When it comes to high-quality treadmills that offer exceptional durability and top-tier performance, the Spirit CT800 Treadmill stands out. Weighing in at over 350 lbs, this treadmill is a powerhouse of fitness equipment designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial users. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various features, specifications, and benefits of the Spirit CT800 Treadmill.

1. Unmatched Durability

The Spirit CT800 is built to last, thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame and aluminum console masts and side rails. This construction ensures longevity and makes it a worthy investment, comparable to higher-priced commercial treadmills.

2. Spacious Workout Area

One of the standout features of the CT800 is its large 22” x 60” workout area. This generous space caters to both walkers and runners, providing ample room to move comfortably during your workouts.

3. Dual-Drive Motor Cooling Fans

To protect and extend the life of the motor and control board, the Spirit CT800 features dual-drive motor cooling fans. This advanced cooling system ensures that your treadmill remains in optimal condition even during intense workouts.

4. Maintenance-Free Deck

The CT800 is equipped with a hard wax deck system that’s maintenance-free. This feature guarantees hassle-free use for thousands of miles, reducing the need for constant maintenance and ensuring a smooth workout experience.

5. User-Friendly Interface

Ease of use is a top priority with the Spirit CT800. It includes a storage tray for your phone, keys, or MP3 player, ergonomically friendly pulse grip handles for a more natural hand position, and a turbo cooling fan to keep you cool during your workouts.

6. Informative Console

The large, easy-to-read console provides constant feedback on essential workout metrics, including time, distance, calories, pace, speed, incline, pulse, and METs. This real-time information empowers you to track your progress and make the most of your training sessions.

7. Diverse Program Options

The Spirit CT800 offers a wide selection of preset programs to cater to various fitness levels and goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you’ll find programs such as manual, interval, 5k, hill, fat burn, cardio, fit test, Gerkin Protocol Fit Test, and military readiness tests. You can also create custom workouts tailored to your preferences.

8. Heart Rate Monitoring

The CT800 supports both contact and telemetric heart rate monitoring (Heart Rate Strap Not Included), allowing you to track your heart rate accurately and adjust your workouts accordingly.

9. Impressive Speed and Incline Range

With a speed range from 0.5 to 12 mph and an incline range from 0-15%, the Spirit CT800 accommodates a wide range of training intensities, from leisurely walking to intense sprints and uphill challenges.

10. Robust Drive Motor

The treadmill is powered by a 4.0 hp DC Drive with Grade H Insulation, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. A 20 Amp Circuit is recommended to support its power requirements.

11. Superior Deck and Belt

The CT800 features a 1″ Phenolic deck, which is reversible and double-sided, ensuring a long lifespan. The 22″ x 60″ Habasit® Commercial, Multi-Ply belt is built to withstand rigorous use.

12. Exceptional Cushioning

With six cushions (rear rigid mount), the Spirit CT800 offers excellent cushioning to minimize the impact on your joints and provide a comfortable workout experience.

13. Sturdy Frame

The treadmill boasts a heavy-gauge, high-strength steel frame with durable powder-coat paint and aluminum console masts, ensuring stability and long-lasting performance.

14. Dimensions and User Weight Limit

The Spirit CT800 Treadmill has the following dimensions: 84″ x 35″ x 57″ and can support a maximum user weight of 450 lbs.

15. Warranty

For peace of mind, the Spirit CT800 comes with a robust warranty:

Residential Warranty:

Frame: Lifetime
Motor: Lifetime
Deck: 10 Years
Parts: 10 Years
Labor: 2 Years
Commercial Warranty (Non-Dues Paying):

Frame: Lifetime
Motor: 5 Years
Deck: 5 Years
Parts: 5 Years
Labor: 2 Years


Q1. Is the Spirit CT800 suitable for commercial gym use?
The Spirit CT800 is designed for both residential and commercial use, making it a versatile option for gym owners.

Q2. Can I track my heart rate while using the CT800?
Yes, the treadmill supports heart rate monitoring through both contact and telemetric methods (Heart Rate Strap Not Included).

Q3. What is the maximum user weight limit for the CT800?
The Spirit CT800 can accommodate users weighing up to 450 lbs.

Q4. Are there any preset workout programs on this treadmill?
Yes, the CT800 offers a variety of preset programs, including options for different fitness levels and goals.

Q5. Does the Spirit CT800 come with a cooling fan?
Yes, it features a turbo cooling fan to keep you comfortable during your workouts.


In conclusion, the Spirit CT800 Treadmill is a top-of-the-line fitness machine that combines durability, user-friendliness, and a wide range of features and programs. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a gym owner, the CT800 provides a superior workout experience, ensuring that you get the most out of your training sessions. Its exceptional build quality and robust warranty make it a standout choice in the world of treadmills, setting a new standard for performance and longevity.

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