Introducing the TireFlip 180XL, a groundbreaking functional training device that combines the advantages of traditional tire workouts with safety and space efficiency. In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the incredible features, versatility, benefits, and so much more that the TireFlip 180XL brings to your fitness routine. Join us on a journey to discover how this remarkable fitness equipment can revolutionize your workouts.

1. All-In-One Tire Training in a Compact Design

The Patented TireFlip 180XL is designed to provide all the benefits of tire training without the space constraints of a full-sized tire. It’s a versatile, space-saving solution that can be a game-changer for your fitness regimen.

2. Perfect for Advanced Users

With a starting resistance of 160 lbs, the TireFlip 180XL is ideal for those looking for a challenge beyond the basics of tire training. It’s a versatile tool for advanced fitness enthusiasts seeking to level up their workouts.

3. Adjustable Weight Resistance

The innovation doesn’t stop at 160 lbs. The TireFlip 180XL allows you to add up to 80 pounds of additional free weight resistance. This feature extends your training range from 160 to an impressive 240 lbs, making it suitable for users of varying fitness levels.

4. Dual Battle Rope Anchor Points

Take your group training sessions to the next level with the TireFlip 180XL. It includes dual battle rope anchor points, enabling an engaging and intense group workout experience. Whether you’re flipping the tire solo or with friends, this equipment adapts to your needs.

5. User-Friendly Open Frame Design

The new open frame design enhances the user experience. Stepping into the TireFlip 180XL as you flip it feels natural and smooth, mimicking the motion of traditional tire training but with added convenience.

6. Mobility Wheels for Easy Storage

Convenience meets functionality with the mobility wheels. After your workout, effortlessly move the TireFlip 180XL out of the way, ensuring a clutter-free workout space. Saving space and money while maintaining a clean appearance is just the beginning of what this innovative equipment offers.

7. Plate Loading Capability

The TireFlip 180XL features the ability to load up to 80 pounds of additional weight using four sound-reducing bumpers. This versatility lets you customize your workouts to suit your goals and progress at your own pace.

8. Extended Warranty for Peace of Mind

Worried about durability and longevity? The TireFlip 180XL comes with an extended warranty, offering you peace of mind and reassurance that it’s a reliable fitness investment.

9. Two Sets of 10 lb. Weights

As an added bonus, the TireFlip 180XL now includes two sets of 10 lb. weights, allowing you to fine-tune your workout resistance and expand your exercise options.

10. Training Range: 160-240 lbs

With a training range of 160-240 lbs and the option to add more weight, the TireFlip 180XL is your versatile fitness partner for a wide range of exercises, from strength training to cardiovascular workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the starting resistance of the TireFlip 180XL? The TireFlip 180XL offers a starting resistance of 160 lbs, making it suitable for advanced users seeking a challenging workout.

2. Can I add extra weight to the TireFlip 180XL? Yes, you can enhance your workouts by adding up to 80 pounds of extra weight, increasing the training range to 240 lbs.

3. Are there any mobility features for the TireFlip 180XL? Yes, the equipment is equipped with mobility wheels, allowing you to move it easily for storage after your workout.

4. How many sets of 10 lb. weights are included with the TireFlip 180XL? The TireFlip 180XL now comes with two sets of 10 lb. weights, giving you flexibility in your workouts.

5. Does the TireFlip 180XL have any additional anchor points for accessories? Yes, it includes dual battle rope anchor points, enabling group training sessions and various exercise options.


The TireFlip 180XL is not just a fitness device; it’s a transformative fitness experience. With its compact design, adjustable resistance, dual anchor points, mobility wheels, and a comprehensive set of weights, this innovative equipment offers an unbeatable workout solution. Elevate your fitness journey and let the TireFlip 180XL redefine your workouts, turning your space into a dynamic training ground. It’s time to flip the script on your fitness routine with the TireFlip 180XL.

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