Sunny Wellness & Fitness’s Phantom (SF-RW5910) is a mid-priced rowing equipment that sounds more like a super hero than a fitness equipment.

But can it do at a degree we ‘d get out of a rower with such an amazing name?

Yeah, practically.

The Phantom is powered by 16 hydro blades as well as a 60 ° angled water tank, offering a resistance that resembles the feeling of rowing an actual watercraft which can challenge even one of the most talented athletes.

It additionally has a solid framework as well as a swivel display to keep you in addition to all your exercise statistics.

The Sunny Wellness & Fitness Phantom Hydro Water Rowing Machine SF-RW5910 (* inserts a remarkable time out to capture my breath *) is presently cost regarding $600, which actually makes it pretty cost effective when it pertains to water rowers.

To cut to the chase: if you remain in the market for a budget-friendly water rower, the Phantom is an excellent choice. But prior to you determine, it is necessary to get all the realities.

And that’s where I are available in.

In this review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Phantom rower.

After analysis, you need to be able to identify if Sunny’s villain-named rower is the right choice for your home gym.

Allow’s begin.

Whoever named this rower is a brilliant.

There’s a wonderful ring to it like it’s suggested to offer you some super-human performance. In fact, just hearing its name instantly sets high assumptions.

Yet saying it aloud can be a real tongue-twister. Additionally, for the sake of my fingers, I’ll just utilize “Phantom” when referring to this hydro maker.

The Phantom is crafted by the famous Sunny Wellness & Fitness (SHF). They focus on developing affordable workout devices, offering a little bit of whatever pertaining to residence fitness.

Most of their items are priced below $500. Their SF-RW1205 rower is possibly the most affordable for under $100.

As for their rower lineups, they have air, magnetic, hydraulic, and water versions. Sunny’s magnetic rowers are called nearly the very same with the whole gang that it can be confusing to recognize which is which.

The trick is to take a look at the version numbers so you can conveniently tell them apart.

Their water rowers have awesome names (as well as are much easier to keep in mind), Obsidian Surge and Phantom. The Obsidian is more budget-friendly at around $400.


  • 2-way adjustable footrests
  • Non-slip, well-cushioned handles
  • Tablet holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • 300 lb user weight capacity
  • 16 hydro blades
  • 60-degree tank angle
  • 7 water levels
  • Compact design
  • Foldable frame
  • Transport wheels
  • Large screen
  • Swiveling monitor
  • 11 pre-set programs


  • Chest strap not included
  • Standard warranties


The tank at the front holds water that provides the resistance for the hydro blades whenever you draw the deal with. Your resistance is the outcome of these hydro blades pushing with the water.

The same is also true with rowing on boats. You get resistance from rowing the oar versus the water. That’s why water rowing makers are the closest you can reach rowing on watercrafts.

The tougher you pull, the extra resistance is created. If you desire a very difficult routine, draw harder and also you’ll obtain even more resistance for your exercises.

Due to this, water rowing equipments provide endless resistance. You can additionally adjust the total resistance by changing the water level in the container.

The Phantom has 7 various water fill levels. First level provides the least resistance and the 7th uses the most. Adding or eliminating the water seems very easy sufficient, yet you clearly require to decide which level fits you for an entire workout.

Thankfully, it’s not that challenging to readjust the water in the container. I ‘d start with a lower level, try it out, and afterwards include even more water as needed.

Individuals of the Phantom are usually quite happy with its smooth as well as fluid efficiency. The experience appears nearly the like rowing on boats, just without needing to go off on lakes.

FYI- water rowers aren’t really that peaceful. Unlike magnetic rowing devices, water rowers create noise as the blades relocate through the water.

You’ll obtain some “swishing” or “sloshing” sounds from the tank, however the majority of people find it instead relaxing to pay attention to (once more, it resembles the feeling of getting on the water).

Yet if you’re fretted about sound levels, a water rower probably isn’t the ideal selection for ya.

In general, the Phantom supplies effective performance with its 7 water levels to antagonize. And being a water rower, the tougher you draw, the more resistance you get, permitting this equipment to maintain newbies, pro professional athletes, as well as also Superman busy.


The Phantom has a smooth, steel framework style. It can securely hold individuals of up to 300 lb.

Greater weight capacities straight associate with the durability of the unit- makes sense, more powerful frames should have the ability to hold larger individuals.

That’s why I always advise thinking about the weight ability when comparing health and fitness machines. All other things equal, I ‘d opt for the design with the larger weight ability.

The Phantom’s 300 lb restriction is pretty typical for this cost variety. It’s high sufficient to hold most customers safely as well as it’s likewise high sufficient to indicate a solid framework.

This rowing machine has the following dimensions: 81.5″ L x 21.25″ W x 39.5″ H.

At just 81.5 ″ long, this device is pretty compact when compared to various other complete size rowers. If you’re bothered with floor space, you might like that the structure can easily fold for storage space after your exercises.

You can additionally relocate this rower fairly quickly with the built-in transportation wheels.

Overall, the Phantom has a solid framework. And also, its space-saving benefits could be a hallelujah to those staying in little apartments or cramped areas.

Seat & Handles

The Phantom’s seat is reasonably comfortable. It’s an extra-large cushioned seat with measurements of 11.5 ″ L x 14 ″ W x 2.5 ″ H, supplying fantastic functional designs to lower tailbone stress.

It’s not also reduced, so lots of people must have the ability to conveniently hop on as well as off the rower without any trouble in all.

The Phantom has a 42 ″ slide rail length and also 40.5 ″ slide rail inseam. These dimensions appropriate for users of up to more or less 6′ 2 ″.

It features large foot pedals that can be adjusted in 2 ways (length and size) so you can locate your excellent fit. The velcro bands likewise ensure your feet stay risk-free and also safe constantly.

The sweat-resistant takes care of are well-cushioned and also are comfortable for your hands.

Overall, the Phantom has great comfort designs, making it pretty comfy to utilize for the majority of customers.


The Phantom has a huge LCD screen. It includes 6 control buttons on either side with clear labels to recognize which function is which.

The screen rotates for your comfort. It also makes its display like workout time, time over 500 m, strokes-per-minute, range in meters, complete strokes, calories burned, and also your pulse price easy to check out.

Keep in mind that the Phantom has 11 onboard programs, allowing you to set your targets for your distance, time paddled, number of strokes, or pulse price. Whenever you hit your objective or allocation, the display beeps to show your success.

If you’re the affordable kind, you’ll like the race program. It sets a target time for a distance you ‘d want to row. This can likewise be a wonderful practice program if you’re into rowing sports.

After completing your workout, you press the “recovery” switch to start the countdown from one minute before showing your heart price prior to as well as after the program. This way, you can rate your health and fitness based on your heart price recovery.

The screen requires 2 x AA batteries to work. You won’t obtain real-time, online exercises using the Phantom’s LCD screen, but there’s a dedicated tablet computer owner for you to comply with Sunny’s exercise video clips or to watch your favorite flick.

There’s additionally a water bottle holder for hassle-free hydration.

On the whole, the Phantom has a huge, user- as well as reader-friendly, rotating monitor to reveal your essential workout stats. Its 11 pre-set programs are great to enliven your regular or offer you that additional press to row more difficult.


Most folks shouldn’t have much trouble putting this rower together. It’s a relatively straightforward procedure, where you’ll have to affix the seat to the frame, add the stabilizers, as well as connect the console.

That stated, the instructions could be a little much better.

There are written guidelines for each action, which is nice, however there’s a whole lot going on for each and every step. And also, the photos are kinda little as well as not the most convenient to comply with.

All necessary tools are included in the bundle.

Generally, I assume most people need to be able to get this rower constructed themselves without paying for professional aid. I ‘d anticipate to invest 30-60 minutes doing the job.


SHF backs their Phantom rowing equipment with the adhering to warranty:

  • Framework: 3 years
  • Components and also components: 180 days

Bright isn’t truly recognized for providing the longest warranties, nevertheless, they focus on spending plan health and fitness equipment. Considering the rate, 3 years on the frame isn’t negative (for contrast’s benefit, the deluxe Hydrow just supplies 5 years on the frame).

It would certainly be nice to see a minimum of a year on parts, yet again, we’re discussing a budget pleasant design here.

On the whole, I’m ok with the assurance on this rower. When compared to a lot more expensive makers, it stands up pretty well.

Final Thoughts

The Phantom is a terrific rowing machine for the cost. It’s sturdy as well as prepared to beat you with its unrestricted resistance capacities. It’s comfortable with a cushioned seat and also adjustable handles and footrests.

There are no fancy additionals with the Phantom, yet it does have a huge, swiveling display for you to track your exercise metrics and also choose from any one of those 11 pre-set programs.

It’s hard to locate a technicality in the Phantom, yet if I were to nitpick, it would be its warranty. What can I say, I’m a fool for longer guarantees.

General though, I assume SHF’s Phantom is a wise option if you’re trying to find an economical water rower. Suggested.