Sunny Wellness & Physical Fitness’ SF-B1709 Magnetic Back Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is a very easy head-turner, both for its distinctive appearance and also because of its long name.

With its streamlined, rear-mounted flywheel layout and Sunny’s budget-friendly prices, it simple to see why this model has ended up being so prominent.

Looks aside, this bike has plenty going for it, including a totally adjustable seat, dual-compatible pedals, and a tiny performance screen for tracking your basic exercise stats.

However unlike many house spin bikes nowadays, the SF-B1709 doesn’t come with a substantial flywheel. Rather, it includes a much lighter one that weighs in just over 7 lb.

Is the SF-B1709 a smart buy at approximately $600?

That’s exactly what this evaluation is going to help you respond to. In this article, we’ll have a look at every little thing this budget spin cycle has to offer. After reading, you should recognize whatever you require to in order to make the best telephone call.

Sunny Wellness & Fitness (SHF) is a prominent name in the home physical fitness world. They’re known for their affordable workout makers, like bikes, treadmills, rowers, and so forth.

They also provide fitness accessories like dumbbells and leaping ropes.

They’re equally understood for their ridiculously lengthy worded names and model numbers that make it hard to determine their bikes from each various other (just playing Sunny, you understand I love you).

SHF is based in Los Angeles, but their products are made in Asia, specifically in China as well as Taiwan. It makes sense of how they are able to market cost effective and quality devices.

SHF is specifically popular for their stationary bicycle. They are among the best in their respective rate classifications, they’ve received awards and also recommendations from lots of users as well as customers.

They currently have around 70 items in their stationary bicycle lineup- discuss variety.

The SF-B1709 Magnetic Back Belt Drive Indoor Biking Bike has a display so you can track your workout metrics, yet it’s not as innovative as other brand names. We’ll enter this later.

It appears like SHF concentrates more on equipment performance than the bells and whistles. Not that I’m grumbling however, as I think this is what ought to matter in any type of fitness equipment.

However this may not draw in hi-tech users, specifically when today’s competition entails modernized gizmos and so forth.

So, returning to SF-B1709. With a list price of below $700, lots of people are eyeing this back installed flywheel version as a possible choice to the prominent Keiser M3i (which is priced at approximately $2000).


  • Multi-grip handlebars
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • 2 front-mounted wheels
  • Decent monitor
  • Water bottle
  • Pedals with SPD cleats
  • 300 lb max user weight capacity
  • Rear mounted flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance
  • 13 resistance levels
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars


  • Can’t track your resistance level
  • Monitor not backlit
  • Short warranty


I wish to begin with the flywheel, as I see it as the most crucial factor in an interior cycle. It directly connects to the overall efficiency top quality of a device.

Flywheels are that huge round disc normally found on the front of a bike. When it comes to the SF-B1709, it’s put on the rear-end, which makes it distinct from its rivals. This is likewise comparable to SHF’s ASUNA 6100, fyi.

It’s an excellent method to inspect the weight of a flywheel and there are usually 2 schools of assumed when it comes to flywheel weights.

The initial and also most usual, is that larger flywheels are much better because they develop extra momentum. This leads to smoother and more consistent feeling throughout your workout.

This is true to a specific level, for stationary bicycle that are made for a hefty flywheel (that is, they’re relying on the weight of the flywheel to build the required momentum, or inertia).

The 2nd school of thought is that lighter flywheels are much better since the flywheel can rotate faster, which is another method of structure that crucial inertia.

I ‘d like to point out that the lighter flywheels will only rotate faster if the bike is created to allow it do so (which is the case for Keiser’s M3i, which additionally makes use of a 7 lb flywheel).

If you’re a proponent of the institution that lighter is much better (or that flywheel weight isn’t all that vital to start with), then you’ll be fine with the SF-B1709’s 7.36 pound flywheel.

One more note on flywheel weight- lighter flywheels are simpler to start and also quit, which is an and also for individuals with throbbing joints. Larger flywheels are a little harder to begin and stop, however tend to resemble the feeling of a real roadway bike a little better.

The SF-B1709 is powered by magnetic resistance, which contributes to the whole smoothness as well as quietness of its operation.

There’s no massaging noise or wear of the pads as the magnets do not touch the flywheel. It keeps maintenance at a minimum while maintaining the noise level down, so you will not disturb folks that are functioning from home or attending their on the internet courses.

It has 13 different degrees of resistance that you can manage with a bar. The majority of customers locate the readily available degrees enough to give them the variant as well as establishing required for their workouts.

Also, your resistance level won’t be presented on the monitor. I find it an issue because there’s no way to inform or replicate the resistance setting. It’s all about intestine instincts when approximating the level.

Generally, the SF-B1709 makes use of a rear installed, light flywheel as well as users seem really pleased with the feeling. It would be nice if the screen showed your resistance level, however with 13 levels to pick from, this bike should be able to challenge most users properly.


The seat is well-padded. Like a lot of exercise bikes, the saddle might be a bit uneasy if you’re new. Yet with regular usage, you’ll master it.

The seat has 4-way adjustability. It can be adjusted backwards and forwards, onward and backwards (fore/aft).

Having these several options can match a large range of different body types and dimensions. You can find your most comfortable fit as well as efficient positioning for your exercises.

The seat modifications can satisfy those with an inseam varying from 28 ″ to 39 ″ (inseam is the size gauging from the top inside upper leg to the sole of the foot).

The SF-B1709 can accommodate individuals between 5′ 0 ″ to 6′ 3 ″. They ought to be able to get a comfy exercise placement where the legs can be a little curved at full expansion.

You can quickly readjust the seat and also handlebars as there are markings on the posts. By doing this, you can rapidly go back to your recommended setup if you’re sharing the bike with other people.

Overall, the SF-B1709 supplies excellent seat functional designs. It can be utilized for every person in the family.


The handlebar is additionally 4-way flexible. It’s covered to enhance grip. Your hands shouldn’t blister or slide throughout your workouts.

It’s multi-grip too, which is terrific. You can enjoy various hand placements, like aero and also drop bars, to cater to numerous riding styles and also obtain one of the most out of your workout.

There are hand pulse sensors outside bars. It’s conveniently situated as well as won’t interfere with your grasps. Yet of course, you require to grip these sensing units or else they won’t work.

Generally, I like that the handlebars are multi-grip and adjustable (some users have grumbled concerning their handlebars being off focused, which definitely calls for sending out the system back).


The SF-B1709 has a steel frame as well as stabilizer bars that do their work well in protecting against any kind of rocking or wobbling at any strength level or rate.

In case you’re exercising on an irregular floor, you can readjust the 4 levelers situated at the end of the stabilizer bars. They aid in bringing equilibrium to your bike, getting rid of any type of small disproportion, and maintain your exercise consistent.

The SF-B1709 can sustain individuals of approximately 300 lb. It’s fine as it’s typical at this rate factor. But higher weight limits are still favored as the equipment would certainly be tougher and also enable larger individuals to utilize it.

Customers of this bike don’t have any kind of concerns with the frame stability. It feels robust and also provides the security as well as stability required to enjoy their exercises.

It’s somewhat larger than many bikes at 53.2 ″ L X 23.6 ″ W X 54.3 ″ H. With regards to relieve of transport, there are 2 huge silicone wheels at the front base. You can quickly move it whenever you’re hosting an event or saving space after exercising.

The SF-B1709 is lighter than various other indoor bikes too. Yet that’s primarily because of its lighter flywheel. It considers 89 lb (still more than two times the weight of a routine roadway bike), as well as it assesses the overall security of this bike.

On the whole, the SF-B1709 has a sturdy building. It’s strong, but it might take a little added space at home with its bigger dimension.


The SF-B1709 comes with dual pedals with toe cages on one side and SPD clip-in on the various other.

This sustains customers using any sort of footwear. You can likewise progress from athletic shoes to expert footwear (with SPD cleats) without needing to buy as well as fit pedals.

Clip-in shoes are useful as you get a far better link to the bike. You can cycle better, particularly when pedaling at faster cadences.

If you’re a lot more comfortable making use of various other pedals, you can transform them as they feature a standard bike fit. However I don’t believe you’ll come down to it.

Most people like the pedals of the SF-B1709, and also I believe it makes you comfy getting the cardio exercise you require.


This bike has a console located at the front of the handlebars. It’s a basic screen as well as it’s not backlit. It shows calories, speed, time, distance, cadence (RPM), and pulse rate.

It’s convenient to see in great light, yet it might be a battle taking a look at the statistics when the light is dark.

There are switches for you to set your targets for time, calories, and distance. You can likewise select which values you would certainly intend to present. Eliminating the batteries removes the metrics (except overall range).

Sadly, you can not recalibrate the metrics. Many folks assume that it’s not precisely measuring your exercise stats. But what seems a real bummer is how Sunny does not take resistance right into account.

I like that it features a heart rate screen (the pulse hold sensors at the handlebars). Yet I would certainly still favor an upper body heart price band or an armband.

Pulse sensors do not always give exact dimensions. Some aspects can enter into play, like as well dry or too wet hands or not grasping the sensors hard sufficient.

There’s a water bottle holder, which seems typical for every bike.


Many people locate constructing this bike to be quite very easy.

The SF-B1709 is mostly put together prior to it reaches you. There are guidelines and tools included to include the remaining components and also devices, like the seat, handlebars, pedals, message, as well as console.

The guidelines include an exploded representation as well as parts checklist. People say that the overview is also tiny for the nude eye, that you have to squint or make use of a magnifying glass to see the representations.

As well as I concur, SHF might do a far better work with their pictures, there’s a whole lot taking place for each action. However the procedure itself is quite uncomplicated, fortunately.

I would certainly expect to invest 30-45 minutes getting this bike unpacked and all set to ride.


SHF backs the SF-B1709 with the adhering to guarantee:

  • 3 year framework
  • 180 day parts

SHF isn’t recognized for their lengthy warranties, truly rather the opposite. That said, 3 years on the framework right here isn’t horrible given the price array (and thinking about bikes like Peloton are only offering 5 years).

I want to see a minimum of 1 year on parts however, 180 days is pretty weak.

Generally, not the most awful guarantee I have actually ever seen, however certainly area for enhancement.

Final Thoughts

I assume SHF is currently among the very best suppliers of budget plan friendly stationary bicycles around. They offer a ton of economical alternatives and their bikes can be found in all sizes and shapes.

Their SF-B1709 is a fantastic example of what an inexpensive rear installed flywheel spin cycle should appear like.

If you’re looking for an extra economical version of the Keiser M3i, this bike could just be what you’re trying to find. The light flywheel gives a smooth, comfortable feel and the fully flexible seat/handlebars make it really adjustable.

The most significant disadvantage I see is that the monitor does not display the resistance, but I don’t think that’s a deal breaker.

On the whole, I believe the SF-B1709 is a nice bike with a great deal to supply at this price factor. Suggested.