XTERRA Fitness’s ERG700 is a combo rowing machine, implying that is makes use of both magnetic and air resistance systems to fuel your workouts.

The result is a rower that makes the most of the advantages of each, while at the same time negating the disadvantages each system brings to the table.

The ERG700 has a lot of other attributes to be proud of too however, like its 20 ″ seat elevation, 16 resistance levels, and also the very easy to check out console with 10 built-in exercises.

And also with a prices at around $1000, it’s priced efficiently to move.

Generally, I such as XTERRA as a brand and I think their ERG700 is a rather winner for folks looking for a high quality rower that will not completely damage the budget.

However if you’re looking for a little more detail, maintain reading- in this review I’ll discuss every little thing the ERG700 has to provide.

After analysis, you’ll know every little thing you require to in order to make a decision whether or not this is the ideal rower for your residence gym.

XTERRA is a health and fitness brand name that concentrates on spending plan pleasant equipment. They remind me a lot of Sunny Wellness & Health and fitness, another budget plan brand name, who does an excellent work of providing economical tools that really works.

That said, I believe XTERRA devices is a little higher-end.

XTERRA additionally backs their equipment up with excellent warranties, something Sunny doesn’t always do.

Like Sunny, XTERRA has a big schedule of equipment to select from. They focus on cardio machines, so you’ll locate a great option of bikes, ellipticals, treadmills, and rowers to select from.

XTERRA additionally offers an affordable seated stepper (the RSX1500) that’s preferred for individuals looking for a reduced influence exercise.

When it comes to rowers, they’ve got a great deal to pick from: last time I inspected I think they had 7 various versions to select from.

The ERG700 is one of their highest-end models to day and the only combination magnetic/air rower they supply.


  • 10 built-in workout programs
  • Heart rate monitor compatible
  • Easy assembly
  • Great warranty
  • Dual resistance system (magnetic/air)
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Folding frame
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • 20″ seat height
  • 5.5″ LCD console


  • No air damper
  • Heart rate monitor not included


When speaking rowing machines, it’s most convenient to identify them based on the type of resistance system they use. Historically, residence rowers can be found in 4 varieties: hydraulic, magnetic, air, and water.

This category system still works quite well, and now we have a great deal of rowers like the ERG700 which are combo makers, which use both magnetic and also air systems.

There’s also brand-new, advanced resistance systems like that discovered on the Hydrow which makes use of a magnetic system, however one that’s regulated to react more like an air or water supply.

Each kind of rower has it’s benefits and also disadvantages and also the type of rower that’s ideal for you really depends on what you’re searching for (in addition to your budget plan).

( For more info about rowing equipments in general, look into my complete rowing maker overview).

The combo rowers appear to be growing in appeal due to the fact that we’re seeing a lot of them on the market.

As well as it makes sense when you think of exactly how these makers function.

Rowers like the ERG700 usage both magnetic and air resistance systems- I feel like I maintain saying that, well, currently I’m gon na speak about what that really implies.

One of the wonderful things about magnetic rowers is that you obtain a constant resistance despite just how tough or quick you pull. You set your resistance degree as well as off ya go.

This is different than an air rower, where the resistance you feel is straight pertaining to exactly how fast you row- draw more difficult and also you really feel a lot more resistance, slower and also much less.

An air rower (like a water rower) appears like actual rowing much more carefully, but it does not allow you to row slowly versus high resistance.

As well as magnetic rowers allow you to establish your resistance independently of your rowing rate, yet you have to maintain readjusting the resistance degree to raise intensity.

Well, combo rowers like the ERG700 are the best of both globes.

With the ERG700, you establish your baseline resistance degree (it features 16 degrees to select from)- when rowing at slower rates, you will constantly have at least this much resistance.

But as you begin rowing faster, the air fan kicks in and also supplies added resistance to draw versus.

With these combo rowers, I have actually constantly thought that it’s the magnetic system that offers the majority of the resistance and that the follower just supplements a little on top of that.

Which indicates combo makers like the ERG700 will certainly be a little quieter than traditional air rowers.

On the whole, the ERG700 has a wonderful resistance system that can give a large range of strength degrees to challenge both beginner and skilled rowers alike.

Individuals concur this maker supplies smooth activity that is surprisingly quiet.


Among the most unsatisfactory features of budget plan fitness devices is just how lightweight as well as flimsy they tend to be- you muffle one of these machines and you’re not entirely sure you aren’t gon na wind up on the flooring prior to the workout is through.

It can be hard to recognize a light weight from a hefty weight machine without taking it for a test spin, yet one of the very best methods to tell without trying it is by checking out the weight ability.

Machines with low weight limitations are mosting likely to be lighter weight as well as feel less steady throughout use.

Personally, I like to see at least a 300 lb limitation on any kind of physical fitness maker I’m taking into consideration (although I consider significantly less than that) since I know that suggests it should be structurally sound.

Keeping that in mind, the ERG700 can be found in with a weight limit of 350 pound.

This is great for any type of house rower, specifically one in this price array. It also implies the ERG700 is capable of holding bigger users safely.

High ones also for that issue- according to XTERRA, the ERG700 can easily fit folks who depend on 6′ 4 ″ tall (any taller as well as there’s no assurance you’ll have the ability to prolong fully).

And even though this rower is capable of holding big and high folks securely, it’s still easy to move around with a set up weight of just 76 lb.

The rail can additionally fold up and down for very easy storage space.

Generally, the ERG700 scores extremely in the structure department. I like that it features such a high weight limit and also can still fold easily for storage space and transportation.

Seat & Handles

There typically isn’t that much to discuss when it concerns the seat and also handles of a home rower- honestly, most of these equipments are pretty common when it pertains to this things.

There are a few things I want to explain on the ERG700 though.

Rowing makers generally get a bad rap when it comes to comfort- the seats are usually small and also firm and also somehow rowers are generally very low to the ground, making them tough to accessibility for some.

Well, the seat on the ERG700 shows up rather common to me, but users have actually mentioned how comfy they discovered the supported seat to be.

What’s even more notable nonetheless, is that the seat on the ERG700 is significantly higher off the ground than a lot of.

With a seat hight of 20 ″, the ERG700 is sitting a great 6 ″ more than a lot of (with traditional rowers being 14 ″ or so off the ground).

This is fantastic for folks who could have a tough time taking a seat and also rising off of reduced rowing machines.

The takes care of are padded and also contoured, making them pretty comfy to hang on to during use. This rower uses a belt drive (as opposed to a chain), which lowers the noise level.

The pedals are large and also included flexible bands (although there have been problems from users that they aren’t that very easy to readjust).

The pedals move a little with ya as you paddle- this is intended to maintain your ankle joints in a more comfy position throughout your rowing movement.

On the whole, the star of the show in this category is the raised seat setting, which is fairly good for individuals with flexibility concerns.


A lot of rowing makers feature rather simple gaming consoles that don’t have that much to supply. This is transforming fast though, with technology and the streaming trend certainly.

The console on the ERG700 isn’t elegant or anything, but it’s big enough and also vibrantly lit to see plainly during your workouts.

Mentioning which, this console features 10 integrated workouts to pick from. Which is pretty good for a rowing device.

These exercises include guidebook, a couple of different period alternatives, a couple of goal oriented choices, and also a plot to maintain things even more interesting.

The console shows all the essential metrics you ‘d get out of a rower, including time, pace, range, heart rate, calories, and watt output.

The console on this rower is breast strap heart price screen compatible, although one isn’t included.

On the whole, the console on the ERG700 is relatively progressed. I such as that it includes several workouts to select from which it’s heart rate monitor compatible.


It does not take much to put the ERG700 with each other. That’s most definitely among the good features of rowing equipments- really minimal assembly.

There’s only a few steps to get this rower unpacked and also running.

You’ll be accountable for attaching the front and rear stabilizers, connecting the rail, and then affixing the seat and also pedals- that’s it.

The assembly handbook is simple to adhere to and the procedure itself is a breeze.

The majority of customers report they had the ability to put together in 30 minutes or so and also I think it (there’s only 4 steps).

Generally, setting up shouldn’t be a concern with the ERG700. Most individuals should be able to assemble this themselves without needing to stress over specialist aid.


The XTERRA Fitness ERG700 Rower includes the following residential service warranty:

  • Life time frame
  • 5 year parts
  • 1 year labor

If you ask me, this is a great service warranty for this rower.

You can not defeat a life time warranty on the structure and 5 years on components for a rower in this price array is great. A year on labor is sector criterion.

On the whole, the service warranty division is an area where XTERRA shines as well as the assurance on this rower is no exemption.

Final Thoughts

Well, that regarding does it for the ERG700.

Truthfully, I do not have that much to complain about here- I assume this rowing maker has a whole lot to use. The dual resistance system is terrific due to the fact that you can establish your standard yet still get even more strength with faster rates.

And I enjoy the truth that the seat rests half a foot more than the majority of basic rowers.

Also the console ratings extremely with a good choice of integrated workouts to pick from as well as being heart rate monitor friendly.

It would certainly be nice if there was a damper to let you adjust the air inflow, but that’s actually just me quibbling.

In general, I assume the XTERRA ERG700 is a really wonderful residence rower for the price (and you can not defeat that guarantee). Suggested.

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