The Hydrow was the initial rower to provide live streaming and on-demand exercises using a huge, built-in HD touchscreen keep an eye on. Other companies (initial Peloton, but many now) have actually used the same principle to rotate cycles, treadmills, as well as also residence gyms.

It makes sense that a company would at some point apply this concept to rowing (and I’m a little surprised Peloton hasn’t come out with one yet).

But looking at the Hydrow (terrific name incidentally), I don’t get the impression they hurried right into getting this point on the marketplace.

I imply it’s classy, hi-tech, and filled with commercial grade parts.

In other words- it genuinely is the Peloton of rowing.

But, much like Peloton, it comes with a significant cost. My objective for this testimonial is to help you choose whether the Hydrow is actually worth investing in.

Off we go.


The age of on-demand exercises is among us.

This is good news for folks wanting to get the experience of a shop health club from the comfort of home. Especially throughout COVID-19, it’s nice not needing to leave home to obtain a fantastic exercise in.

I despise to keep bringing Peloton up, yet it’s just such an obvious comparison. Especially because Hydrow took numerous pages directly out of their playbook.

Which isn’t a negative thing, quite the contrary.

Peloton was a full game changer on the planet of residence physical fitness.

When other companies understood people want to pay monthly subscriptions for streaming home workouts, they quickly complied with collection.

Not all companies supplying streaming tools are equivalent. Some are higher-end and much more extravagant than others.

Hydrow, to the best of my expertise, was the first firm to use the streaming process to a rowing maker. Others, like Echelon and also their Smart Rower, are beginning to adhere to Hydro’s lead though.

Yet similar to Peloton still continues to be (in my point of view) the best streaming cycle, Hydrow is still the most effective streaming rower. It’s high-end as well as glamorous from top to bottom, yet I’m getting a little ahead of myself.


  • 22″ HD touchscreen monitor
  • Access to hundreds of live and on-demand workouts
  • Smooth gliding seat/rail system
  • Easily adjustable foot pedals
  • Easy assembly
  • Good warranty
  • Interactive workouts from home
  • Heavy-duty, single piece frame
  • 375 lb weight capacity
  • Advanced, computer-controlled magnetic resistance system
  • Adjustable drag


  • Vertical storage kit not included


Rowing machines can usually be separated into 4 categories based upon what kind of resistance system they make use of: hydraulic, magnetic, air, or water.

Some magnetic rowers are actually hybrid devices that make use of a combination of magnetic as well as air systems, but this category is normally the most convenient method to think of rowing device resistance.

Each has their benefits as well as negative aspects, however that’s a little outside of the extent for this evaluation (for even more info on this, look into my rowing maker guide).

What’s intriguing concerning the Hydrow is that it appears they have actually developed their very own resistance system.

They define it as a “computer-controlled, electro-magnetic resistance system”. What this seems like to me, is that it’s created to imitate the feel of rowing in water, however online.

I would certainly put this in the magnetic classification we defined above, however unlike conventional magnetic rowers that maintain a constant stress despite how fast your row, rowing the Hydrow due to the fact that less complicated or more challenging based upon your rate.

Just like an air or water rower. Or rowing an actual boat on an actual lake.

In a boat, the faster your row, the more resistance you get from the water. It’s a physics point. Air and also water rowers use follower blades that mimic this feeling, but they make more noise.

The Hydrow integrates the advantages of magnetic as well as air/water rowers by providing us a quiet rower that still adjusts the resistance based upon the rate of our strokes.


Unlike traditional magnetic rowers, there are no “resistance degrees” to adjust throughout your exercises. Instead, you can control the drag using the touchscreen.

This is similar to establishing the drag on an air rower by readjusting the vents.

The Hydrow’s drag settings can be readjusted on a scale from 0-300, although a setup of 104 is recommended as well as considered a good beginning point.

Something to consider- increasing the drag does not always imply you’re getting a better exercise. Rowing at a reduced drag and also higher rate can be considerably extra difficult.

Among the Hydrow instructors puts it similar to this- consider doing bicep curls in the gym: if you’re lifting at a rate of 30 curls/min, you’re mosting likely to require less weight than if you were lifting at 12 curls/min.

I reworded him big time there, however I think the factor stays.

The drag is basically exactly how “hefty” each stroke really feels, however rowing at faster speeds additionally makes the resistance go up. Rowing at slower rates reduces the resistance, making it less complicated.

Generally, the computer-guided resistance system is advanced and one-of-a-kind. Using a magnetic system, it runs quietly and also smoothly and can provide enough resistance to test also the most gifted rowers.


Framework honesty is a vital thing to consider when considering any type of type of health and fitness equipment. No one intends to acquire something that’s mosting likely to feel low-cost as well as lightweight.

And most significantly, we require to make sure the tool is strong enough to hold our body weight securely without failing.

Initially look, the Hydrow looks sophisticated and contemporary in style. Much more importantly, the frame looks thick and also strong. Closer assessment shows that the frame and rail are all a solitary item.

This means the Hydrow can’t fold, yet it’s mosting likely to really feel unfailing during usage.

Extra particularly, this rower is constructed out of high-end steel and aluminum as well as is solid sufficient to hold customers evaluating as much as 375 pound.

For contrast, the majority of home rowers peak with weight capabilities around 300 lb.

Completely constructed, this rower evaluates 145 lb, providing it a durable feeling. You shouldn’t need to stress over any type of unwanted wobbling or trembling during laborious use.

The seat is contoured for convenience and slides smoothly over the rail with its 10-roller system. The takes care of are likewise contoured as well as attached to the flywheel via a high-end, polyester strap.

Straps (or belts) are quiet as well as low maintenance, making them excellent selections for rowing devices.

Although this frame doesn’t fold, it can be kept vertically, however you have to buy the storage kit independently (for $70). Given the cost of this rower, I think Hydrow needs to include this kit with acquisition.

General though, the framework on this rowing device is premium as well as sturdy. It has a massive weight limitation, indicative of frame integrity and also overall toughness.


Most rowing makers come with basic LCD screens as monitors- neither however. Besides, the screen is kind of a big deal when it pertains to streaming exercises.

The Hydrow comes with a 22 ″ HD touchscreen display. It’s basically like having a substantial iPad being in front of you- all options and adjustments are made by touching the sweat/dust resistant display.

Really great.

The display is stunning and also features integrated ahead encountering audio speakers, giving you an extra interactive feel with the teachers. It’s also compatible with bluetooth, wi-fi, and ethernet links.

Speaking of the trainers, they’re all specialist instructors that earn a living providing fun as well as motivating workouts.

To make sure we’re all on the very same page- you need to pay a month-to-month registration to get access to all the online and on-demand exercises (there are hundreds, with brand-new ones being recorded on a daily basis).

There’s actually no navigating the regular monthly fee, which I believe is $38 ($ 456/year). You need to sign up for it to utilize your Hydrow.

That makes feeling, due to the fact that there would not be any type of reason to get this equipment if you weren’t in it for the streaming exercises- that’s the point of the Hydrow.

So, there are numerous workouts you reach choose from, both real-time and also previously recorded on-demand. What I think is really cool is that the workouts are filmed on the water- the trainers are actually rowing on beautiful rivers, just how amazing is that?

You get to see and hear water throughout your exercises. And also by breathtaking, we’re talking quite rivers with sundowns and all that jazz.

There are workouts to fit every experience and health and fitness level around. There’s even a lot of informational info to guarantee novices are rowing correctly to begin with.

Overall, the Hydrow includes an extremely sophisticated monitor. It’s perfect for seeing all the streaming material offered through Hydrow’s streaming service.


Getting the Hydrow unpacked and running is an extremely simple procedure. The individuals behind this rower have actually done an amazing job of making this version easy to assemble.

Thinking about the majority of the rower comes preassembled, there’s very little you have to do.

You basically just need to connect the front legs, affix the monitor, and connect it in. Yeah, it’s that very easy, must only take a couple of minutes.

I’m always a follower when companies think of the small things to make our lives simpler. Hydrow did this by consisting of a cardboard square cutout thingy for us to prop the rower on while attaching the front feet.

This makes it a lot simpler to position the feet and also obtain them bolted appropriately.

Setting up the Hydrow is a simple job, yet considering its considerable weight, still could be an excellent concept to have a 2nd set of hands offered.


The Hydrow includes the following warranty:

  • Framework: 5 years
  • Screen as well as electronics: twelve month
  • Put on items: 12 months
  • Labor: 12 months

I’ve got to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by the charitable guarantee being supplied below. Five years on the frame is respectable for a rower (the impressive Concept2 Version E just offers 5 years on their structure).

A year on electronics and also wear items is also pretty suitable (although when Hydrow initially appeared it used 2 years). FYI- wear things consist of the manage, seat, and band.

12 months on labor is common, as a lot of companies offer year in this division (if they supply any type of labor guarantee in any way that is).

In general, a pretty good warranty on this rowing maker (although it utilized to be a little far better).

Final Thoughts

There’s no question the Hydrow is a wonderful rowing machine. Every element of this rower is designed with both type and also function in mind.

I love that the structure contains a solitary item and that it comes with such a high weight capacity. I’m additionally impressed with the computer controlled magnetic resistance system that incorporates all the advantages of air and also magnetic rowers.

The display is huge and technically sophisticated and this device is even backed by a fantastic guarantee.

So, is the Hydrow amazing?


Yet is it 2 grand remarkable?

That’s a little tougher to answer, because it’s so subjective. Yet, if we check out the compensations, it can provide us a much better suggestion.

Based upon the cost of the Peloton, I would say yes, the price of roughly $2000 is appropriate, considering a 22 ″ HD screen is consisted of.

The closest rower for contrast is most likely NordicTrack’s RW900, which has to do with $500 cheaper, but isn’t rather as high-end and lavish.

The Hydrow is expensive, but it’s also the highest-end, many technologically sophisticated rower on the market (and quickly the very best magnetic rower around).

If that’s what you’re searching for, then this rower is most definitely worth the money. Very advised.