Total Fitness center’s Apex G5 is the most advanced model in their brand-new, much more spending plan pleasant lineup of home fitness centers. The Pinnacle schedule seems to be an updated alternative to their older, numerically called models that where additionally extremely budget-friendly.

The G5 features remarkable combination of specs and also functions, including access to 80 workouts and also 10 resistance (incline) degrees.

It additionally includes a cushioned squat stand, along with a number of other accessories as well as overviews, making it a much more inexpensive choice to their popular Total Gym Supreme.

To reduce to the chase- I believe the Pinnacle G5 is mosting likely to be a massive hit since it’s loading a great deal of fantastic attributes and it’s valued to relocate.

However there are a lots of Total Health club models available and also they can all start to appear the very same after a while. Exactly how can you tell whether the G5 is the ideal version for you?

Well, reading this evaluation is a great place to begin.

In this short article, we’ll take a close look at everything this Total Fitness center has to offer. I’ll also contrast it to a few of the various other Overall Fitness centers to see exactly how it stands.

After analysis, you must have a great concept as to exactly how the Pinnacle G5 takes on the rest of Complete Fitness centers available.

Complete Health club has been around for a few years now and their home health clubs seem to be as preferred as ever. I still see Chuck Norris’s infomercials on tv early in the early morning prior to anybody else in my family has rolled out up yet.

The Complete Fitness center models have actually changed over the years, yet the basic fashion in which they all work stays the exact same- utilizing your body weight as well as gravity to work as the resistance.

All versions contain a flexible base as well as and a moving board that you hinge on. They all utilize a collection of pulleys with deals with as well, that are utilized to do the different actions.

What does vary from design to model (as we’ll review in even more detail listed below) are the number of resistance degrees, the add-ons included, and also the total stability of the framework.

The costs on these fitness centers varies considerably based on the design you pick.

The Apex G5 we’re reviewing below is just under $500, making it among the more budget friendly models offered (instead of the luxury GTS that you might easily locate in a rehab center).

For more info on the various models offered, have a look at my Complete Fitness Center Overview (which I’m currently in the process of upgrading with the brand-new Apex versions).


  • Nutritional guide, exercise guide included
  • Access to Total Gym TV
  • No assembly necessary
  • Folds for storage
  • Great price
  • Access to over 80 exercises
  • Safe, low-impact
  • Full body workout
  • 10 levels of resistance
  • 5 included attachments


  • Short warranty


One of the key functions that tends to differ from design to design is the complete number of workouts that can be done on the Overall Fitness center.

The workouts readily available varies mostly based upon the attachments that are consisted of- more accessories, more exercise range.

The Peak G5 boasts that you can execute over 80 exercises on it, which is incredible when compared to typical house health clubs with weight heaps or plates.

This number corresponds nicely with the other Total Gym designs that come with the same or comparable accessories.

Eighty is a big number of workouts to choose from. These consist of upper body relocations, reduced body actions, as well as lots of trunk and core conditioning exercises also.

The G5 provides more exercise selection than the slightly a lot more expensive Total Fitness center Supreme as well as the very same amount as the majority of the higher-end designs.

If 80 sounds like an exaggeration, remember they’re counting solitary leg variations separately from dual leg moves (example: squats)- doing this, the workouts will really build up quick.

And similar to all Overall Gym models, the sheave systems use a lots of range of movement, allowing you to perform a great deal of various upper extremity and lower extremity steps.

Overall, when it involves work out selection, the Peak G5 ratings very highly. It’s just as flexible as pretty much all various other versions except for the GTS.

Resistance Levels

The resistance levels on any kind of Complete Health club refer to the elevation changes on the slide board.

Readjusting the slide board to a higher degree (even more vertical) increases the resistance you feel since you’re lifting a higher portion of your body weight (and also vice versa when you reduced the elevation).

This is all as a result of gravity- the more horizontal the board is, the less you’re dealing with versus gravity.

If you ask me, this pulley/slide board system is brilliant. Not just does it use a lots of exercise variety, but it allows for a gentle way to exercise using your own body weight.

And also by gentle, I mean reduced impact, due to the fact that you’re merely gliding along the slide board as you pull or press with the pulley-blocks.

Anyhow, the G5 comes with 10 degrees of resistance, which is wonderful for a design in this price variety.

That’s greater than the Total Fitness Center XLS and all of the spending plan pleasant, numerically phoned number models that came previously (besides the 1900).

Having even more resistance levels is a good thing, since it provides you a lot more control to tweak the intensity of your exercises. It likewise gives you more space to expand as you get more powerful.

A few of the extra cost effective designs include 12 levels of resistance (the GTS includes 22), so the G5 isn’t far off.

So, when it pertains to resistance, this version is surprisingly generous when contrasted to the extra pricey options.


It’s an excellent concept to pay close attention to the accessories that are included when acquiring a Complete Gym due to the fact that designs vary with which as well as the amount of they’ll come with.

The Peak G5 includes the following:

  • Squat stand- vital accessory that permits you to execute squatting/lunging actions (the bigger the far better).
  • Wing attachment- large set of handles that allow you to do a range of pull up as well as pushing steps.
  • Leg pull accessory- enables you to do a variety of leg relocations, like hip extensions, abduction, and so on
  •  Dip bars- attaches to the structure, allowing you carry out dips as well as various other workouts to target your triceps muscles, pecs, and also delts.
  • Training deck with owner- comfortably holds your training overview, providing you accessibility to it throughout your workouts.

Besides the above attachments, when you purchase you additionally obtain the nutritional overview, exercise overview, manual, exercise DVD, 2 flooring mats, and also accessibility to Total Gym TELEVISION (streaming surface area for Complete Fitness center exercises).

Among the biggest differences in between the G5 and also the slightly much more expensive Supreme is in the accessory department- the Supreme comes with their popular Ab Grind attachment and also the G5 doesn’t.

General though, I’m impressed with how many accessories are consisted of with this budget version.


A great attribute of pretty much all the Total Gyms is that they come out of the box ready to go. There truly isn’t any assembly in itself, rather you need to unravel them.

The process is pretty easy, yet it could take you a couple of times to really obtain comfortable with it.

As soon as you do though, you can easily fold up and also unfold it in minutes. As soon as unravelled, you’ll have to include whichever accessories you’ll be making use of for the day’s workout.

You shouldn’t need any devices for connecting or separating accessories, push pins are used to make this process fast as well as simple.

Overall, obtaining your G5 out of package and up and running ought to be a breeze.

Weight Capacity

The Apex G5 has a max weight capability of 375 lb. Not just is this remarkable for any item of physical fitness tools, however it’s remarkable considering exactly how economical this gym is.

When compared to the various other versions, this is 100 pound greater than the Supreme and also just 25 lb less than the XLS (which sets you back 2x as high as the G5).

With a weight capacity this high, this health club is capable of securely holding most users.


The Overall Gym Apex G5 features the adhering to warranty:.

  • 1 year all comprehensive.

This is obviously a brief guarantee, there’s no getting around it. Taking into account the low cost, it isn’t as awful as it might seem, yet it could be longer.

If you go with a more pricey version, you’ll obtain a much better service warranty (the XLS and also Fit come with life time framework guarantees as an example).

That stated, all Overall Fitness centers are durable, and also presuming you don’t do something you should not be doing, the possibilities of among these health clubs breaking down on you is quite low.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been a huge fan of the Complete Health clubs for years- ever since I got to deal with my individuals on the one we had in our outpatient treatment center.

They can offer complete body strengthening and also conditioning workouts and also they are reduced impact enough to be safe for individuals of any ages and health and fitness levels.

And also I’m truly satisfied with their new Pinnacle G5 model.

I assume the G5 comes with a generous mix of resistance levels as well as accessories for such a cost effective design.

I like that they include the bigger squat stand along with the wing as well as dip accessories due to the fact that they will certainly all make your exercises a lot more enjoyable.

The greatest area for enhancement that I see is the service warranty, however again, these health clubs usually hold up actually well.

In general, I assume the Peak G5 is a victor. I believe it would make a terrific option for individuals that are new to Total Fitness center or for people who aren’t 100% persuaded they’ll last with this kind of workout (because it’s so cost effective).

A fantastic buy.