway (with the exception of the 1900, which I still believe may be, dollar for buck, the very best buy of the lot).

The G1 features a list prices simply under $300, making it a really budget-friendly home health club system. Despite the fact that this design is extremely spending plan friendly, it still permits you to perform over 60 various workouts on it.

With only 6 resistance levels to choose from, it doesn’t use almost as several as the 1900. This model is additionally doing not have a squat stand, which I take into consideration probably the most important add-on of them all.

However, if you’re not stressed over doing squats, and are trying to find a really cost effective choice, the Peak G1 is what you’re looking for.

It does come with the wing add-on as well as an exercise overview to obtain you started along your way. It additionally features a 300 pound weight restriction, which is wonderful for a fitness center in this price range.

In general, for a budget fitness center, the G1 has a lot going for it.

Exercises: 70+

Resistance levels: 8

Attachments: 5 + nutritional/exercise guides

Weight capacity: 300 lb

Price: $

The Pinnacle G3 is the mid-range design in their more recent schedule of economical fitness centers. For only a $100 more, you obtain some quite significant upgrades over the G1.

At once, you get access to even more workouts as well as more resistance degrees, both of which suffice to necessitate the extra expense if you ask me.

But it’s the accessories they really set the G3 apart from the G1. Unlike the G1, the G3 comes with a squat stand as well as a set of dip bars, both of which will drastically enhance your exercise experience.

I directly think the squat stand is the most important attachment Total Health club deals, so I do not see obtaining a Complete Health club that does not have one, yet hey, you got ta opt for what your budget allows.

The weight ability on the G3 is the same as the G1, which is high sufficient to fit most folks conveniently.

In general, the G3 is a great buy. It comes with extreme upgrades over the more economical G1 which I assume greater than justify the additional 100 bucks.

The G5 takes the G3 as well as upgrades it even better, yet there are less distinctions between the G3 as well as G5 than there are in between the G3 as well as the G1.

Exercises: 60+

Resistance levels: 12

Attachments: 6

Weight capacity: 350lb

Price:  $

There have actually been so many various Complete Gyms over the years (we’re talking like 30 approximately I think), it would certainly be testing to include all of them in this overview without it getting also overwhelming.

So, I have actually attempted to focus on one of the most prominent versions, as well as the ones that are still conveniently offered.

After obtaining a few questions concerning this design, I realized it was time to upgrade this overview to include it as well.

I was introduced to the Total Fitness Center XTREME by my readers, I thank them for doing so because after taking a closer check out what the XTREME has to provide, I assume it’s a wonderful buy.

This is just one of the most budget plan friendly Complete Health clubs around, however it would be difficult to inform by looking at what it comes with.

The XTREME comes with 12 levels of resistance and also 6 add-ons right out of package, including the outstanding AbCrunch device (which will set ya back around $150 if purchased independently).

The other add-ons include the tri-grip shaper bars, the wing attachment, the squat stand, the leg pulley-block, and also the training deck/device owner.

I’m additionally shocked at just how high the weight limitation on the XTREME is. With a 350 lb weight ability, this cost effective model is difficult enough to manage virtually any type of user who want to jump on.

Speaking of cost, the XTREME is valued someplace between the Apex G1 as well as the G5 relying on where you acquire- this design isn’t readily available straight with Total Fitness center, yet it’s commonly offer for sale at Costco and Amazon.

Exercises: 80+

Resistance levels: 10

Attachments: 5 + nutritional/exercise guides + 2 floor mats

Weight capacity: 375 lb

Price: $$

The Pinnacle G5 is one of the most innovative of the new, budget friendly models just recently released by Overall Fitness center. The Pinnacle designs are indicated to change the older, numerically numbered versions gone over until now.

And based upon what the G5 needs to supply, it appears like Complete Gym is doing us a favor.

You will not discover the G5 on Complete Gym Direct, rather it’s being used through retail sites like Amazon.com. For roughly $500, you obtain an innovative version that bridges the gap in between the higher-end models and the incredibly economical ones.

The G5 allows you to do 80+ exercises by including a number of crucial accessories including a huge squat stand, the wing add-on, dip add-on, leg pull add-on, as well as the training deck with holder.

The only point missing below is the Abdominal muscle Crunch attachment, but we should allow this one slide considering this inexpensive design includes 10 resistance degrees and also a 375 lb weight capability.

The only actual drawback to this version is the lackluster service warranty, however too built as all of these models are I don’t assume you’ll need to fret about the G5 breaking down on ya.

Considering the 1900 (and all other older designs) is gon na be difficult to come by, I believe the G5 is mosting likely to become one of Total Gym’s most preferred designs.

This version just has so much to provide and it’s valued fantastic.

Exercises: 80+
Resistance levels: 6

Attachments: 3 + 5 DVDs + Nutritional/meal plan + flip chart

Weight capacity: 400 lb

Price:  $$$

The Complete Fitness Center XLS is their flagship version as well as most likely their most preferred. Complete Gym made some significant improvements when they established the XLS.

The first thing you should discover is that this model provides over 80 various workouts that can be performed- 20 greater than any other version talked about thus far.

They lowered the amount of resistance degrees on this model, bringing it back down to 6. I’m not exactly sure why they did this, yet if I needed to presume, I would certainly state it was so they might draw out the Fit as well as validate it’s considerably greater price tag … yet more on that particular listed below.

The Total Gym XLS only features 3 attachments: leg pull attachment, wing add-on, as well as ribbed squat stand. This squat stand is an updated version. It was a distinctive bottom to help with traction during usage.

The wing accessory is an upgraded variation of the multi-function bar, it’s tilted for a more comfortable feel.

The XLS features a great deal more functions, consisting of 5 workout DVDs. It also features the dietary plans and also the flip graph that attaches to the frame.

The greatest advantage to the XLS, in my point of view, is the 400 lb max weight ability. This residence health club is created to fit larger folks. The XLS additionally has upgraded, more resilient cables and wheels.

The slide board is really a little larger than the various other versions (about 3 inches) that makes this even more comfy to make use of, especially for larger individuals. The XLS likewise has a lifetime service warranty on its structure.

All these elements put together makes the XLS a much more comfy, steady product to make use of. Naturally, these added advantages imply a higher price tag. The Complete Fitness center XLS can be purchased via Amazon.com or straight via Complete Health club.

The prices change often, yet today Complete Gym Direct is supplying a better bargain. They also offer a 30-day test for $1.

Exercises: 85+
Resistance levels: 12

Attachments: 4 + 6 DVDs + Nutritional/meal plan + flip chart

Weight capacity: 450 lb

Price:  $$$$

The Fit is Total Health club’s most recent house gym as well as is absolutely their nicest design created for house use to day. They basically took the XLS and also doubled the levels of resistance.

They additionally came up with about 5 more workouts you can do on this item. With a monstrous 85 offered workouts, the Total Gym Fit is the meaning of adaptability.

The Fit has 12 degrees of resistance, similar to the 1900 as well as the Supreme. Nonetheless, this model comes with even more additional attributes than the previous models. It additionally has a very impressive 450 lb weight capacity.

A greater weight restriction means much better construction and also even more resilient relocating parts.

Speaking of moveable components, the Fit features a better guarantee- 2 year on moving components and lifetime on framework.

This Overall Fitness center comes with 4 attachments: leg pull attachment, abdominal muscle problem accessory, updated squat stand, and a 2-piece wing add-on.

The Fit additionally includes a lots of workout DVDs (6) to obtain you began no matter your fitness degree. It likewise includes the dietary info and also meal plan alternatives to aid you reach your objectives.

The price is actually the only con for the Fit. The Complete Health club Fit essentially costs 2x as much as the XLS. The original asking cost is more than $2000, however it is constantly for sale.

If you acquire directly through Overall Fitness center you are looking at around $1600. You can additionally get new and secondhand designs through Amazon.com at varying prices, but you can not constantly ensure which devices as well as attributes will be included.

This cost is high when contrasted to the other Overall Fitness center designs, but it’s truly not that high when compared to other home gym equipments.

Any kind of decent residence gym machine that can be contrasted to the Fit in terms of high quality will certainly more than $1000. And also no residence gym device can compare with the Total Health clubs in terms of flexibility.

I mean seriously, this one tool can execute over 85 various exercises.

Generally, the Total Health Club Fit is their most recent as well as nicest product for the residence. It features a watercraft tons of attachments as well as additional attributes along with their finest service warranty.

If you are serious about the Complete Health club and also can manage it, the Fit is the way to go. See full review.

What Is The Total Gym?

The majority of us have seen the well-known paid announcements on television for the Overall Gym, but do you really comprehend just how the Complete Gym jobs? Simply in case, I want to start with a fast description of exactly how these gyms function, due to the fact that it really is pretty fascinating.

The creators took a great suggestion as well as developed a whole line of home gyms around a straightforward idea- utilizing your bodyweight as the resistance.

A lot of traditional residence fitness centers and also strengthening machines are making use of some type of exterior weight to supply the resistance for your exercise: weight plates, resistance bands, power rods (Bowflex).

These layouts have the toughness and also weak points like anything else. But the Complete Health club was unique due to the fact that it didn’t need any type of outside resistance.

Turns out this layout has a great deal of benefits. To start with, with no weight heaps, the Total Health club comes to be very lightweight and portable. It also indicates there is no stopping between workouts to alter the weight.

I’ll return to this idea a little later since it is among the biggest benefits of the Total Gyms, however primarily it indicates you can obtain a full body exercise in less time and also burn even more calories while doing so.

Back to exactly how the Complete Fitness center jobs. So there are no weights entailed. Yet where does the resistance come from then? Your body weight!

Well, and gravity, gravity definitely plays a big duty here. You’ll notice that all of the exercises include you resting on a sliding board (in different settings). There are cords connected to the moving board. These cords have handles connected to them.

When you pull or press the manages, you are lifting your body weight through the sheave system as the board slides. This is rather smart, however it gets better.

The slide board’s resting position is adjustable. You can adjust the height of the back to boost or lower the intensity of your exercise.

When you increase the height of the board, you are lifting against gravity extra. You are basically raising a higher percent of your body weight.

When you lower the height, you are combating gravity much less as well as lifting a smaller sized percentage of your body weight. On the greatest setting of the majority of machines, you are lifting approximately 45% of your body weight.

This wheel system additionally permits a lot of versatility. Relying on the version, there are essentially 100’s of exercises you can perform. These consist of exercises for your arms, legs, and also core. A great deal of this relies on the accessories that are consisted of.

This sheave system also enables complete range of movement during exercise. Conventional home gyms have iron posts and also supports that limits just how far you can stretch out throughout a relocation.

The Total Gyms don’t have this issue. On the majority of workouts, you can extend as far as you like. This helps you preserve adaptability and trigger more muscle mass fibers throughout your exercise.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Like I claimed, these fitness centers are quite basic in their design. But don’t blunder this simplicity in layout for suggesting they are easy to use. These gyms can provide you a strenuous workout as well as actually kick your butt.

Total Health club has been creating exercise equipments for over 30 years as well as there are presently a number of variations of the prominent residence fitness center offered on the marketplace. Allow’s take a glance at the major differences as well as similarities between the models.

Differences Between Total Gym Models

Number of Exercises

The variety of workouts offered on each device differs and it depends largely on the variety of accessories that can be made use of with it.

The a lot more pricey versions have much more attachments, which implies more workouts. That stated, even one of the most inexpensive Overall Health clubs can supply 60+ workouts.

The better versions range between 80-85 exercises, as well as their business grade gym flaunts you can perform over 200 exercises on it.

Levels of Resistance

The degrees of resistance (height changes) used is an additional element to consider when contrasting Complete Gyms. Having more degrees of resistance is constantly a plus because it gives you extra control over your workout.

The variety of resistance levels in the various designs varies between 6– 22.

Many makers have 6, 8, 0r 12 resistance degrees. The GTS remains in a league of it’s own with 22.


I mentioned above that the number of add-ons consisted of with your purchase differs depending on the version.

The a lot more pricey models will certainly consist of much more accessories, but all Complete Fitness centers come with a number of attachments to guarantee you can start working out with it right out of the box.

Typical accessories include: leg pull accessory, squat stand, wing add-on, and also ab crisis.

Most gyms will certainly likewise feature 1 or even more exercise DVDs along with exercise cards or poster. The majority of versions likewise include a dietary guide and also meal strategy to help you eat much better.

Weight Capacity

The max customer weight capability is another aspect that separates the various Total Fitness centers. Having a higher weight capacity is constantly chosen, due to the fact that it indicates enhanced machine strength as well as toughness.

Nevertheless, as long as you fit safely within a maker’s strengthened restriction, you shouldn’t have any kind of problems.

Complete Gym weight capacities range in between 250– 650 lb. I understand, this is a big array. The budget plan designs fall in the 250-300 lb variety. The a lot more expensive versions are in between 400– 650 lb.


This might be one of the most vital variable for a lot of us as well as the prices differ considerably on the different Complete Fitness center makers.

One of the most inexpensive model can be purchased for under $200, while their industrial grade GTS chooses an asking rate of almost $4000.

A lot of models, nevertheless, are less than $1000.

Total Gym 1100 Total Gym 1400 Total Gym 1600 Total Gym 1900 Total Gym Apex G1 Total Gym Apex G3 Total Gym XTREME Total Gym Apex G5 Total Gym Supreme Total Gym XLS Total Gym Fit Total Gym GTS
Exercises 60+ 60+ 60+ 60+ 60+ 70+ 60+ 80+ 60+ 80+ 85+ 200+
Levels of Resistance 6 8 8 12 6 8 12 10 12 6 12 22
Attachments 2 4 4 6 2 5 6 5 4 3 4 8
Weight Capacity 275 lb 250 lb 250 lb 350 lb 300 lb 300 lb 350 lb 375 lb 275 lb 400 lb 450 lb 650 lb
Price $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $$$ $$$ $$$$ $$$$$

What Do All Total Gyms Have In Common?

Pulley System

Regardless of just how pricey as well as upgraded the design is, they all utilize the very same concept of wheels and body weight to operate. All Overall Gyms have a slide board and an adjustable elevation setting to transform the resistance.

If you can utilize the most economical variation, you can rest assured you can operate the most pricey one.


All of the Overall Health clubs can be folded for storage. You basically have to obtain a few pins and also fold the frame down level. It takes a little getting use to, yet after a time or more you will have the knack.

This is great if room is an issue, because these machines are rather long and occupy a great quantity of flooring space when in use.

No Assembly Required

All of the Total Health Clubs (except the GTS, but that version is truly designed for industrial usage) are ready to use best out of the box. No assembly required. You simply have to establish the gym up by putting a couple of pins and also adjusting the height.

Once more, when you master it, it’s quite very easy. When it doubt, there are some great video clips online demonstrating exactly how to unravel the Total Health club.

Light Weight

With the exception of the GTS, every one of the Complete Gym versions are quite lightweight. This is pretty impressive thinking about just how much weight some of these equipments can hold. All of the Overall Health clubs made for residence use weigh between 50-70 lb.

The industrial quality GTS evaluates about 180 lb.

Provide A Full Body Workout

All variations of the Complete Gym are developed to provide a complete body workout. They all permit you to do strengthening workouts for your arms, legs, as well as core. That stated, the Overall Fitness center is not developed to get you “jacked”.

This type of exercise is wonderful for enhancing and toning, yet you really shouldn’t anticipate to bulk up a whole lot while working out on an Overall Health club.

Final Thoughts

I wish the above evaluation and comparisons were valuable. I understand this listing isn’t totally comprehensive. There are a couple of models out there they might not have made it on this listing.

You will also see different packages and plans around with various mixes of accessories as well as functions.

That said, these are one of the most typical Overall Health clubs you will see to buy. These versions are a great representation of what Total amount Health club has to supply at all the different rate factors and these are one of the most prominent among customers.

Every one of these gyms can use a fantastic, overall body exercise. When contrasting models, remember what is crucial for you. Resistance degrees? Add-ons? Weight capacity? Price is essential for everybody.

I like that Total Health club has many different designs available in all rate arrays.

Even the 1100 (which is under $200) can offer you an excellent exercise.

If I had the space for a Complete Fitness center now, I would be stuck between the XLS and the 1900. I would probably select the XLS for the added toughness and also smooth procedure.

If I truly had the cash I would certainly go for the Fit, however I’m unsure the added resistance levels truly necessitate a double in rate.

If you have any inquiries or worries, I would certainly enjoy to learn through you. Leave a remark listed below as well as I’ll get right back to ya.

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