The ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Commercial Indoor Cycling Fitness instructor is just one of Sunny Wellness & Fitness’s business quality spin bikes. And also yes, this is the same Sunny all of us know and also like for their premium, budget friendly physical fitness equipment.

At simply over $1000, the ASUNA 6100 comes under that mid-range rate factor, where it’s much more expensive than the spending plan cycles, but still not as luxuriously valued as the highest-end options.

However it is most definitely one of Sunny’s most pricey devices, no doubt about that.

For the price, the 6100 has a whole lot going for it. This bike features a heavy, 37 lb flywheel, a micro-adjustable magnetic resistance system, and completely flexible handlebars and seat.

That’s all great and good, but the genuine concern is whether or not it deserves purchasing- which’s what this evaluation is below to assist you address.

In this short article, we’ll take a close check out every little thing the ASUNA 6100 does and also doesn’t have going for it. After analysis, you’ll understand everything you require to in order to make the best phone call.

Before entering into the meat of the matter, allow’s have a quick history check of the ASUNA 6100’s maker.

Sunny Health And Wellness & Health And Fitness (SHF) is among the extra prominent names in the health and fitness industry. They have actually been creating and also dispersing high quality, yet budget friendly machines for over 15 years.

Their items are made in Taiwan and also China, allowing them to market their goods at even more comfy rates.

Sunny has virtually whatever you require to construct a commercial health club or a house fitness center. Treadmills, rowers, bikes, ellipticals– you name it, they have it. They also offer various other workout devices like dumbbells.

Budget-friendly machines are their specialty. The majority of us would be reluctant to acquire inexpensive health and fitness devices because, well, speaking truthfully, they’re typically junk.

However you can normally expect a little much more from SHF.

As a matter of fact, their SF-B1001 spin bike has made it to our checklist of the most effective stationary bicycle under $200. Well, their items are always on the “best of” listings for the budget-price varieties.

Their ASUNA collection is their take on commercial grade equipment. They have a handful of spin bikes and also treadmills in their ASUNA schedule, which are supposed to be their highest-end collection of devices.

The 6100 includes a full list price of just over $1000, which is a little bit costly for a home spin cycle (though still a great deal less than bikes like the Peloton).

Whether or not it’s much better to pay a little much less for a budget bike or to conserve up a little extra for a nicer equipment is a tough phone call. In this testimonial we’ll attempt to help ya address it, but first let’s be familiar with this bike.


  • Large monitor display
  • Tablet holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • Wireless heart receiver (chest strap included)
  • Pedals with SPD cleats
  • 350 lb max user weight capacity
  • 37 lb flywheel
  • Micro-adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Bi-directional pedaling system
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Multi-grip handlebars


  • No way to track resistance setting
  • Standard warranty


In exercise bikes, the top quality of your workout will rely on the resistance you’re getting as you pedal. Certainly, greater resistance yields much better performance and even more calorie-torching tasks.

Resistance is attained by spinning the flywheel (that huge round disc behind this bike) as you pedal. That’s why I such as to prioritize the flywheel as I review stationary bicycle as they dictate whether you’ll get a good workout to accomplish your health and fitness goals or not.

Flywheels are available in various weights. The much heavier the far better for a smoother and also much more fluid procedure. For residence use, a flywheel of 20 pound is generally adequate to provide you an enjoyable workout.

The 6100 features a 37 lb strong flywheel, which is larger than a lot of the competition.

Heavy flywheels likewise assist in keeping a machine extra stable (that regardless of exactly how crazy you pedal, it stays still).

It’s a spin bike besides, so it’s meant for higher strength cardio exercises. With a flywheel this heavy, you shouldn’t have any type of problems in the level of smoothness division either.

It’s bi-directional, indicating it permits reverse pedaling. And also considering that the flywheel is located on the back, you will not stress over sweat dripping onto that flywheel, unlike in front-mounted flywheel makers.

In addition to its hefty flywheel, the 6100 has a micro-adjustable magnetic resistance system.

Micro-adjustable systems are excellent- each time you turn the resistance dial, you get essentially resistance based on just how much you turn it.

The issue with the ASUNA 6100 is that it doesn’t have any way of telling you which level you’re on, that makes it difficult to duplicate exercise intensities.

There’s a screen on this bike, however the screen doesn’t display a resistance setup (which I personally assume is this bike’s most significant flaw).

For a bike in this price array, I ‘d anticipate the screen to present the resistance degree, especially if you’re going the extra initiative to consist of the awesome micro-adjustable system.

FYI- there are a number of similar spin cycles out there that do simply this, making them excellent Peloton alternatives.

On the plus side, this bike is powered by a sturdy belt that’s immune to stretching. Contrary to a chain drive, a belt drive doesn’t need lubrication and also it earns less sound.

Individuals who have actually attempted the 6100 are satisfied with its performance. It’s durable as well as challenging. It offers fast, simple, as well as dependable modifications to the resistance degree. It runs likewise to riding outdoors.

Overall, I such as that the 6100 has a hefty flywheel and operates quietly and also smoothly with the belt drive. I simply want they had consisted of a means to track what resistance you get on.

Seat and Handlebars

I wish to worry the significance of comfort designs in workout devices. When you have the correct seating adjustment or position, you can have a more comfortable trip without risking drops or injuries later.

As I’ve claimed earlier, the 6100 has great comfort designs to make you incredibly comfortable with every flight. In fact, it has a better seat and also handlebars than other bikes in the higher-end tier.

The saddle has a typical size of 6.5 ″ wide and also 10.5 ″ long. Its rear component incorporates approx. 2.5 ″ of foam cushioning to enhance convenience. It has a longitudinal groove for enhanced air movement.

It has met the essentials of an ergonomic seat. Yet like any other bike saddles, it’s not actually as comfy and also plushy as being in sofas. If you’re new to spinning, do not stress, you’ll obtain used to it after a number of uses.

However, the seats as well as handlebars are 4-way adjustable. I like the convenience of the 6100’s seat and also handlebars. You can relocate backwards and forwards along with flat (fore/ aft).

For its saddle, the upright article can be gotten used to 22 different positions, with the range between them being approx. 1/2 ″. The horizontal slider also provides several inches of front to back modification.

Therefore, the 6100 can fit users with an inseam in between 28 ″ and also 42 ″.

The handlebar has an upright message with 15 adjustment settings. The horizontal slider uses a number of inches of fore-aft changes also.

It’s multi-grip. It’s best for aero, cross, bull-horn, drop-down, and a lot more. It’s covered with rubber foam for better grasp, sweat absorption, and basic hand convenience.

Several customers like how the 6100 features a dropped take care of. It permits them to exercise in the racing back horizontal position. They locate this spinning placement a lot more comfy.

Both seat as well as handlebar messages are constructed from high-grade aluminum. Compared to steel posts, these are more powerful and lighter. Thus, readjusting them ought to be a breeze.

Generally, the 6100 has good comfort designs so you can discover your ideal fit. Brief and high members of your family members can cycle naturally as well as pleasantly with the 6100. It’s extremely hassle-free and prevents stressing your muscle mass when exercising for extended periods of time.


The 6100 has a commercial-grade frame including a heavy-duty construction. It features a remarkable weight capacity of 350 pound.

A lot of components are made from steel tubing. The seat and also handlebar messages are from high-grade light weight aluminum. Only the belt and also crank covers are made in plastic.

It has the flywheel in the back that uses outstanding stability. Together with the rubberized stabilizers on its base, the 6100 will not totter or shake also throughout intense sprinting (which’s backed by a lot of individuals).

The rear flywheel design makes it a low-maintenance device, as you won’t have to maintain the drive device without sweat.

There’s additionally a metal guard around the flywheel. It keeps kids risk-free whenever they really feel incredibly curious about the spinning wheel.

With the frame totally assembled, the 6100 actions 58.5 ″ L X 22 ″ W X 53.5 ″ H. It’s fairly larger than various other bikes. I ‘d suggest you maintain a clearance of at least 2 feet around the unit, so you can execute any one of your sprinting regimens securely.

The 6100 is likewise heavy at 105 pound. But moving the device from one area to one more is simple as a result of its 2 large silicone wheels.

On the whole, the 6100 has a resilient, rust-resistant coating structure. It’s rock-solid and can conveniently sustain you even when you’re running like crazy.


Screen: All Warm spin bikes do not have a display, besides the 6100. It’s not back-lit as well as certainly not as fancy as those hi-tech units. However the display does its work well by presenting your vital workout statistics like time, rate, range, calories burned, RMP/Cadence, pulse, and check.

Wireless pulse receiver: The 6100 is telemetric, indicating it can review and also retrieve your heart rate wirelessly. This innovation is really practical compared to other units that use only grip pulse surveillance (where you need to grip the sensors found on the manages for it to review your heart price).

The Physical fitness Trackers in this bike can give precise progression of your strokes, heart price, and also pulse healing. A chest strap is likewise included (ANT+). It gets used to any type of chest size and also fits to put on.

Pedals: This bike has one of the most effective Q-Factors on the market. In case you’re asking yourself, the Q-Factor is the distance in between the pedals. Less gap/distance between the pedals is ideal to give far better knee, hip, and also foot alignment for customers.

The 6100 has a 176 mm Q-Factor and also is biomechanically correct.

The pedals are dual-sided with SPD cleats. This implies you can individualize it according to exactly how you intend to bike. You can exercise with regular footwear or appropriate biking footwear.

The foot cage is additionally wonderful to provide you an optimum degree of comfort and protection. It stops slippage and also improves your performance.

Tablet computer holder: It’s positioned behind and also above the health and fitness meter, which was a good idea since it won’t obstruct the view of your progress metrics. It’s big sufficient to fit magazines, tablets, phones, as well as other tools to maintain you delighted at every ride.

Water bottle holder: The compartment lies in the handlebar assembly. It’s large enough to fit most sorts of hydration containers.


The majority of parts of the 6100 come pre-assembled, like the text, flywheel, resistance components, and the seat (a nice touch). You simply need to connect the handlebar post, console, tablet owner, pedals, and also base bars.

Everything you need is included in the package. There’s a guidebook that supplies clear setting up instructions as well as schematics and also the photos are really big enough to see clearly.

The setting up should take more or less around thirty minutes. Since the 6100 is quite heavy, it’s suitable to ask someone to help you, especially during the unpacking and assembling some components.


The SHF ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Commercial Indoor Biking Instructor features the adhering to guarantee:

  • 5 year frame
  • 180 days parts

Bright isn’t known for being the most effective warranty suppliers in the market as well as their ASUNA 6100 is no exemption. Although to be fair, Peloton only uses 5 years on their framework and it costs over 2x as much.

I’m in fact alright with the frame guarantee, yet 6 months on parts is quite short. For a bike that’s including a $1000 price, I would certainly anticipate at least a year on parts.

On the whole, this warranty isn’t unpleasant, but maybe better.

Final Thoughts

Is it me, or do SHF products come with the most awful names? I imply seriously, keying the name of this bike hurts.

Jokes aside, Sunny’s ASUNA 6100 is a great cycle with a lot to use. It’s durable with a durable frame and large flywheel as well as it’s completely flexible almost everywhere it must be.

I also like that they place the flywheel in the rear of the frame- it looks cool as well as does function perfectly to keep the flywheel cleaner throughout workouts.

My only genuine trouble is that you can’t track the resistance setup, which is mosting likely to be an issue if you plan on streaming exercises (which is increasingly preferred nowadays).

I know a great deal of timeless spin bikes don’t allow you track the resistance, but with technology currently and for this cost, why not?

If you want a micro-adjustable magnetic resistance system that CANISTER track your resistance settings, I ‘d advise checking out Schwinn’s IC4 or Bowflex’s C6– both of which come with dumbbells as well as a better warranty.

On the whole, I like SHF and I believe the ASUNA 6100 is a great spin bike, but for the price, I do think there are much better choices.