If you’re trying to find an affordable, comfortable to wear heavy vest, Zelus is a brand you may wish to learn more about.

The affordable brand name uses a number of vest weights to pick from, ranging from 4– 20 lb, making them a wise choice no matter your physical fitness needs.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on their 12 lb heavy vest lately and also I’ve been trying it out for dimension to see exactly how it stands up.

Long-story-short: I’m impressed.

For the longer story, you’ll have to keep reading.

In this testimonial, I’ll discuss every little thing you need to learn about Zelus’s weighted vests. After analysis, you ought to recognize whether this is the best vest to contribute to your residence health and fitness arsenal.

Disclosure: The great people at Zelus were kind adequate to send me a 12 lb vest to try for this review. I wasn’t compensated in differently and also this review is based entirely on my very first hand experience with this product.

Zelus Physical fitness is an up and also coming home fitness brand name that offers an interesting selection of strength and conditioning equipment to select from.

The lineup consists of tiny, foldable treadmills, fight ropes, balance sphere trainers, along with ballet as well as gymnastic bars for youngsters. They have their own remote controlled, complete body resonance platform for those wanting to put a fresh twist on their routine.

And naturally heavy vests.

Their heavy vests come in various dimensions, based upon how hefty they are. Presently, they supply vests in the complying with weights: 4 pound, 6 lb, 8 pound, 12 lb, 16 lb, and also 20 pound.


  • Detachable pockets for storage
  • Adjustable straps
  • Reflective strips in front and back
  • Great price
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Available in many different weights
  • Filled with chemical-free iron pellets
  • Elastic edges move with you


  • Minimal warranty
  • Might not be heavy enough for advanced users


Weighted vests are quite straightforward tools in style. Generally talking, they can be found in 2 varieties: adjustable and also repaired. Adjustable vests permit you change just how heavy the vest is (by adding or removing weights) and dealt with vests do not.

Both selections have their benefits as well as disadvantages. The sort of vest you must opt for ultimately depends on your fitness degree and also objectives.

If you’re looking for a larger vest, you’ll probably wind up with an adjustable one- these often tend to have the capability to hold more total weight.

If you’re looking for an extra comfy vest, you’ll most likely intend to go with a taken care of weight vest- these often tend to be extra comfortable because the weight is balanced and also spaced out proportionally throughout the garment.

Zelus vests are of the dealt with variety.

My impression of the 12 lb vest they sent me was how flashy and streamlined it looked. I like the grey as well as black color pattern and also, not that it matters, I such as that it looks great with the remainder of my exercise equipment.

Of course, given that I workout from residence, no person other than my household ever before sees me in my workout gear (and also they’re typically resting when I work out).

However hey, a man can still enjoy looking good even if nobody’s around to admire him.

Ok, visual appeals apart, the Zelus vest is weighted utilizing tiny iron pellets that are jam-packed equally within the rubber material the vest is made from.

I see using iron pellets as a plus, since there’s no demand for any type of added chemicals in the padding or anything like that.

The vest itself is remarkably comfy to put on. I claim remarkably because, honestly, I would not anticipate a heavy vest to be especially comfy.

But the Zelus vest is.

I such as just how flexible it is. It fits snug to my chest, which I such as because I don’t feeling it bouncing around throughout usage (I’ll get to exactly how I utilize it in a sec).

There needs to be some kind of elastic material on the edges of this vest since I can feel the vest stretch as well as give with me as I move my arms- which is wonderful because it suggests the vest does not hinder any movement during exercise.

I haven’t needed to actually use them, because the vest fits me completely as is, yet there are flexible bands in the front to tighten or chill out the fit if necessary.

According to Zelus, the vest can fit breasts between 35-45 in (I’m not exactly sure what my bust measurement is, but I’m 6′ 1 ″ and also about 200 lb as well as I locate the vest really comfortable to use).

Besides the flexible bands, there’s additionally a detachable collection of pockets that includes the vest. You can affix this to one of the straps, offering you an area to hold your pocketbook, cell phone, tricks, or whatever else you may need to take with you.

There’s also a mesh pocket walking around the back, which I think you might make use of to put your keys in or something, but I think the pocket in the front would certainly be more convenient (unless you bring a great deal of things with you when you work out).

The folks at Zelus where thinking ahead when they made a decision to include reflective strips in the front as well as back of the vest to make you much more visible in case you decide to work out outdoors after dark.

On the whole, when it pertains to comfort as well as wearability, Zelus’s heavy vest scores very. The rubber surface is soft and the elastic sides supply you as you walk around, making it comfy to exercise in.


Heavy vests can be made use of to do all kinds of things. You can stroll, run, or hike while wearing them. You can play a pick-up video game of basketball while putting on one. You can merely throw one on while doing pushups, bring up, or bows.

You can basically make any activity a bit a lot more difficult by putting on a weighted vest while doing it.

I think they work extremely well for including intensity to body weight exercises, regardless if they’re cardio conditioning or fortifying.

I’ve been utilizing the vest Zelus sent me on my treadmill as well as let me say this- slope walking with a heavy vest will work ya.

I’ve done a little operating on the treadmill while using the vest which works extremely well also, however to be straightforward, I’m not a very gifted runner- I break quickly sufficient without the added resistance.

So I choose incline strolling with it on.

The additional weight makes it much more tiring, but I will say 12 lb is a bit light for me. As a 200 pound guy, I think I would get a little bit extra out of the 20 pound vest.

But 12 lb still includes an extra layer of strength I wouldn’t be getting or else.

One thing I have actually seen while walking on the treadmill with it is that I feel my core engaging more than I do without it. Having the extra weight around my chest pressures my core to stabilize more, which I really like.

I didn’t truly anticipate this result, but it makes sense.

Besides, the core’s job is to keep our mid-section steady while we relocate as well as lift things. And having the heavy vest on is comparable to holding something at our breast level.

Fortunately, wearing the heavy vest is much more comfortable than strolling on a treadmill while carrying a 12 lb weight.

In general, I understand I have actually simply scratched the surface of what’s possible with this Zelus weighted vest, however I’m currently happy with its impact on my exercises.

Simply wearing it while strolling on a treadmill ups the stake, but I could also take my body weight exercises to the following level by using this vest (I’m believing push-ups, slabs, dips).

Final Thoughts

The heavy vests by Zelus have a whole lot to provide. It behaves that they are available in such a variety of weights to choose from, ensuring they have something for individuals of every health and fitness degree.

I’m really pleased with exactly how comfy my 12 pound vest is to wear. It does not relocate much while strolling or running and the flexible surface makes it simple for me to move without being impeded upon.

The only drawback I can see is the basically absence of a service warranty- Zelus supplies a 14 day return policy, yet that has to do with it.

But honestly, at this price point, I wouldn’t expect any more.

Generally, if you’re searching for a budget friendly means to bump up the intensity of your workouts, adding a heavy vest is a wonderful suggestion. And Zelus is absolutely on top of their game when it pertains to weighted vests. Suggested.