When it comes to fitness, sometimes simplicity is the key. The Spirit XT185 treadmill is your entry-level companion on the journey to better health. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the XT185, designed for individuals who prefer minimal programming and straightforward functionality. Discover how this treadmill can help you initiate your walking or hiking routine with ease.

1. Dependable Performance

The XT185 treadmill is built to be as dependable as other models in the Spirit lineup. While it may have fewer programs and features, its core purpose is to deliver a reliable and efficient walking and running experience.

2. User-Friendly Design

Simplicity is a hallmark of the XT185. Its easy-to-understand command prompts and the option to just press ‘start’ make it accessible to users of all experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned treadmill user or a beginner, you can jump right into your workout.

3. Console with Backlit LCD

The treadmill features a 7.5″ blue backlit LCD console that’s not only easy to read but also tablet-friendly. You can conveniently place your tablet on the reading rack and enjoy your favorite entertainment while working out.

4. Exercise Data at Your Fingertips

The XT185 provides an extensive amount of exercise data, keeping you informed about your progress. You can track time, distance, speed, elevation, calories burned, pace, altitude, laps, segment time, and heart rate throughout your workout.

5. Program Variety

Although it’s an entry-level treadmill, the XT185 offers six different programs to keep your workouts engaging and effective. These programs include Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, and Interval, catering to a range of fitness goals and preferences.

6. Heart Rate Monitoring

The treadmill is equipped with hand pulse grips for heart rate monitoring. Keeping an eye on your heart rate during your workouts helps you stay within your target heart rate zone for effective and safe training.

7. Direct Access Buttons

For quick and convenient adjustments, the XT185 features direct access buttons for both speed and incline. You can easily change the intensity of your workout without navigating through complex menus.

8. Speed and Incline Range

This treadmill offers a speed range from 0.5 to 10 mph, accommodating a variety of walking and running paces. It also provides ten levels of incline, allowing you to simulate varying terrains for a more challenging workout.

9. Quiet and Efficient Motor

The XT185 is equipped with a 2.75 hp drive motor, ensuring quiet and efficient operation. Whether you’re walking at a leisurely pace or pushing yourself in a high-intensity interval, this treadmill can handle the challenge.

10. Quality Deck and Belt

The treadmill’s deck is constructed with 3/4″ phenolic material, which is silicone lubricated and foldable for easy storage. The belt measures 20″ x 55″ and is a durable 1-ply design, 1.6mm thick, built to withstand thousands of miles.

11. Cushioning for Comfort

The XT185 features six cushions, which are rear rigid mounted. These cushions provide the right amount of shock absorption to ensure a comfortable and low-impact workout.

12. Compact Handrails

The treadmill’s handrails are designed for comfort and support. They are short and lateral, allowing you to maintain proper form while providing stability during your workouts.

13. Commercial-Grade Frame

The XT185 is constructed with commercial-grade structural steel and finished with a durable powder-coat paint. This robust frame ensures the treadmill’s longevity and sturdiness.

14. Unique Features

The XT185 is equipped with a swivel fan to keep you cool during your workouts. It also includes dual storage trays for holding water bottles, tablets, or other essentials, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

15. Dimensions and Weight Capacity

The treadmill’s dimensions are 77″ x 35″ x 58″. It has a product weight of 233 lbs. and a maximum user weight capacity of 275 lbs., making it suitable for a wide range of users.


Q1. Is the XT185 suitable for beginners?
Absolutely. Its user-friendly design and simplicity make it an excellent choice for those new to treadmill workouts.

Q2. Can I use my tablet while working out on the XT185?
Yes, the tablet-friendly reading rack allows you to place your tablet for entertainment during your workouts.

Q3. Are there preset workout programs on the XT185?
Yes, the treadmill offers six preset programs, providing variety and options for different fitness goals.

Q4. What’s the advantage of the direct access buttons for speed and incline?
These buttons allow you to make quick adjustments to the treadmill’s settings during your workout without interruption.

Q5. Is the XT185 suitable for users with limited workout space?
Yes, the treadmill is foldable and compact, making it ideal for home gyms or spaces with limited room.


The Spirit XT185 treadmill is your reliable partner for achieving your fitness goals. Whether you’re new to treadmill workouts or simply prefer a straightforward and effective exercise experience, this treadmill offers the perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. With its user-friendly design, extensive exercise data, preset programs, and tablet-friendly console, it has everything you need for a successful workout. Its durable construction, comfort features, and unique additions like the swivel fan and storage trays make it a well-rounded choice for fitness enthusiasts. When you’re ready to take your first step or continue your fitness journey, the Spirit XT185 treadmill is here to support your path to better health.

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