Total Gym and also Bowflex are the 2 most significant names in the video game when it pertains to all-in-one home gym equipments. And also even though both brands can providing a fantastic full-body workout, they deal with it in entirely different means.

On the one hand, Overall Gym makes use of a straightforward, gravity-based system as well as your body weight to aid you construct stamina.

On the other, Bowflex uses their patented power rods and also a much more traditional gym setup to provide you every little thing you require to enter good form.

Which is much better?

Regrettably, I can not respond to that a person for ya- that’s like asking “which is better, apples or oranges?”. Everything relies on choice and what you’re going with in your house gym.

What I can do is offer you a clear contrast between the 2 brands, to make sure that you can learn as high as possible and make a decision for yourself which (if either) brand is finest matched to assist you fulfill your health and fitness goals.

Yeah, that appears pretty good, let’s get started with that said.

Total Gym vs Bowflex

Personally, I’m a follower of both of these brands. I believe both business put out great items as well as you can’t go wrong with either one (as long as you recognize what to anticipate with each).

I will claim, if someone required me to choose, and also I needed to purchase one or the various other today, I would probably opt for a Bowflex.

And this choice is simply based upon my physical fitness demands and also what I would wish to get out of it- it has nothing to do with Bowflex being better than Complete Gym at all.

Yet more on this in a little, I in fact want to start our conversation with Complete Gym.

Total Gym

There’s no refuting that the Complete Gym is an impressive success story. The very first one appeared in 1974 and they have actually been going solid ever since.

Well, it did take awhile for their popularity to hit the masses. They where even more of a hit with professional athletes as well as rehab centers for the first decade or two, yet in the ’90s their famous paid announcements beginning airing and that’s when things obtained real.

I mean if it’s good enough for Chuck Norris as well as Christie Brinkley …

Anyway, the point is Complete Gym has made an excellent online reputation for the quality and effectiveness of their gyms throughout the years.

Years earlier, I used them in different rehab centers I operated at and they were really reliable. They function so well for rehabilitation purposes due to the fact that they are very reduced effect and also the moving board produces a gentle means to provide lower body strengthening workouts.

Using your body weight as resistance, you don’t need to bother with changing weights, going down weights, or discovering a watchman.

There have been a lot of different Overall Gym designs over the years, yet they all function the same way:

Each Overall Gym includes a flexible angle gliding board and a collection of pulleys. Your body weight supplies the resistance you antagonize as well as you can raise or decrease your resistance by adjusting the angle of the slide board- a steeper angle boosts the resistance because you’re raising a greater portion of your body weight versus gravity (and also the other way around for decreasing that angle).

These house gyms are extremely simple in layout, yet they’re likewise unbelievably functional.

The actual number of exercises you can do differs relying on the included attachments, but you can do in between 60-80 various proceed many Total Gyms (and upwards of 200 on the commercial quality Complete Gym GTS).

Another perk of obtaining a Total Gym is just how simple they are to set up. The majority of versions come pre-assembled, so all you have to do is unfold them as well as insert a few pins (which takes mins, instead of typical gyms that take hours).

Complete Fitness centers are very easy and also secure to utilize as well as they supply a ton of workout selection, but they definitely aren’t for everybody.

You can enhance the resistance on these makers by boosting the slide board angle, but even after that they do not really provide the type of resistance needed for advanced stamina training.

And by that I imply that these health clubs are better for toning as well as reinforcing than bulking up. If you such as to do hefty, power lifting style exercises, an Overall Gym is not the ideal tool for ya.

Instead, I would certainly suggest an Overall Gym for somebody that is trying to find a full body, low-impact workout. Somebody that has an interest in boosting toughness, yet without doing high-resistance/low rep design exercises.

Overall Fitness centers are additionally great for cardio training because you can switch over between workouts quickly, which cuts down on rest time between relocations.

And also reducing rest times is a fantastic means to transform any kind of resistance training workout right into a cardio workout too.

The sheaves permit using a variety of movement also, which is wonderful since you can adapt your movement to fit your physical fitness degree (additionally assists with flexibility as well as stabilization).

If you would love to see even more info on the distinctions in between all the Total Gym designs, take a look at my extensive Complete Gym Guide.

The specifications, like weight capability and whatnot, vary from model to model, as does the guarantee supplied by Complete Gym (see my overview connected to over for these details).

Yet usually speaking, Complete Fitness centers included good warranties. The higher-end models, like the Fit and XLS, included life time frame guarantees.

As well as one more fantastic feature of a Total Gym is that there aren’t that many pieces that can failure- look after it as well as these points need to last.


Bowflex isn’t quite as old as Complete Gym, however it’s been around for a long period of time also (considering that 1986 to be exact). Like Overall Gym, Bowflex started out with a solitary house gym equipment- one that utilized “power poles” instead of weight plates or a pile.

Unlike Total Gym, that remains to use only their house gyms, Bowflex has expanded like crazy. Nowadays, they have a full lineup of cardio tools, fitness centers, as well as dumbbells.

They’ve also been very cutting-edge over the years, creating a number of new tools the world had actually never ever seen prior to- like their SelectTech Dumbbells as well as TreadClimbers.

Much more just recently, they’ve also brought out a “stationary” bike that permits you to lean from side to side during your workouts (Bowflex Velocore).

Some companies locate success and after that just start telephoning it in, ignoring what it was that obtained them there to begin with- Bowflex isn’t one of those companies.

Their cardio tools as well as home health clubs are still several of the most effective in the market, particularly for the modest rate array ($ 2000-$ 3000).

When it comes to their house health clubs, they as well provide a number of versions, although not quite as numerous as Complete Gym.

Like Overall Gym, many Bowflex health clubs use the same basic arrangement with a few subtle distinctions between the different versions (I claim most, due to the fact that the Bowflex Revolution uses a completely various type of resistance).

With the exception of the Change, all Bowflex health clubs use their copyrighted power rods as the source of resistance.

These polymer rods act kinda like resistance bands, giving a smooth resistance that raises the farther it’s stretched. Some individuals enjoy this, due to the fact that a great deal of steps are less complicated at the start of the activity as well as more challenging toward completion.

Purists might not like this, since the resistance changes throughout the arc of activity (unlike dumbbells, which give a constant resistance throughout).

The power rods can be incorporated in various mixes to supply varying amounts of resistance.

Most Bowflex gyms featured 210 lb well worth of power rod resistance (as well as most can be updated up to 410 lb).

Bowflex fitness centers can use a lot of workout range too, although not quite as much as the Complete Gym. Depending on the design, you’ll be able to do anywhere from 25-100+ exercises with a Bowflex.

Bowflex’s been available in various shapes and sizes. A lot of come with vertical benches (making them much more compact), but some come with straight ones (like the Bowflex Blaze).

These health clubs can offer comprehensive, full-body exercises that can challenge individuals of a lot of health and fitness degrees. Unlike the Complete Gym, you can obtain greater levels of resistance with these systems, making them less complicated to use for hypertrophy training.

It takes a little longer to switch over between exercises on a lot of Bowflex’s, which is great if you’re doing more of a “lift-rest” kind of exercise, however you won’t be able to alternate in between workouts as fast as you can on a Total Gym.

An additional big distinction is that there is significant assembly necessary on Bowflex health clubs- these things do not come pre-assembled regrettably.

So if you’re fatigued about assembly, this is something to take into consideration.

The specifications and also warranties for every Bowflex gym differs, however normally speaking, they include pretty fair guarantees. Most of their fitness centers come with lifetime power rod warranties and also numerous years on components.

For more details on all the certain Bowflex fitness centers, check out my thorough Bowflex Residence Gym Overview.

Essentially, I believe a Bowflex gym would be an excellent choice for a person trying to find even more of a traditional house gym maker.

You recognize, one where you can perform a range of enhancing relocations and that you can pick your resistance conveniently for every workout.

Final Thoughts

Overall Gym and Bowflex are both winners in my publication, there’s no wrong solution when attempting to decide between these 2 brand names.

You should probably choose an Overall Gym if:

  • you’re wanting to improve strength and also cardiovascular health and wellness
  • you’re looking for a low-impact, full-body workout
  • you’re trying to find miraculous in exercise range
  • you don’t intend to tinker setting up

You ought to most likely go with a Bowflex gym if:

  • you’re trying to find more of a traditional house gym device
  • you such as the feeling of collaborating with resistance bands
  • you’re seeking more extensive stamina training
  • you’re comfortable with setting up

Alrighty, that about does it. I wish this short article was helpful in giving a comparison in between the Total Gym as well as Bowflex home gym machines.

There really are a great deal of differences between the 2 and also there are a lot of distinctions in between the private models too.

If interested, I urge you to have a look at my guides for each group, where we go into a whole lot more detail pertaining to the distinctions in between the individual health clubs.