Meet the Spirit XT685 Treadmill, the crowning jewel of the X Series. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the myriad features and benefits of this exceptional treadmill, designed for individuals who demand nothing less than the best for their fitness journey. With a non-folding frame, a durable waxed deck system, and a range of premium features, the XT685 is ready to redefine your running experience.

1. Unmatched Durability

At the core of the XT685’s excellence is its non-folding frame and waxed deck system. These design choices are geared toward durability, allowing the treadmill to withstand the demands of frequent running. With its robust construction, it easily competes with treadmills in much higher price brackets.

2. Premium Rollers

The XT685 features large 3″ diameter rollers, which play a significant role in the treadmill’s smooth operation. These rollers reduce wear and tear on the belt, ensuring longevity and dependable performance.

3. Wide Running Belt

The 22″ wide belt offers ample space for comfortable running or walking. It provides a secure platform, making it an ideal choice for both serious runners and fitness enthusiasts who prefer brisk walking.

4. Zwift App Compatibility

For tech-savvy users, the XT685 brings the world of Zwift into your fitness routine. Zwift App compatibility means you can connect your treadmill to this immersive platform, enhancing your workout experience with virtual landscapes and social engagement.

5. Intuitive Console

The treadmill boasts a 9″ Blue Backlit LCD console, complete with a Heart Rate % Profile and Muscle Activation Profile. It also features a tablet-friendly reading rack, offering convenience and entertainment during your workouts.

6. Varied Program Options

With 12 built-in programs, the XT685 caters to a broad spectrum of fitness goals. These programs include options like Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Interval, Calorie, Fusion, and more.

7. Heart Rate Monitoring

Stay in your target heart rate zone with the treadmill’s Hand Pulse Grips and Telemetric capabilities. A Heart Rate Strap is included for added convenience.

8. Speed and Incline Control

Direct Access Buttons for Speed and Incline allow for quick and easy adjustments during your workouts, ensuring that you stay in control of your exercise intensity.

9. Powerful Motor

The XT685 is equipped with a 4.0 hp DC Motor, providing ample power for smooth and consistent performance at a wide range of speeds.

10. Advanced Cushioning

Six rear rigid mount cushions provide a comfortable and supportive running surface, reducing the impact on your joints while you exercise.

11. Entertainment and Cooling

The treadmill offers an MP3 Audio Jack and built-in speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or podcasts during your workouts. Additionally, a swivel fan keeps you cool and comfortable.

12. Fusion Program

The Fusion Program combines alternating strength and cardio intervals, delivering a comprehensive workout experience that caters to both your cardiovascular and muscular fitness.


Q1. Is the Spirit XT685 suitable for serious runners?
Absolutely. With its non-folding frame, robust construction, and powerful motor, it’s an excellent choice for serious runners.

Q2. Can I connect the XT685 to the Zwift App, and how does it enhance my workouts?
Yes, the XT685 is Zwift App compatible, allowing you to engage in immersive virtual workouts and social interaction, making your exercise routine more enjoyable and motivating.

Q3. What’s the maximum user weight capacity of the XT685?
The XT685 can support users weighing up to 425 lbs, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Q4. How does the Fusion Program benefit my fitness goals?
The Fusion Program on the XT685 combines strength and cardio intervals, ensuring a well-rounded and effective workout, targeting both endurance and muscle development.

Q5. Can I use my tablet while using the XT685?
Yes, the treadmill’s tablet-friendly reading rack lets you conveniently place your tablet for entertainment or fitness app usage during your workout.


The Spirit XT685 Treadmill is a testament to uncompromising quality and performance. With its non-folding frame, premium features, and durability, it stands as a flagship model in the X Series, ready to meet the expectations of serious runners and fitness enthusiasts. From intuitive console options to compatibility with the Zwift App, the XT685 offers a diverse range of workout possibilities. Whether you’re pursuing cardiovascular fitness, strength training, or overall wellness, the XT685 is your companion on the journey to better health and endurance. With this treadmill, every step you take is a stride toward your fitness goals.

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