For at-home employees, there are an increasing number of innovative means these days to help keep you active while obtaining things done. Consider instance, LifeSpan’s Unity Pedal Workdesk which is created as a workstation and also a cycle instructor done in one.

If you’re trying to find a simple, all-in-one desk bike system, the Unity Pedal Workdesk may simply be what you’re searching for.

This affordable tool features whatever you need to set up your very own active workstation from home.

Yet before you make a decision, it’s an excellent idea to do your homework- and that’s where we come in.

In this evaluation, I’ll undergo all the ins and outs of the Unity Pedal Desk so you can figure out whether it’s the ideal setup for your residence.

Allow’s start.

First off, allow me to inform you a little bit concerning its manufacturer, Life-span Health and fitness.

Life-span Physical Fitness is a Utah-based fitness company that has been around because the very early 2000s. They’re understood for being quality-rich yet affordable, making them a great choice for the deal seekers.

LifeSpan has numerous award-winners under their name, with their treadmills amassing most of the interest in the market.

Their bikes, ellipticals, rowers, as well as others are just as good, however Life-span appears to concentrate their marketing on their treadmills more so than on their other items.

The various other great aspects of Life expectancy are their amazing service warranties and client assistance. They use really generous defense assurances for their systems that are above standard than what you would certainly anticipate from their particular rate arrays.

Folks additionally love just how quickly the group responds with inquiries as well as issues.

If you’re into elegant bells and also whistles however, LifeSpan probably isn’t the brand name for you- their equipments are normally rather straightforward when it pertains to the gaming consoles.

But if you’re into high-performing makers that really do their task in keeping you healthy and balanced and active, after that LifeSpan is a safe bet.

Now returning to their Unity Pedal Workdesk. It’s a stationary bicycle as well as a desktop combo, enabling you to conveniently incorporate even more activity right into your work regimen.

It’s priced at roughly $300, making it a really affordable option.

Allow’s see just how the Unity Pedal Workdesk fares:


  • 9″ oversized pedals
  • Forward/backward pedaling
  • 2 front-mounted wheels
  • Easy assembly
  • Very affordable
  • Decent warranty
  • 11 adjustable seat positions
  • 400 lb max user weight capacity
  • Compact, minimalist desk design
  • Large desk space
  • Storage hooks on both desk edges
  • Self-generating power system
  • Noiseless operation


  • No adjustable resistance level
  • No backrest

Seat/Desk Height Adjustability

When selecting a desk bike, there must be a collection of standards to contrast designs versus each other. In this manner, it’s less complicated to see which devices attract attention from the remainder.

The height adjustability is a good place to start. Your workstation must have a flexible desk and also seat for an adjustable fit.

It’s excellent for your ergonomics, so you will not slouch while riding and also working. If you’re comfortable with your workstation, probabilities are you’ll get more work done too.

The seat/desk elevation adjustability is likewise essential if more than one member of the family will be utilizing the bike.

The majority of these desk bikes can securely fit people in the 5′ 1 ″ to 6′ 2 ″ variety. Keep in mind that despite having an adjustable unit, it still will not be enough for individuals that are significantly taller than the standard.

The Unity Pedal Workdesk includes a contoured seat with a huge surface area which is good for an also and also specific weight distribution.

At a normal seat elevation, it must fit individuals from 4′ 6 ″ to 5′ 10″. However considering that it features 11 adjustable placements, it might suit customers as tall as 6′ 6 ″.

You can sit pleasantly on this workdesk bike and also work proficiently, however points would certainly’ve been definitely better if it comes with back-rest support.

LifeSpan’s Solo Under Workdesk Bike sits with a backrest which appears suitable for the majority of folks, yet it doesn’t included a desk. This is not something you need to frown upon though, as you could quickly move it under your regular desk and also begin biking.

To wrap it up, the Unity Pedal Desk has 11 adjustable seat placements that might make up for its non-adjustable desk elevation. Users seem to agree that this device is relatively comfy to make use of while working.

Desk Size

Desk dimension is another crucial factor to consider. I don’t learn about you, but I choose my workdesk sizable. If it’s as well tiny, it can be quickly confined as well as may provide me a hard time obtaining any kind of actual work done.

Workdesks differ significantly in size, as well as a lot of desk-bike combos have smaller sized desks.

Everyone operates with different products. Several of you may just require a laptop or a computer, while others might require additional space for their ledgers and also other documents.

From there, you can get a suggestion of exactly how huge your desk must be. Some devices have built-in tablet owners that could be available in helpful.

If you require a work space that’s large enough to manage a laptop, some documents, as well as perhaps even a potted plant for looks and also inspiration, the Unity Pedal Desk is a good selection.

It has a measurement of 31.5 ″ W x 23.7 ″ D, which is rather large at this cost point. Customers have nothing but appreciation for its ample workdesk area. You could include all the miscellaneous products for you to function properly.

LifeSpan likewise consists of storage hooks on each side of the desk. This offers you additional storage and also business benefits by allowing you to hang your other needs like bags.

Overall, I like the roomy desk that comes with the Unity Pedal Desk. It can fit most of your work and research products. Having everything you require at your desk is fantastic for a raised focus and efficiency.


Certainly, framework integrity is a crucial spec when considering any type of piece of equipment.

A high quality frame is suitable for your overall safety. When it’s robust, you’re safe remaining on the bike. It won’t totter or walk around as you cycle, which is also crucial for laser-focused performance at the workplace.

There are different methods to evaluate the frame integrity of a machine. The most unbiased ways are to inspect its weight and also customer weight capacity.

The Unity Pedal Workdesk weighs 77 pound, which is rather light-weight when contrasted to high quality, traditional stationary bicycle.

Yet we’re not speaking about a traditional exercise bike right here.

Its framework is solid with an exceptional high quality steel surface. It can safely hold users evaluating approximately 400 pound, which is very outstanding considering the cost array.

It has a compact dimension of 41 ″ L x 31.5 ″ W x 38.5 ″ H. It’s not collapsible, but its 2 front-mounted transport wheels offer wheelchair and storage benefits.

In general, the Unity Pedal Workdesk has a remarkably sturdy framework that ought to make you feel secure and comfortable with every flight. Its small impact makes it a good consideration if your office is space challenged.


In workdesk bikes, you do not anticipate a lot of elegant features. Some might have a basic monitor and also Bluetooth assimilation, yet I don’t assume they’re needed.

The goal is to pedal at reduced strengths for extended periods and also get some work done.

The Unity Pedal Desk runs in a self-generating power system. Definition, you need not connect it in or use batteries to make use of the bike. You can sit on it conveniently as well as start biking anytime.

Take note that desk-bike combos are meant for light usage, so an adjustable resistance isn’t usually an alternative.

The Unity Pedal Workdesk is developed with a non-adjustable eddy present brake system. Its resistance is predetermined to the light universal setup.

It may be difficult to develop a sweat utilizing this device, yet if your purpose is to include a little movement for hrs while at your desk, this is currently adequate.

Pedaling at greater resistance may rob your focus at work also (keep in mind the suggestion is to really obtain some work done while using this tool).

Among the good things about this maker is just how quietly it runs. You can pay attention to your job playlist without the fuss or multitask without troubling others.

The Unity Pedal Workdesk features extra-large 9 ″ pedals for a risk-free and also accurate fit. Its pedals lie at the front, which is incredible for a comfy joint motion. Onward and also in reverse pedaling is sustained.


The Unity Pedal Desk is very easy to construct, particularly since the devices are consisted of.

Expect to receive 2 plans. One is for the bike, and the other is for your workdesk. They come mostly pre-assembled, so all there’s delegated do is to affix some components and locate your most comfy seat elevation.

Most users had the ability to complete the job in under half an hour.


The Unity Pedal Workdesk includes the adhering to warranties:

  • Structure: 3 Years
  • Components: 1 Year

Longer service warranties are undoubtedly much better. Cost is a significant variable for warranties however, with the extra lavish ones having longer warranties.

Workdesk bikes are reasonably low-cost (compared to regular house physical fitness devices) and also should maintain our budgets satisfied. Yet it also indicates that we should expect much shorter guarantees.

3 years for frame as well as 1 year for components are quite charitable taking into consideration how reduced the cost is on this equipment.

Final Thoughts

The Unity Pedal Workdesk is popular for lots of reasons however largely since it features a generous desk area as well as it won’t spend a lot.

It provides you lots of area to hold a desktop computer as well as documents and also its storage hooks on both ends make it a top option for cool freaks like me.

And also while the desk is large, the caveat is that the elevation is non-adjustable. Fortunately, its saddle is as well as should have the ability to comfortably most customers.

The frame on this device is lightweight, however remarkably strong as well as I think the service warranty supplied by Life expectancy is fairly generous given the cost of this maker.

The only real downside I see is that the resistance isn’t flexible- if you desire that attribute you may intend to take a look at their C3-DT5 workdesk bike.

Otherwise, I think the Unity Pedal Desk would certainly be a terrific alternative for individuals seeking to add a little extra activity to their workday. This design is portable and affordable enough to work in many houses.