Life Expectancy Physical Fitness’ C3-DT3 Under Workdesk Bike is produced for those who want to get some exercise in as they work at their desk. Made like a unicycle, it can conveniently slide under many standing workdesks, allowing you to pedal throughout the day.

In short, it covers all the essentials you ‘d get out of an exercise bike, like a decent flywheel and 16 magnetic resistance degrees to keep you tested.

Yet it’s additionally obtained its fair share of issues when it involves comfort as well as overall ergonomics.

Is the C3-DT3 a smart enhancement to your work area? Is it worth getting?

Well, these are the inquiries we want to help you respond to. In this review, we’ll review everything the C3-DT3 has to offer. After analysis, you must understand whatever you require to in order to make the right decision.

Allow’s obtain the round rolling.

Life expectancy is a physical fitness devices brand name from Utah and is the happy maker of several impressive items like the TR1200i and TR4000i treadmills.

Their TR800 as well as TR1200 treadmill workdesks have likewise gained appeal for their simplicity of use and high quality construction.

Like LifeSpan’s treadmill line, their workdesk bikes can be found in numerous varieties, with some including a desk and others sans desk.

When the C3-DT3 was released in 2013, it quickly piqued the interest of many in the workplace fitness market. It was introduced with a price tag of $999, yet after a number of years, Life-span progressively dropped it to its current rate of $699.

Is it because of low popularity?


User testimonials for this bike are all over the place. Some enjoy with it, equally as numerous aren’t. In order to provide as a purpose a deem feasible, we’re mosting likely to try and concentrate on the specifications and also features this bike needs to use.


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Compact size
  • 2 front-mounted wheels
  • Great warranty
  • 18 lb flywheel
  • 16 resistance levels
  • 400 lb max user weight capacity
  • Decent console readouts


  • Could be uncomfortable to use for extended periods
  • Very few features


When checking out any kind of exercise bike, it’s an excellent concept to start with the flywheel (this is the component that rotates as you pedal).

Flywheels are very essential because they’re like the heart of the bike. They store rotational power and also are accountable for the resistance you really feel as you work out.

Flywheels are available in different weights. Heavier is usually considered much better because they have a tendency to provide a smoother feeling during use. Much heavier flywheels are typically able to supply more overall resistance too.

Spin bikes have the heaviest flywheels (some go as huge as 60 lb!) because they’re perfect for high-intensity tasks, in addition to resembling the feel of exterior bikes.

Workdesk bikes, like the C3-DT3, are designed for use while you work. Given that you possibly would not have the ability to get any kind of job done while doing extreme HIIT style exercises at your workdesk, these bikes include lighter flywheels.

So, you’ll likely see their flywheels in the 10 to 20 pound array.

The C3-DT3 has an 18 pound flywheel as well as operates a magnetic resistance system which is smooth and peaceful during use.

Quiet operation is suitable, particularly on a common office. The last point you ‘d want to take place is to disrupt your coworkers.

Normally, magnetic resistance provides an extra constant resistance. It’s durable as well as needs little to no upkeep in any way (which is a plus for lasting investments).

The C3-DT3 also provides 16 resistance levels for you to delight in, giving you a reasonable quantity of option when it pertains to the intensity of your exercises.

Certainly we have to bear in mind that the objective is to pedal while working, so many people will likely have the resistance lower than they would if they work exercising on a normal bike.

Directly, I see the resistance degrees as a nice add-on for exercise variety. You can try biking at higher strengths throughout your break time if multi-tasking seems difficult.

Overall, the C3-DT3 operates efficiently and silently with 16 resistance degrees and also must be enough to keep your legs hectic while at your desk.


The C3-DT3 is fashioned with a cushioned seat that’s height-adjustable from 36.5 ″ to 46.5 ″. At these seat heights, the machine can suit users as high as 6′ 8 ″.

In terms of seat convenience, customers say that the C3-DT3 feels alright initially however goes exceptionally unpleasant after numerous mins or hours of use.

Currently I will not pin this as well difficult on the C3-DT3 as this is a very common problem in many exercise bikes.

Most bike seats are uncomfortable, however a gel overlay can quickly fix this.

Thankfully, the C3-DT3 has several adjustable parts including its saddle. You can conveniently replace it with your recommended seat. A great deal of bike stores or physical fitness shops offer seat extra paddings and things, so you need to quickly discover a substitute if C3-DT3’s supply seat does not match you.

Don’t seem like investing a lot more? Got no time to purchase saddles?

I obtained ‘ya.

My favorite, money-savvy method is to place a folded up towel on top of it. The extra padding needs to make you really feel better and also can assist you exercise a bit much longer.

Speaking of ergonomics, there have been several problems that this desk bike is tough to use while working.

Working at a computer system while cycling can be counterproductive if you can’t do so comfortably. If you find yourself leaning onward or propping yourself up with your arms, it’s mosting likely to make working really hard.

On the whole, the C3-DT3 includes a typical bike seat, which several individuals will likely discover uneasy for prolonged usage. The little seat might also make it challenging to work ergonomically correct.


It can be hard to determine framework stability without getting on a bike and also taking it for an examination spin. Yet inspecting the max weight ability (in addition to equipment weight) can be a great way to get a concept.

One point Life-span is known for is their solid construction. Their C3-DT3 is developed to last as shown by their astonishingly high user weight limitation of 400 lb.

It’s surprisingly durable considering its reduced price (many home exercise bikes at this price factor can just provide 300 pound).

The good thing concerning well-founded structures is that they feel much safer to use. They will not wobble and you’ll really feel comfortable exercising.

The bike is additionally small with dimensions of 27 ″ L x 21 ″ W x 36 ″ to 46.5 ″ H. It wouldn’t occupy that much room, making it a good selection for those with tiny workstations.

It comes with 2 rear-mounted wheels for very easy flexibility also. Keeping and transportation won’t be a concern with the C3-DT3.

Overall, the C3-DT3 has actually a well created framework. Its small size is perfect for workplaces with restricted area and also the transportation wheels make it very easy to move.


If Life expectancy hits a home run when it involves solid mechanical parts, they’re an underachiever in the electronics and software departments.

You shouldn’t expect elegant bells as well as whistles on their devices. Most of their rivals have actually updated their technologies, so I’m not sure why LifeSpan is a bit obsolete in this wing.

Anyhow, the C3-DT3 has no programs or attributes to actually mention aside from the simple console that reveals your resistance level, workout time, distance, calories, and rate.

The console is made to be placed on top of your desk so you can conveniently see your metrics as you work.

It comes with a Bluetooth transceiver to sync your information. However as I underwent some user testimonials, some folks say that they had a hard time connecting the equipment to their apps to the point that they prefer to not use it.

On the whole, there’s nothing much happening with the C3-DT3 in regards to features. Simply the console pointed out over.

But I do not think you need several functions anyhow considering that they can possibly maintain your focus far from your desk. Easier seems far better for under desk physical fitness machines.


LifeSpan takes all the problems away when constructing your workdesk cycle. The company will give you with a complete handbook, in addition to its parts as well as devices.

The detailed assembly overview appears really handy. They give both composed and aesthetic instructions. The bike comes primarily pre-assembled, so you only need to attach the stabilizers, pedals, as well as seat.

The item weighs 94 pound which is kinda heavy. I recommend having someone to help you if you have any kind of physical concerns that can make the procedure hard.

A lot of people had the ability to assemble their C3-DT3 in under a hr.


Life expectancy Physical fitness backs their C3-DT3 Under Desk Bike with the adhering to service warranty:

  • Structure: Lifetime
  • Parts: 2 Years
  • Labor: 1 Year

Having a lifetime service warranty for a roughly $700 device is quite amazing.

It’s unusual to see lifetime warranties amongst units priced under $1000. Heck, some costlier offers don’t included long-lasting guarantees. Their parts and also labor are rather good additionally.

Life expectancy Fitness has an outstanding credibility for great guarantees, so they’re a good selection of brand if guarantee offerings are a huge aspect for you.

Final Thoughts

The Life-span C3-DT3 is an easy bike developed to be paired with a standing workdesk. In terms of building and efficiency specifications, this bike scores extremely.

It features a fairly heavy flywheel for a workdesk bike as well as with 16 resistance levels at your disposal you’ll have the ability to fine tune your exercise strength to your taste.

It’s also back by an excellent guarantee.

The largest issue right here is that this bike could be uneasy to rest on and work from for expanded periods.

That said, I assume the C3-DT3 can work effectively for shorter durations. If you already have a standing workdesk, this bike would great for those times you intend to sit for a bit, however keep exercising.

On the whole, the C3-DT3 has imperfections in the comfort department, however it is well made. It could make a great alternative to under desk treadmills for the people that do not such as the idea of walking all day.