A heavy duty squat stand can instantly include street cred to any type of home fitness center. Although straightforward in style, these very efficient strength training makers give you accessibility to all of the very best barbell exercises around.

We’re chatting squats (clearly), yet additionally bench press, shoulder press, dead lifts, rows, and so on.

But if you’re seeking a high-grade stand, you have to take care because there are a ton of racks on the marketplace as well as most of them are, uh, exactly how need to I say … of minimal high quality.

In order to avoid disappointment you have to know what you’re searching for as well as where to find it.

The good news is, you’ve pertained to the right location.

In this extensive overview, I’m mosting likely to look at whatever you need to understand when searching for a top quality squat stand, consisting of all the key specifications you should search for prior to buying.

I’ll additionally supply my leading choices currently offered based upon the criteria we talk about.

After analysis, you’ll be well prepared to find the best heavy-duty squat mean your house health club.

Squats Stands 101

Before we dive right in and begin speaking about what you should be looking for, I wished to start with a fast conversation on what squat stands remained in the top place and how they differ from the other typical shelfs out there.

I believe the term squat stand gets thrown around a whole lot and it’s not constantly one of the most accurate description of the item.

I assume it makes good sense to discern between squat stands (or half shelfs) and full power shelfs (or cages) because there are rather considerable distinctions between them.

A full power shelf consists of 4 uprights, and with the connecting horizontal assistance bars, you wind up with a “cage” that you exercise in.

These shelfs are remarkable since they use a ton of exercise variety as well as with the built-in safety and security bars, can be extremely risk-free to utilize- even when alone.

Relying on the version, you can additionally add a great deal of different accessories to really increase what your power rack can do.

A squat stand, or a half rack as it’s sometimes referred to as (they suggest the very same point), is basically a power rack that’s been cut in half.

Rather than 4 uprights, you have 2.

So, you’re not inside a cage with these stands, but you can still carry out a lot of the same relocations.

And also a quality squat stand will certainly also include safety and security bars to detect you when lifting alone and also the ability to attach some devices (although not as numerous as a power shelf would provide).

Squat stands are normally much more budget friendly than power racks, making them an excellent alternative if you’re working with a smaller budget.

Squat stands normally occupy much less floor space as well, although this isn’t constantly the situation.

Depending upon your house or garage configuration, it could make sense to select a folding squat shelf– these are nice since they can fold up flat against the wall when not in use.

Although I like to distinguish between squat stands and power shelfs, you’ll see the terms made use of a whole lot interchangeably.

The term “squat rack” can be used to describe virtually any piece of equipment that permits you to carry out a squat.

For this overview though, I’ll be speaking just regarding squat stands as explained above (with 2 uprights).

Now that all the semiotics are out of the way, allow’s go on.

How To Buy A Squat Stand The Smart Way

Since we’re all on the same web page regarding what a squat stand is, it’s time to dive into the specifications and also functions I think you must consider when comparing versions.

As you’re possibly mindful, squat stands can be found in a great deal of sizes and shapes.

Some are high, some are short, some layer, others consist of 2 independent racks that aren’t attached at all.

Prior to getting as well stressed out concerning all the fine information, I believe it makes sense to start with the most essential spec you’ll need to think about when trying to find the appropriate stand: weight capability.

Weight Capacity/Uprights

A stand’s weight ability is easily one of the most crucial point you should consider with these stands. After all, a squat stand is just a shelf that holds weight.

That’s all it does.

So doesn’t it make good sense to compare just how much weight each shelf you’re checking out can hold?

In this overview, we’re right here to speak about the very best durable stands, indicating most of the shelfs on my list will have the ability to hold at least 1,000 lb securely.

And although the majority of us will certainly never ever have the ability to squat this sort of weight, having a shelf that can securely hold this quantity informs us that it’s durable and also well-built.

And a lot less most likely to fall short during use (which could be actually harmful).

Weight restrictions will differ with squat stands. Most of the high-end models will come with 1,000 lb limits, others will also evaluate them right as much as 2,000 lb.

( P.S.- we’re speaking about static weight limitations here, meaning the weight is simply sitting on a weights on the shelf, not being gone down on the shelf. Likewise, just because a shelf has a limitation of 1,000 pound, does not always mean it can not hold a lot more, it just indicates the company just examined it to that limitation).

Less expensive, flimsier stands will certainly come with 300 pound weight capacities.

A squat stand’s weight capacity is dependent on the elements it’s made of.

These stands are very simple tools- they really just include uprights as well as sustaining bars. The uprights will certainly be constructed of steel, yet the size as well as scale of the uprights will vary from rack to rack.

The larger the uprights as well as the thicker the steel, the better (bear in mind that when chatting gauges, the lower gauge indicates thicker steel).

The gold standard for a residence squat pile would be 3 ″ x 3 ″ uprights constructed of 11-gauge steel, but you’ll see 2 ″ x 3 ″ and also 2 ″ x 2 ″ uprights with 12-gauge as well as even 14-gauge steel being made use of.


The weight restriction of a stand provides you an unbiased suggestion as to how tough it is, so it’s important to locate a shelf that can securely hold the lots you plan on placing on your weights.

However logistically, you have to make certain you squat stand fits in your home gym.

Don’t stress, squat stands been available in differing dimensions, so you need to have the ability to find one that fits your home- however I suggest you determine your flooring room meticulously before purchasing.

If you have low ceilings, you’ll have to consider the stand’s elevation also.

In regards to flooring area, most sturdy stands will certainly call for regarding 5 ′ x 5 ′ to use conveniently- this consists of some wiggle space with readjusting plates as well as whatnot.

You can also find squat stands of numerous elevations. Taller people will certainly intend to opt for a taller stand. Shorter individuals, or people who just want a rack for benching, might want to select a shorter design.

If you’re looking for a bring up bar, you’ll be trying to find a taller stand also.

Either way, you have plenty of choices when it concerns the physical dimension of your stand.


It’s constantly a good concept to consider what extra features a squat stand has to provide. I stated that these racks are very fundamental deliberately, but that doesn’t mean you can not obtain a few additionals.

Some shelfs might come with bring up bars, others may consist of J mugs as well as safety bars.

Various other brand names supply additional attachments that can be added, like bar storage space, plate storage, band secures, or even pulley systems.

When checking out functions, see to it to inspect as well as see just what is consisted of with purchase- often security bars as well as J cups are not consisted of, implying you’ll have to get them separately.

Same chooses plates as well as benches.

It’s an excellent suggestion to contrast included features when price examining different stands, because a more cost effective stand might not be that far more economical if you need to purchase everything else individually.

Speaking of which, I understand price is among the greatest deciders when looking for any type of brand-new fitness tools.

When it comes to premium squat stands, if you’re searching for one that can securely hold a great deal of weight, anticipate to pay somewhere in the $500– $800 array.

There are extra cost effective and also more expensive designs available, however this typical price factor need to cover most individuals’ needs rather well.

Ok, without additional ad0, I offer to you …

The 5 Best Heavy-Duty Squat Stands For Home Use

#1 Rogue SM-2 Monster Squat Stand 2.0

When it involves house shelfs and also gears, Rogue Health and fitness is the gold criterion. Rogue has actually made an excellent online reputation for developing the heaviest-duty shelfs out there and then pricing them rather fairly.

I like their SM-2 Squat Stand since I believe it has the perfect combination of quality, size, as well as price for lots of house gyms.

When it involves the specifications, I haven’t see any type of racks that have this beat. The SM-2 makes use of 3 ″ x 3 ″ uprights constructed out of 11-gauge steel for a weight limitation of a minimum of 1,000 pound.

Rogue after that takes it up a notch by using substantial, 1 ″ screws for all links.

The result is a beast of a squat stand that’ll be able to stand well-founded through any type of exercise you can throw at it (let me put it this way- if this stand isn’t sturdy sufficient for ya, you might be an incredibly hero).

When it pertains to functions, the SM-2 features a bring up bar as well as a set of J mugs included. And this being a Beast rack, it’s additionally suitable with most of Rogue’s various other Monster attachments (there are plenty).

The SM-2 is a high squat stand and also comes with the following measurements: 50 ″ x 54 ″ x 93 ″ (L x W x H).

The only point missing is the Westside hole spacing, however provided whatever else this stand is supplying, it’s much from a bargain breaker.

I do not assume can harm this rack if I attempted, but just in case, Rogue backs it with a lifetime warranty.

On the whole, if you’re trying to find a heavy-duty stand that’ll last a lifetime, here it is. Easily the most effective squat stand around.

#2 Rogue SM-1 Monster Squat Stand 2.0

Yup, one more Rogue stand- what can I state, they’re the best. I can most likely load this entire checklist with Rogue shelfs and also be warranted in doing so, but I guarantee I won’t.

This’ll be the last one I guarantee.

The SM-1 is just a shorter version of the SM-2 stated over. The size and also width equal, but this stand is only 73 ″ high, making it a much better selection for much shorter users or home with reduced ceilings.

The much shorter height means no pull up bar, but otherwise this stand is equally as remarkable as the SM-2 mentioned above.

The SM-1 is likewise part of Rogue’s Beast series, so it also makes use of 3 ″ x 3 ″, 11-gauge uprights with 1 ″ hardware throughout, providing it a weight ability of 1,000+ pound.

The only included added with the SM-1 is a set of J cups, yet this stand is additionally compatible with a lot of Monster attachments.

This stand doesn’t have Westside spacing either and is additionally backed by Rogue’s life time service warranty.

Oh, I neglected to state this with the SM-2, yet both of these squat stands are made in the USA with United States steel (constructed in Columbus, OH)- may not be a game changer, yet if you like the idea of supporting neighborhood brands there ya go.

Overall, the SM-1 is simply a shorter version of the impressive SM-2. If you won’t miss out on the bring up bar as well as want to conserve ~$ 150, this is a fantastic selection.

#3 Body-Solid Pro Clubline Adjustable Width Squat Rack

That name’s a genuine mouthful, yet Body-Solid is another terrific strength training brand with a huge lineup of devices to pick from.

They really do have one of the biggest schedules of residence fitness centers, shelfs, and strength training equipment I’ve ever seen- as well as it’s every one of high-quality.

Body-Solid deals several different squat stands as well as power shelfs to pick from as well as this Pro Clubline is one of the most inexpensive of the lot.

Which is insane considering it’s still a business quality rack.

The Pro Clubline includes 3 ″ x 3 ″, 11-gauge steel uprights, much like the Rogue shelfs over, and it as well has a weight ability of 1,000 lb.

What’s fascinating about this basic stand is that you can change the width to fit your area.

You can select in between 3 settings to fit either a 5 ′, 6 ′, or 7 ′ (Olympic) bar. This ability to transform the size of the rack might can be found in handy for houses with smaller exercise locations.

Or if you currently have bars of different lengths.

This stand isn’t compatible with many extra accessories besides optional security bars that can be purchased individually, however it does feature a pair of J cups consisted of.

And also unlike the Rogue stands, the Pro Clubline does include Westside spacing in the bench press area.

As well as Body-Solid backs it up with a lifetime residential and industrial guarantee.

Overall, if you’re searching for a straightforward yet solid squat rack that will not damage the budget plan, Body-Solid has obtained ya covered with their Pro Clubline (this rack is on sale for an excellent cost at Physical fitness Factory).

#4 Torque Fitness High Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar

I have to admit, I’m not as accustomed to Torque Fitness as I am with the other brand names detailed so far. I have actually come across their name a few times over the last few years, yet I believe this is the initial piece of their equipment I’ve taken a more detailed check out.

And also I like what I see.

Torque’s items, and also this squat shelf specifically, advise me a little of Rogue.

Like Rogue, Torque has a generous option of heavy-duty equipment to select from. They do not have fairly as many racks as well as rigs to select from, yet the ones they do have are adjustable.

You can select in between a brief rack or a high one, there’s also a folding design that anchors to a wall surface.

As a relatively high gent, I like the high squat stand.

This shelf is created with 3 ″ x 3 ″, 11-gauge steel uprights, which is impressive, although the weight capability is a little lower at only 675 pound.

This squat stand comes with a consisted of bring up bar and also a collection of J cups with purchase, yet when it comes to additional accessories, Torque has numerous to pick from.

These include weight plate storage attachments, dip deals with, benches, landmines, and safety bars.

The guarantee on this stand isn’t as charitable as the various other brand names above- Torque just backs this stand with a ten years frame/weld and also 1 year components guarantee.

Yet otherwise, this is another heavy-duty squat stand with a lot of space to expand.

#5 Titan X-3 Series Tall Squat Rack

Completing our list is a really straightforward squat shelf by Titan Physical fitness. Titan products do not constantly get the best reviews, but when you take into consideration how cost effective they are, they’re certainly worth taking into consideration.

No one’s mosting likely to mistake a Titan shelf for a Rogue, yet at half the rate, it’s not a bad buy if you’re working with a smaller spending plan.

The X-3 is Titan’s toughest squat rack to date. They additionally have their T-3 squat stand that comes with slightly smaller sized uprights.

As the name indicates, this is a high squat stand (91 ″ tall) and it features a consisted of pull up bar. The base is extremely portable, just using up a floor space of around 4 ′ x 4 ′.

This stand comes with 3 ″ x 3 ″, 11-gauge steel uprights as well as a weight restriction of 1,000 lb, which is pretty good considering we’ r speaking about a $400 rack right here.

When it pertains to devices, Titan does not have as impressive an option as other brands, yet this rack does feature a set of J mugs.

And also the X-3 does have Westside spacing in the middle if that’s something you’re searching for.

You can also purchase watchman arms individually for included assurance when raising solo.

The greatest dissatisfaction with the specs is the lackluster warranty- Titan just backs the X-3 with a 1 year warranty, which is quite weak.

Yet if you’re seeking a compact squat rack that takes it truly easy on the budget plan, Titan’s X-3 isn’t a bad selection.

Final Thoughts

That around does it.

If you ask me, the above represent the best heavy-duty squat mean home usage today. I attempted to include stands in various price varieties, yet fortunately every one of these racks are under $1000.

That can easily alter though if you begin adding on benches as well as extra accessories.

When searching for a high quality squat stand, I urge to concentrate on the specifications that matter: upright dimension and scale, weight capability, and also size.

Price is certainly mosting likely to be a large factor for most of us too, however again, squat stands aren’t that expensive in the world of physical fitness equipment.

It’s likewise a great suggestion to think about what accessories are readily available for your picked shelf too, in case you wish to broaden in the future.

You should additionally think about whether you truly want a squat stand or if it would make good sense to go all in with a power shelf– believe it or otherwise, complete racks don’t constantly use up that far more floor room.

And they don’t set you back that much more either.

Something to think about.

Anyway, I hope you delighted in reading. If you have any kind of inquiries or remarks please leave ’em listed below and I’ll get right back to ya.