What is the Fitbit Ionic? Is it an expensive pedometer? A smartwatch? Possibly a heart price keep track of? Correct answer: all of

the above. If you know in all with the Fitbit brand name, you understand their items are centered around physical fitness tracking.
They began with pedometers that prided themselves in tracking every action as well as have progressed over the years to track all kinds of health info, including sleep patterns and also heart prices.

All of this development has actually led Fitbit to produce their latest product, the Fitbit ‘Ionic’. The ‘Ionic’ is not only their most innovative physical fitness tracker to date, but it’s additionally the beginning of another thing for Fitbit … an introduction right into the smartwatch game.

I wish to begin with a quick summary of Fitbit and their items to demonstrate how they have actually progressed towards the Ionic for many years

The Evolution Of Fitbit

Fitbit formally started regarding one decade ago with the production of their initial tracker- essentially a sophisticated pedometer that tracked the number of actions you took that communicated with a separate base to store info and also cost. Pretty cool at the time, yet oh exactly how the moments have actually altered.

Fitbit advanced from the initial clip on tracker to the ‘Ultra’ as well as the ‘One’ (both no more readily available) to the currently offered Fitbit ‘Zip’ (I enjoy these names by the way). The ‘Zip’ is currently the only clip on tracker they still produce. It truly just tracks actions and also has a clock, but the nice thing is that it does not need to be charged. Instead, it makes use of a watch battery. Helpful for the people that truly just want to track steps (i.e., those seeking a digital pedometer).

Fitbit progressed to wearable wristband trackers with the ‘Flex’ as well as ‘Pressure’ versions. Now, the ‘Flex 2’ is the most affordable

quality wristband tracker they use. It still really just tracks actions and sleep patterns, yet it is swim proof and has lights that will certainly blink to inform you if you have texts or telephone calls coming in. Certainly an action in the appropriate direction …
The Fitbit ‘Alta’ came out the exact same year as the ‘Flex 2’, with the addition of a clock and also faucet display to see your statistics. Points are beginning to get a little extra innovative.

Next came the ‘Alta HR’ with the enhancement of … you presumed it … Human Resources (heart rate) monitoring. This symbolizes a rather big advance for the firm since heart price monitors have actually become very popular. As well as forever factor. Tracking your heart price is a great method to guarantee you are working out at a strength that will certainly obtain you the results you want. Not to get into way too much information right here, yet keeping your heart rate at a certain level will certainly ensure you are melting fat, enhancing cardio endurance, etc

. Possibly more on that in a future post?

Fitbit and entered the Human Resources game a little earlier with the ‘Cost HR’, which is no longer offered.

Successive the item chain comes the Fitbit ‘Fee 2’, their most sophisticated tracker prior to getting involved in smartwatch area. The ‘Fee 2’ will track steps, floorings, rest, and heart rate. Has some restricted GENERAL PRACTITIONER abilities with your phone also. A popular model that a lot of folks are still sporting today.
For an in-depth review on the ‘Cost 2’, click here.

Currently we reach Fitbit’s initial attempt at a smartwatch, the ‘Surge’. Tracks every little thing the ‘Charge 2’ does, however likewise has GPS and also multi-sport settings. Pretty solid watch, however quite bulky, not very eye-catching (no infraction Rise).

After the ‘Rise’ came the ‘Blaze’, which is still supplied today. The ‘Blaze’ seemed to deal with a great deal of the significant worry about the ‘Rise’: substantially more appealing, much more accessories (changing in between stylish bands as well as frames), color touch-screen. They additionally included on-screen custom-made exercises which is pretty amazing.
Utilizing the Fitbit exercise application (FitBit Train), you can select your exercises and afterwards see them on your watch in real time. With the ‘Blaze’, Fitbit was trying to tip their smartwatch video game up a little. Trying to hang with the big kids if you will. You understand, Apple.

So, up till about 2 months ago, the ‘Blaze’ was king of the Fitbit hillside. But, as we simply learned, Fitbit keeps proceeding, continues including and also tweeking. Seeing what jobs as well as what does not. Continuing to advance and also generate newer as well as more recent versions. But I guess that is just where we are these days out there. If you aren’t constantly coming up with the next best point you are going to get left behind.

Every single time I turn around there is a new apple iphone appearing. Do we seriously have to get a new phone every 6 months? Is the innovation REALLY that much various? I suggest come on individuals, an iPhone prices like $800 nowadays and we are expect to head out and get a new one every 6 months even if the electronic camera is “a bit much better”. No other way, not me. I have actually had my old apple iphone for like 4 years and it still functions pretty well, kinda slow-moving I think … maybe I DO require a new iPhone … hmm …

I obtained a little off topic, sorry folks. However back to the point, one of the things that makes Fibit so prominent therefore successful is their capacity to constantly boost their products. The business has really just been around for one decade, and consider the above listing of items I discussed briefly. It’s a bunch, and also I’m sure I omitted a few.

For a truly excellent graph comparing the various versions, have a look at this wikipedia web page.

So, we have actually made our method to the Fitbit ‘Ionic’. Their smartest ‘smartwatch’ to day. Let’s take a better look. P.S.- the ‘Blaze’ is still readily available, still relatively preferred.

The Fitbit Ionic

The ‘Ionic’ looks the part. It’s sleek, awesome, fashionable. Resembles Fitbit took a page out of Apple’s book when developing it. Smart step, since not only do Apple items sell like hot cakes, yet they do often tend to look cooler than the competition. Yet looks aside, what does the ‘Ionic’ need to supply?

I’m mosting likely to damage the attributes into 2 classifications: the fitness tracker stuff and the smartwatch things. Assists me with my organization as well as I believe it’s a great way to consider the product and what you are actually searching for. So, the health and fitness tracker things first, here we go.

Smart Track Fitness Tracker

At it’s core, the ‘Ionic’ is still a fitness tracker. Like all of it’s precursors, it is going to track every one of your actions, yet this model steps it up a notch. The Smart Track feature automatically recognizes what kind of workout you are doing and also records your information automatically to the app. Running, strolling, playing tennis, swimming- doesn’t matter, ‘Ionic’ will certainly tape your data so every workout is counted!

Oh, virtually forgot- the ‘Ionic’ instantly acknowledges when you start running so it begins tracking instantly.

Your Own Personal Trainer

The ‘Ionic’ comes packed with exercise regimens and will display the workouts on your wrist as you are carrying out. It’s like having a mini-personal trainer with you in all times. The display reveals you exactly how to do the exercises, after that signals you when it is time to begin- actually keeps you moving.

The ‘Ionic’ has a bright, color display so enjoying the workouts is rather comfortable.

Built-In GPS

This function seems to be a favorite of lots of owners. The built-in GENERAL PRACTITIONER tracks your runs (or walkings, or bike trips) as well as displays statistics like distance as well as rate. It additionally draws up your path once you are all done. That’s pretty trendy. The hiking setting will certainly also inform you exactly how high in elevation you climbed!

This attribute uses GLONASS to capitalize on satellites worldwide, offers you extra precise outcomes with every one of your statistics. Directly, this is one of the functions I am most pleased with. I’ll confess, I do not run that much (particularly outside), but if I did, I would be interested in this.

Keeping an eye on range would be a wind, as well as pace and calories melted. If you take pleasure in hiking this is additionally a massive plus.

Swim Tracking

The ‘Blaze’ is water resistant, the ‘Ionic’ is water proof. You can as well as ought to go swimming with the ‘Ionic’. It desires you to so it can track it for you. Yes, it has a swim setting that will monitor your distance, calories burned, stroke, and so on. Pretty impressive. And also of course, it is all saved for you on the app so you can assess.

Heart Rate Monitor

It measures resting and also active heart rates. This is useful information if you such as to track your heart rate throughout workouts, which a lot of folks do. You can invest $100 approximately on a great heart price screen alone. The ‘Ionic’ does it for ya, and also will allow you recognize if you need to tip it up or not throughout workouts to reach your target heart rate.
Keeping an eye on heart rate will likewise make your calorie counts a little a lot more exact. Evidently, the technology the ‘Ionic’ is making use of to calculate heart rate is more recent and a lot more innovative than their previous versions.

Oh, as well as if your resting heart rate appears to be enhancing, this Fitbit will help you with assisted breathing exercises to help you loosen up. Yea, serious.

Sleep Tracker

The ‘Ionic’ tracks just how much time you invest each evening in light and also deep sleep, I assume it’s based upon your heart rate. You can set “rest goals” as well as it will suggest what time you go to sleep each night. Kinda neat I think, additionally kinda strange having my watch set a bedtime for me.

However a great deal of individuals want tracking rest information and it’s a nice feature to have if you are interested.

Ok, that’s a preference of what it can offer from the health and fitness monitoring side, now on to the smartwatch functions …

Stores and Plays Music

The Fitbit ‘Ionic’ can store up to 300 tracks, no need to bring your phone to the fitness center (or on that run). It’s constantly extra enjoyable to exercise to songs and also it is an inconvenience having to have your phone in your pocket or strapped to your arm. Playing music from your watch is a nice perk.

I feel like everything plays music these days. I like music so I’m done in.

And also, you can get the Pandora application on your watch. And also the ‘Ionic’ is bluetooth compatible with cordless earphones. Pleasant …

Fitbit uses their very own wireless earphones, the Fitbit Leaflet, also.

Download Apps

As a smartwatch, you can download applications straight to your wrist. Apps will remain to be created for Fitbit, however already you can download climate applications, Pandora, as well as Starbucks application to name a few. FitBit developers will continue to use an increasing number of apps as time takes place.

Make Payments From Your Watch

Comparable to Apple Pay, the Fitbit ‘Ionic’ has a program that allows you to conserve a credit or debit card directly to your watch. Pretty cool, if you locate you’re out running through town and also require a beverage, you might purchase one without your purse or phone. Wonderful function to have when you need it.


Comparable to the ‘Blaze’, the ‘Ionic’ will certainly alert you when you are getting a text message or call on your phone, or informs from some applications on your cellular phone. This is convenient, I presume, however be aware that you can not react to these notifies at all. The Fitbit ‘Ionic’ does not have the capacity to address phone calls or text.

Customizable Clock Faces

Find the clock appearance you want with adjustable faces. Switch over in between traditional and also a lot more animated faces based upon your daily state of mind or setting. Something fun to have fun with.

Awesome Battery

The battery for the ‘Ionic’ lasts 5 days … 5 days! On a single fee! That goes over. No infraction Apple, but I’ve heard your watch battery only lasts for around 18 hrs …

This innovative battery life is available in handy when you are tracking rest practices or possibly going out for a weekend loaded with hiking. No demand to worry about packing a billing cable due to the fact that your FitBit ‘Ionic’ will still be going strong after numerous days of use.

So as you can see, this item has a lot to offer as both a health and fitness tracker as well as smartwatch. A nice benefit of the ‘Ionic’ is that you can obtain both features in one item, you don’t have to pick one over the other!

I recognize I just went over a lot of info, so I’m gon na sum up the pros and cons in a wonderful listing for ya.

Pros of the Ionic

  • Bluetooth compatible with wireless headphones
  • Download Fitbit apps
  • Make credit or debit card payments with your watch
  • Customizable clock face
  • Incredible battery life, 5 days on a single charge
  • Stylish, interchangeable watch bands
  • Works with all phones
  • Price
  • Smart Track features automatically tracks all forms of exercise
  • Personal training
  • State of the art built-in GPS
  • Top of the market heart rate monitor
  • Sleep tracker
  • Guided breathing exercises
  • Store and play 300 songs from your watch

Cons of the Ionic

  • You can’t interact with notifications
  • Body of watch is very square, a little pointy at edges
  • Transferring music can take awhile

If you ask me, the pros most definitely out way the cons. It’s one more good item from a business that has flourished by creating nice items. Yet what really matters is, “Is this the right product for me?” (and also by “me” I mean “you”, the visitor). If you aren’t persuaded yet, maintain analysis, see what you believe.

A Few Questions You May Be Asking…

Apple Phone vs Fitbit Ionic

Ok, so at once, you are possibly contrasting this to the Apple Watch. I recognize I am. I mentioned the Apple Watch a couple of times earlier on purpose. Apple appears to be the gold standard with smartwatches these days, so anytime a brand-new gamer is introduced, it’s all-natural for there to be a comparison.

Which is better, the Fitbit ‘Ionic’ or Apple Watch? Well, I assume that relies on what you are actually looking for. Are you much more thinking about the “smartwatch” functions or the “health and fitness tracking” attributes of the watch? Since I am going to be straightforward, if you are a lot more curious about making telephone call, addressing messages, examining e-mails from your watch, after that you should get yourself an Apple.

Apple is way extra innovative in the smart functions. Bear in mind, you can not react to texts
calls from your ‘Ionic’, you can not make telephone call from your ‘Ionic’ even if your phone is in your pocket. The Apple Watch has extra innovative applications and also even more alternatives to pick from also.
Simply understand you will certainly have to pay more for these features supplied by Apple …

However, if physical fitness data is what you are interested in, then Fitbit is the means to go. Fitbit has actually made a name for themselves by being the leader in fitness tracking, it’s what they do best. And for the price, the ‘Ionic’ is mosting likely to be hard to beat.

Remember, the Apple Watch only collaborates with, you guessed it, Apple items. The Fitbit ‘Ionic’ is compatible with all running systems, FYI.

With their built-in GENERAL PRACTITIONER (confessed, Apple likewise has GENERAL PRACTITIONERS) the fitness monitoring has actually been required to a whole new degree. Which battery life is amazing! Regardless of just how nice the new Apple Watch is, if you are regularly charging the important things, it makes it more challenging to make use of as well as keep up with your hectic way of life.

One last idea on Apple, this is their third generation of watch. This is Fitbit’s first (well, 2nd I think if you count the ‘Blaze’) actual attempt at a smartwatch. Yet to sum it up, both are really wonderful. If you are thinking about cost, the Fitbit ‘Ionic’ is significantly more affordable …

Blaze vs Ionic

Ah, one more large inquiry: If I currently own a Fitbit ‘Blaze’, should I buy the Fitbit ‘Ionic’? Hmm, an additional hard one. It depends. Are you happy with your ‘Blaze’? If you are, after that it’s a no brainer, you must maintain using it till you are no longer satisfied. But if you feel like you are doing not have something, you may wish to take into consideration the ‘Ionic’ since there are some rather significant upgrades:

  • ‘ Ionic’ shops music (300 tunes), ‘Blaze’ does not
  • ‘ Ionic’ has integrated GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, ‘Blaze’ depends on phone
  • ‘ Ionic’ has apps

You can pay for things with the ‘Ionic’, not feasible with the ‘Blaze’.

  • ‘ Ionic’ is water evidence as well as can track swimming, which is not feasible on the ‘Blaze’.
  • ‘ Ionic’ offers boosted individual training workouts than ‘Blaze’.
  • ‘ Ionic’ has a much more precise heart price display.

So as you can see, there are some quite large distinctions between both watches. Substantial enough to warrant the rate difference? Well, that’s an individual concern, however the proper response is “yes” (ha, just joking). In all seriousness, the ‘Ionic’ is a rather large step forward from the ‘Blaze’.

If you are a first time buyer and are stuck between both, I would certainly advise the ‘Ionic’. If you currently have a ‘Blaze’, think about the brand-new attributes and make an informed decision.


I nearly forgot to speak about the price of this point. Geez. That’s sort of an essential topic. The Fitbit ‘Ionic’ is mosting likely to cost you concerning $300 provide or take. Visit this site.

to see ideal price currently on Amazon.com.
When compared to the Apple Watch which will set you back anywhere from $329– $749 depending upon alternatives, it’s not that poor.

The Samsung Gear S3 will certainly run ya regarding $350.

Garmin smartwatches can cost anywhere from $250– $800 depending on design.

In the smartwatch globe, the Fitbit ‘Ionic’ is priced moderately. Puts it right according to the various other big competitors.

FitBit Ionic- Cutting Edge Fitness Tracker!

So to answer my original question, “What is the Fitbit Ionic?”, the solution would certainly be reducing edge physical fitness tracker! I have actually entered into the details above to defend my solution as well as I stick by it.

Top of the line, built-in GENERAL PRACTITIONERS … MP3 player … makes payments … personal training…world-class heart price monitor … and so on and more.

The ‘Ionic’ is the most advanced item Fitbit has presented to us so far, and it is by no means a waste of money. The genuine concern is whether or not it is the best look for you. Just you can address this set, but I believe that you will certainly be pleased with the ‘Ionic’ as long as you know what you are getting.

Remember, the ‘Ionic’ is even more of a physical fitness tracker than smartwatch. It has some smartwatch capabilities, however if you are actually seeking the telephone call and also messaging facets of it, you actually would be better off with an Apple Watch or various other brand name. The ‘Ionic’ can’t offer you those functions, yet.

However if you are genuinely trying to find a watch with incredible fitness information monitoring and a reasonable cost, the ‘Ionic’ is your best choice.

With a typical individual ranking of 4.1/ 5 on Amazon, the results promote themselves- individuals are happy with the ‘Ionic’!

I hope this evaluation was practical for you. I took pleasure in doing the study and also composing this evaluation. As constantly, I believe it’s important to be notified before getting anything. I delight in researching on products and also I take pleasure in showing to others. If you have any type of concerns or comments, don’t think twice to hit me up.

Also, if any one of you are presently using the ‘Ionic’, I would certainly like to hear what you believe.