A quality squat rack is among one of the most important pieces in a weight lifter’s residence gym. Sadly, if your house or garage is a little room challenged, suitable in a complete size shelf can seem undoable.

Luckily, home physical fitness business have actually heard your cries as well as are currently offering folding squat racks.

These gears can function as totally working squat racks and after that fold away for storage after your workouts, making room in your garage for various other essential things, like vehicles.

As the appeal of these systems continues to climb, an increasing number of companies are attempting to get in on the action. However buyers beware- all folding shelfs are not equivalent.

In order to find the best folding squat racks, you need to understand what to try to find– which’s where I are available in.

In this guide, we’ll talk about all the crucial specs and functions you ought to consider when contrasting folding squat shelfs. I’ll also use my 2 cents on which shelfs I assume outshine the rest.

After reading this post, you’ll know every little thing you require to in order to find the best folding squat rack for your house health club.

Allow’s begin with the start.

The 3 Best Folding Squat Racks

It’s a tough call in between this PRx rack as well as the Rogue one I detailed as # 2. People might say that the Rogue model is heavier-duty and better priced, both of which are true.

However the upright folding innovation is by the much the fastest and most hassle-free means to save any of the shelfs I have actually seen.

It’s mosting likely to be the only upright folding shelf for time I’m thinking, due to the fact that they invented the technology and have a license pending on it.

If you see Shark Container often enough, you may have seen PRx on it. They in fact scored a take care of Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary), which I make sure has done wonders for their organization.

Anyway, PRx provides a few various variations on their folding racks, all at different rate points relying on what type of bring up bar you pick.

I like this Profile Squat Rack with the kipping bar since it will collaborate with many CrossFit moves (even with the 21.5 ″ depth).

This PRx Account Shelf uses 11-gauge steel as well as includes 2 ″ x 3 ″ upright columns. Despite the fact that these columns aren’t the largest about, they really should be strong enough to hold the amount of weight most customers will certainly throwing on it.

P.S.- the PRx Pro Racks come with 3 ″ x3 ″ columns, yet price a lot more.

With 2 ″ x3 ″ columns the Profile is still efficient in holding 1000 lb securely, so like I stated, need to be plenty for most of us. The kipping bar is additionally solid steel.

This gear folds up and down, utilizing 4 gas shocks that make training and going down smooth as well as simple. In its folded up setting, this shelf extends only 4 ″ from the wall, making it one of the most compact design of the number.

Oh, another great aspect of the way this rack folds up- you do not have to get rid of the pull up bar prior to folding.

The only disadvantage of the upright fold is that it needs higher ceilings- a minimum of 9 ′ well worth of open wall surface space.

The Profile is additionally backed by a life time guarantee. The opportunities of something breaking down is uncommon, yet it’s nice to recognize you’re covered in case something does.

The only actual downside to this shelf is the rate- this is by far one of the most expensive folding shelf around. However it’s likewise the only one that folds up and down in seconds (development is gon na cost ya).

If you concur time is priceless, the comfort may necessitate the added cost. If you select the PRx Account, I question you’ll be disappointed. It’s a wonderful shelf.

#2 Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mounted Rack

Again, it was tough for me to place Rogue’s RML-3W secondly, however the vertical system the PRx uses is just too amazing. That claimed, if you don’t mind taking a little longer to fold/unfold, you can conserve yourself nearly $400 and also opt for the RML-3W.

If you’re familiar with Rogue Physical fitness, it will not amaze you to hear that this rack, although it folds up, is developed like a storage tank.

Because that’s how Rogue rolls.


They consistently put out several of the most difficult, heaviest-duty training rigs on the marketplace. They also value them competitively and also back them up with life time guarantees.

The RML-3W is a much more conventional folding squat rack, indicating it folds up horizontally.

You have to remove the pull up bar prior to you fold each column internal or external versus the wall surface. It takes a little bit longer, but it’s still very efficient. Folded, this rack sticks concerning 5 ″ of the wall surface.

Rogue makes use of 11-gauge, 3 ″ x3 ″ uprights for an unfailing frame on this shelf. As I pointed out previously, this transcends to the Profile over with its 2 ″ x3 ″ columns.

So if you’re looking for a heavier-duty rack, you discovered it.

The RML-3W includes Westside spacing, a pair of J-hooks, and your selection of depth (21.5 ″ or 41.5 ″). It’s likewise backed by Rogue’s life time warranty.

Although they aren’t required, Rogue recommends acquiring a stringer set to make installment a whole lot easier. The stringers have all the holes pre-drilled in the right area, making placing a whole lot extra simple.

The stringers are likewise black powder layered and also made out of 11-gauge steel, so they are difficult and do not eliminate anything from the appearance of your rack. I in fact think they make the entire system look far better.

On the whole, the RML-3W is the most effective flat folding squat rack on the market. If you don’t mind taking minority added actions to fold up and unravel each time, this rack is a piece of cake. Highly advised.

#3 Titan X-3 Fold Back Wall Mounted Rack

Completing our checklist is the X-3 Fold Back by Titan Fitness. If you like the concept of the Rogue shelf over, but are on a tighter spending plan, the X-3 is the method to go.
This squat rack is modeled after the RML-3W in practically every means. As well as on paper, they look really similar. The only point missing is the Rogue name (which counts for a whole lot).

Titan is a spending plan pleasant home fitness devices carrier. They do not have the same reputation Rogue has actually made, yet their shelfs as well as equipment are normally well received.

The X-3 is their most sturdy folding squat rack. It too includes 11-gauge, 3 ″ x3 ″ upright columns and has a weight capacity north of 1000 pound.

This shelf folds flat like the RML-3W, using 4 pins to launch the joints.

It too has a quick-release bring up bar that can quickly be removed or set up utilizing pins. Like the rack over, you have to remove the bring up bar prior to folding.

The X-3 likewise includes laser drilled openings and Westside spacing. Titan also includes an additional set of J-hooks, giving you 4 total amount to deal with right out of package.

This is convenient because it implies you can set up one set for crouching and also an additional set for benching- ought to reduce the quantity of adjusting you need to do.

Titan doesn’t offer any stringers like Rogue does, so setting up can be tough. Yet you can make your very own stringers with 2 × 8’s as well as a trip to your neighborhood House Depot.

The largest disadvantage to this rack is the guarantee: Titan just guarantees it for one year.

There’s no doubt this is a short warranty, but with 11-gauge steel as well as 3 ″ x3 ″ uprights, this shelf ought to be able to last a life time and after that some.

So if you’re searching for a sturdy folding shelf at a bargain rate, the X-3 is your best bet. The fact that it’s $200 less expensive than the RML-3W could help you get over that guarantee.

How To Choose A Folding Squat Rack

Like anything else in life, it’s an excellent suggestion to understand what you’re seeking before you start looking. Luckily, folding squat shelfs are rather straightforward gadgets- there’s not that much to them.

The most important point to think about is frame top quality, so let’s begin there:

Structural Integrity

All squat racks, whether they fold or not, must be constructed out of steel. If you locate a “squat rack” somewhere that’s constructed out of something else, that’s an instant dealbreaker.

The architectural integrity of your rack is mostly figured out by 2 factors: the density of the steel used, as well as the dimension of the upright columns.


The gauge of steel describes exactly how thick it is. As you may expect, thicker steel is more powerful than thinner steel. Because of this, racks using thicker steel are liked.

Metal evaluates work reverse of what you ‘d expect- lower numbers indicate thicker metal.

The majority of high-grade residence squat racks utilize 11-gauge steel (meaning the steel is around 1/8 ″ thick). Some shelfs utilize 12-gauge, as well as depending on how much weight you intend on lifting, this might still be okay.

Premium business grade racks can use as thick as 7-gauge steel to stand up to extended use and also numerous users a day.

It’s not suggested to select anything thinner than 12-gauge, there’s no assurance it’s gon na hold up. I’ve seen racks making use of 14-gauge steel and I simply shuttered to myself hoping nobody’s acquiring them (however you know they are).

It’s usually simple to inform the scale of steel a rack is using because it will be advertised. Well, if it’s 11 or 12-gauge it possibly will be.

If you do not see the gauge noted, it’s not a good indicator.

Column Size

The upright columns refer to the huge steel poles that comprise the bulk of the squat shelf. Both folding and also non-folding racks utilize upright columns, although wall-mounted folding racks will just have 2 (true power cages have 4).

The columns have the job of holding up the majority of the weight you’re placing on the shelf, so it is necessary for them to be as structurally sound as feasible.

The scale of the steel they’re made from adds to their strength, as does the dimension of the column itself.

These upright columns are gauged in inches and also the larger they are, the better. The columns can be square, with dimensions like 2 ″ x2 ″ or rectangle-shaped, with dimensions like 2 ″ x3 ″.

The biggest and also most structurally sound columns will be 3 ″ x3 ″. A squat rack with columns this big is pretty much assured to be strong sufficient to take care of any type of exercise you can toss at it.

Although 3 ″ x3 ″ columns are preferred, the majority of individuals will certainly do simply fine with 2 ″ x3 ″ columns also. Structurally, many concur there isn’t a huge difference between both, presuming both have the exact same gauge steel.

Much more inexpensive racks may use 2 ″ x2 ″ columns. Even this could be risk-free depending upon just how much weight you’re utilizing. Moderate to advanced lifters need to probably go with a minimum of 2 ″ x3 ″ however.

The highest-end folding squat shelfs will make use of 11-gauge, 3 ″ x3 ″ steel upright columns for a sturdy frame with the ability of holding up to 1000 lb + safely.

Space Considerations

Also folding racks use up some area, so it’s important to consider how much space you have to collaborate with in your garage. Squat racks can fold either horizontally (most) or up and down (PRx only) depending upon the brand. Both have their benefits.

A lot of wall surface placed folding shelfs fold up horizontally- you get rid of the bring up bar, pull out 4 pins, as well as turn the columns up against the wall.

These devices normally protrude concerning 5 ″ or two from the wall when folded, which is pretty good considering they typically stand out at the very least 21.5 ″ throughout use.

These flat folding gears can fold up external, with each column entering the opposite direction, or internal with the columns meeting with each other in the center.

You might even fold one inward as well as one external depending upon your garage’s accessibility of wall surface space.

These horizontally folding shelfs function fantastic, yet you have to have the open wall space around it if you intend on folding exterior.

The PRx racks have an upright folding system, which is much faster and easier, yet you have to make certain you have high adequate ceilings- a minimum of 9 ′ of available wall surface room.

Mentioning dimensions, the majority of these racks have comparable specifications. All are about: 90 ″ x 50-52 ″ x 21.5 ″ (or 41.5 ″)– H x W x D.

A lot of wall surface mounted racks offer the choice of obtaining 21.5 ″ or 41.5 ″ of depth, or range far from the wall.

Most people should do simply great with 21.5 ″, but if you intend on doing a great deal of kipping motions or gymnastic things with rings, you could wish to go with the bigger deepness.


It’s constantly an excellent concept to consider what includes a rack comes with or works with prior to buying. Nevertheless, it’s not all about architectural integrity … just primarily.

These squat shelfs are basically simply steel frameworks, so there aren’t a lot of functions to speak about, however there are a pair I intend to point out.

Pull Up Bars

Many respectable folding shelfs will certainly include a quick-attach pull up bar. This is a straight bar that can connect to the top of the shelf with the use of push pins.

Some will certainly feature a kipping bar- this is a pull up bar that expands a little farther out from the shelf, permitting kipping steps that require more space.

Westside Spacing

A lot of squat shelfs these days feature westside spacing, which refers to the holes near all-time low of the rack being spaced more detailed together than the holes at the top (50 mm vs 100 mm).

This attribute can be found in handy for bench press actions, where you might require a lot more exact positioning of the J-hooks (specifically if you’ll be maxing out).


J-hooks are the hooks made use of on squat racks to hold the barbell in place. The majority of j-hooks work across numerous racks and can easily be attached using the laser reduced holes on each column.

A lot of good racks will consist of a set of J-hooks to get ya started.


The majority of folding racks are compatible with all the devices you can use on complete dimension racks as well as cages. These can consist of:

  • Safety and security arms
  • Safety straps
  • Dip terminal
  • Folding bench (may additionally be wall placed).
  • Plate storage space (wall surface installed?).
  • Weights.

Final Thoughts

Folding squat racks, particularly the ones that are wall surface installed, use a wonderful solution for garage fitness centers that are tight on room. You obtain every one of the benefits of a totally functioning shelf during usage and then get to store it out of the way up until following time.

Win win.

There aren’t a lots of these racks on the market yet, but as their popularity grows, I’ll bet we’ll be seeing an increasing number of. Simply keep in mind what you should be keeping an eye out for when contrasting brand-new designs.

Constantly start with architectural honesty by assessing the scale as well as size of the steel columns utilized- 11-gauage, 3 ″ x3 ″ is the best. After that consider area requirements as well as included features.

I suggest considering warranty too. Extra inexpensive shelfs have a tendency to find with shorter warranties (as Titan’s X-3 demonstrates completely), however we’re talking about steel frames right here, so there shouldn’t be much break down that occurs.

That about does it. If you have any concerns or comments, please leave them as well as I’ll get back to ya soon.

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