Recumbent cross trainers have actually been prominent in the rehabilitation setup for a very long time since they use a risk-free, comfy means to strengthen your legs as well as boost cardiovascular health.

This is usually a tough task right after surgical treatment or for people with movement problems. This is why these machines can be located in almost every rehab center around the nation.

Ends up you no longer need to go to therapy to reap the benefits from recumbent instructors. Nowadays, suppliers are creating devices created especially for residence usage.

This is great information for individuals available that have a tough time working out due to physical limitations. Rather than having to go out to treatment or discover a person to take you to the local health club, you can purchase a recumbent instructor and also exercise securely in the convenience of your very own home.

However, like any other fitness equipment, you need to know what to search for prior to making a purchase.

Doing your study is the best means to reduce your possibilities of acquiring a lemon. Luckily, you have actually pertained to the best location!

My guide is below to educate you whatever you require to understand about recumbent trainers, including what you need to search for and also how to contrast different versions.

I’ve also included my leading choices for the trainers available for residence usage.

Let’s begin with the start.

What Is A Recumbent Cross Trainer?

If you have actually mistakenly stumbled across this short article or aren’t precisely certain what counts as a recumbent instructor, let’s ensure we’re all discussing the exact same thing below.

A recumbent cross trainer, or recumbent fitness instructor, or recumbent elliptical instructor, or recumbent stepper is a mix of a recumbent bike and an elliptical instructor.

The seat appears like the huge, comfy seat related to recumbent bikes. However rather than pedaling like you do on a bike, you are pressing big pedals backward and forward with your feet.

You additionally get to make use of handles for your arms, much like a lot of ellipticals allow you do. This is fantastic since you can successfully get a complete body exercise while sitting pleasantly on a large seat with back-rest.

If you have actually never ever become aware of a recumbent instructor, you may have become aware of the NuStep, the very first (and also most prominent) recumbent trainer.

It came out in the late ’90s and was developed by a bio-medical designer and also a workout science man from Michigan State. The objective was to develop a secure cardio device for people that had had heart surgical treatment.

It was marketed to physical treatment clinics and rehab settings et cetera is background. You can discover a NuStep in pretty much every treatment facility nowadays, as well as for good factor- they work very well.

NuSteps are remarkable, yet they are additionally extremely costly. They declare they have “home versions”, but their most affordable equipment is about $4000. If you have the cash, you can not go wrong with a NuStep. Their largest flaw is their high asking rate.

When I consider residence exercise devices, I think of tools that is generally a little bit much more cost effective.

I was actually inspired to write this post after a discussion I had with among my patients. For those of you who aren’t conscious, I’m a physiotherapist in my day task.

I do home wellness- that’s where I take a trip to my patient’s homes and treat them in the convenience of their houses.

Anyway, my patient had recently had a total hip substitute as well as was speaking about how much he enjoyed making use of the NuStep at treatment before his surgical treatment.

He intended to acquire one for his home, however was dissatisfied when he saw just how much they set you back. He asked me if I understood of any kind of less expensive alternatives …

I stated I would check out it for him as well as the suggestion for this post was born.

Long-story-short, yes, there are a lot more economical choices available. And of course, several of them have a great deal to provide as well as deserve buying.

As well as indeed, you presumed it- those elliptical machine trainers worth getting are the ones I’ve evaluated listed below.

How To Choose A Recumbent Cross Trainer

When it concerns recumbent fitness instructors, the options aren’t silent as vast as they are with recumbent bikes or ellipticals. Searching online, you might just think of a handful of choices for home usage.

This certainly makes the search a little less complicated. You may even be able to make use of cost alone, depending upon your budget plan.

However, it’s always an excellent suggestion to recognize what you ought to expect when contrasting these makers. Right here are a couple of crucial qualities I suggest you examine during your search.

Utilize this info as an overview as well as see to it to compare these features amongst the different recumbent instructors you are thinking about.


The seats on recumbent instructors are always a little bigger as well as they constantly have a backrest. Some seats will certainly have an adjustable recline setup, which is a great feature to have because it allows you to tailor your setting more.

Some seats might additionally supply arm rests- this can add comfort if you are exercising your legs only as well as not utilizing the arm takes care of.

The nicest seat feature found on some recumbent trainers is the capability to swivel. On these equipments, you can release a lever as well as the seat turns 90 deg to the side.

This makes it a lot less complicated to enter as well as out of and is especially helpful if you have wheelchair problems or are transferring from a wheelchair.

Every one of the NuSteps deal this feature, a few of the competitors do too. Simply a heads up however, fitness instructors with pivoting seats are a lot more pricey.

Pedal Motion

The movement of the foot pedals is something else to take into consideration. The activity can be direct (like a stepper) or have a round pattern that a lot more carefully simulates the movement of an elliptical exerciser equipment.

It might not make much difference to you and you may not also actually see, however practically speaking a straight movement would certainly supply the lowest effect exercise.

If you have extreme arthritis you may wish to search for an equipment with a direct pedaling activity to ensure as little impact as possible.


You probably shouldn’t anticipate all the elegant bells and also whistles you see on various other sorts of physical fitness equipment. These makers are normally pretty basic.

The console typically just displays metrics like actions, time, range.

Some better equipments might compute METs (metabolic equivalents) or watts, but you should not expect a great deal of bluetooth functions with fitness application tracking (although some makers do provide this).

Many instructors will certainly offer workout programs, however the number and also class of them will certainly differ. Keep in mind these machines are designed for individuals that generally simply wish to get on and flight.

Other crucial integrated functions to look for include:

  • Walk-through frames- makes obtaining on/off less complicated
  • Flexible handle bars- makes it less complicated to make certain the ideal suitable for any individual
  • Flexible resistance levels to accommodate users of any type of physical fitness degree
  • Heart rate monitor compatibility

Weight Capacity

Like any kind of kind of physical fitness tools, it’s constantly a good concept to take into consideration the weight capability of the trainer you are taking into consideration. It needs to at the very least safely fit you or any kind of family member that may be working out on it.

If stuck between two alternatives, always go with the machine with the higher weight capability, it indicates premium toughness and also durability.

Recumbent fitness instructors typically carry weight capabilities that are more than other types of devices. Wonderful trainers will begin at 300 pound capacities and go as high as 600 lb.


Last, but not least, is warranty. Always think about the guarantee when making a recumbent trainer purchase. Much more expensive models have a tendency to have higher service warranties, but that rule is not written in rock.

These makers generally have warranties that are divided into framework, parts, and labor.

Labor is always the fastest service warranty, commonly 1-2 years.

Components warranties typically vary between 3-5 years relying on the design.

Structure should be the lengthiest, due to the fact that it’s the component that is least most likely to fail. Good frame warranties can range in between 5 years to life time.

The 4 Best Recumbent Cross Trainers For Home Use

The CS3 Cardio Strider is kind of priced in the mid-range in between the Teeter as well as the higher-end trainers like NuStep. With the extra money you obtain some quite substantial upgrades- more advanced console, better seat, as well as an extra significant service warranty.

This machine is valued well as well as has everything it needs to make it an excellent selection for a home fitness instructor.

The seat on the CS3 is a little larger than the one on the Teeter, however it still doesn’t have arm rests or swivel. It too is recline flexible with 3 placements. The framework isn’t quite walk-through, however the action via elevation is quite low, making it very easy to access.

The takes care of are flexible as well as use several holds to personalize your upper body exercise. You can likewise rotate them conveniently to match the position you need. This comes in helpful when you are stressing your arms- after all, these equipments do use a full body exercise.

The CS3 also makes use of a pretty direct pedal motion, good for lowering stress and anxiety with your joints. This fitness instructor has stationary foot relaxes you can park your feet on if you intend to separate your arms.

You can additionally place your arms on stationary handlebars if you wish to separate your legs.

I pointed out the console is a lot a lot more innovative, that might be an understatement. It’ much bigger, it’s blue backlit as well as it includes 10 preset exercise programs.

It likewise uses 20 various resistance levels, enough to test you despite your physical fitness level.

And also not just is the CS3 heart rate screen suitable, it includes a Polar breast band screen!

The max weight ability on this fitness instructor is 300 lb, like the Teeter. Ought to be enough to fit most customers easily, yet if you require a greater weight ability this isn’t the right machine for you.

The warranty offered by Inspire Fitness is pretty incredible. They supply the following guarantee on the CS3 Cardio Strider:

  • Life time structure
  • 5 year parts
  • 1 year labor

This is in fact one of the best warranties I discovered while doing my research for this short article. If I keep in mind appropriately, it also beats out NuStep. If you’re searching for a recumbent trainer that is developed to last, this could be the one for you.

Generally, the CS3 has a lot to offer. With a number of workout programs to select from as well as 20 degrees of resistance, getting a great workout won’t be a concern.

And if you are stressed, Inspire Physical fitness is throwing in a heart rate screen to ensure you are operating at your desired intensity. The CS3 uses a fantastic combination between attributes as well as price- it’s most definitely earned it’s means on this checklist.

Octane Health and fitness supplies a number of different recumbent trainer versions with the xR6’s being the most advanced house systems. This machine offers a degree of high-end the majority of the others simply can not.

I like the xR6xi due to the fact that it resembles something you would certainly see in your regional gym. The style is extremely welcoming- yet you know what they claim, you can not evaluate a book by it’s cover … luckily in this situation, the content is just as remarkable.

Beginning with the seat, you’ll discover that’s it’s large. You’ll additionally discover the big lever right listed below the seat- this makes adjusting the elevation very easy and available.

You can also change the recline setting below, yet unlike the other instructors that simply transforms the backrest angle, this set actually turns the whole seat/backrest combination. The outcome is a more comfy setting to run.

The handlebars are huge with a lot of hold options- this makes exercising extra comfortable and allows for particular muscle seclusion.

The pedal activity on the xR6xi is a bit a lot more round than some of the various other makers we have actually gone over. Not as round as a typical elliptical exerciser, but much more so than a purely linear activity.

Octane Health and fitness asserts this aids you activate your glutes extra- I’m not sure concerning that, however customers concur it feels smooth as well as comfortable to make use of.

This recumbent trainer is loaded with features. Conveniently the most attributes we’ve seen so far. Secret functions include:

  • Compatible with Octane Fitness app for health and fitness monitoring as well as more exercises
  • Compatible with Polar and also ANT+ heart rate monitors
  • Polar breast band included!
  • 9 preprogrammed workouts
  • ” Workout boosters” to help you isolate certain muscle groups and also burn more calories during your exercises
  • Multicolor “smart light” provides you visual hints of your exercise strength as well as helps you remain within your zone

The xR6xi likewise has a 300 lb weight restriction. Their industrial quality devices rise to 400 pound. In any case, this fitness instructor is developed solid enough to stand up to intense workouts.

As well as in the case that something does fail, Octane Health and fitness is backing this equipment up with one impressive guarantee:

  • Lifetime framework
  • 5 year parts
  • 1 year labor

On the whole, I’m actually satisfied with the xR6xi (and all of Octane Health and fitness’s recumbent ellipticals). It has without a doubt one of the most innovative features of any one of the trainers reviewed thus far and it features an outstanding warranty to back it up.

I likewise like that it in fact looks like it’s fun to utilize and not like it needs to be discovered in a treatment clinic (no offense NuStep).

HCI is one more company that uses an impressive recumbent trainer lineup. Excellent enough to provide NuStep a run for their cash also.

The LXT looks a bit extra “rehaby” and doesn’t have all the cool console functions like the xR6xi, but it does have something no other instructor provided up until now does … a swivel seat.

Yup, this instructor does come with a swivel seat. As well as this is a video game changer for people that are transferring from a wheelchair or that have wheelchair concerns that make it challenging to step over the framework to get in.

Turning the seat far from the pedals gives you a great deal even more area to get on and also removes the requirement to step over the pedals to get in.

The LXT has a direct pedal motion that provides a natural, gentle to and fro motion that is easy on your joints. This is the most comfy pattern for throbbing knees and also hips. The big pedals really have straps to aid keep your feet in place.

This is one more great feature because I see individuals all the time that have a tough time maintaining their feet on the pedals (either because of weakness or flexibility limitations).

The console doesn’t look that high-tech, but it’s big as well as very easy to read. The LXT includes 18 preprogrammed workouts as well as 16 resistance degrees. This provides you a great deal of control over your workouts.

It also implies this trainer can supply you a challenging workout regardless of your physical fitness degree.

The LXT is additionally suitable with cordless heart rate monitors, nevertheless one isn’t consisted of.

An additional thing this instructor has going all out is that it can hold users as much as 400 pound. This is the highest possible weight ability so far. This is fantastic for a home health and fitness device and can also stand up to commercial quality tools.

The LXT likewise has it taking place in the service warranty department. HCI is backing this maker up with a life time structure guarantee, a 3 year parts service warranty, and a 1 year labor service warranty.

Very outstanding. Seeing a wonderful guarantee such as this should offer you a little bit more peace of mind.

As you can see, the LXT has a whole lot to supply. This is an excellent selection if you have mobility issues. The swivel seat makes entering as well as out a lot less complicated.

The guarantee is also terrific. Yet if you are looking for fitness monitoring or intense lights, this isn’t the recumbent trainer for you.

PS- this instructor is several hundred dollars less than the xR6xi and also NuStep

Rounding out the list is one more HCI Health and fitness generate, the PhysioStep RXT. This fitness instructor is priced the like the LXT design we simply took a look at, yet does have a few key distinctions.

Choosing between them would be a matter of choice. Directly, I favor the LXT, however depending on what you are looking for, this might be the best fit.

The first huge distinction is that the RXT doesn’t have a swivel seat. The seat does recline and is totally flexible, however no swivel. The handlebars are likewise bigger as well as provide multi-grip settings which I do like.

Speaking of which, I failed to remember to mention that the handles on the LXT swivel- some customers don’t like this as well as choose the stationary ones (they are likewise available for that design).

The pedal movement is additionally various on this instructor. The RXT utilizes a much more circular, elliptical style pattern. This is where choice can be found in.

I like the direct motion better for throbbing joints, yet if your legs feel fine you won’t have any difficulty with the elliptical exerciser pattern. It too is reduced influence.

The console on the RXT is really comparable to the one discovered on the LXT. Exact same number of workout programs as well as exact same number of resistance levels (18 and 16 specifically).

The greatest difference is that the RXT is self-powered, implying there is no electrical plug-in to the wall. The LXT has to be plugged in to operate. The RXT is also compatible with cordless heart price displays.

This recumbent fitness instructor has a 500 lb weight capacity. We have a brand-new victor! Yes, this instructor has the highest weight limit of the bunch. Taking a look at the image you’ll notice the RXT has that extended stability bar throughout the front.

I’m thinking this is the factor the weight restriction is a lot greater on this version. This is a great option for the bigger users.

Lastly, the RXT has the same wonderful warranty as the LXT: lifetime structure, 3 year parts, 1 year labor. You can inform a whole lot by the service warranty a firm places on it’s products.

This warranty informs me HCI is confident that their stuff really works which they are constructed to last.

On the whole, the PhysioStep RXT is one more excellent recumbent fitness instructor. If you favor the elliptical pattern as well as the greater weight limitation, this is the trainer for you.

It’s likewise wonderful that you do not have to fret about connecting this point in, you can place it anywhere and also it’ll work simply fine.

Final Thoughts

Recumbent trainers are terrific, particularly for people suffering from joint inflammation or movement concerns, due to the fact that they supply a secure, comfy setting of exercise.

They function well for enhancing cardio feature, but can likewise help improve toughness and also flexibility.

When searching for the most effective recumbent cross trainers, it’s a great concept to know exactly how to compare apples to apples.

Comparing characteristics like the seat, the console, weight capability, and also service warranty gives you a standard of exactly how to see exactly how these makers genuinely differ from each various other. It likewise helps you organize your ideas and also find out which attributes are crucial for you.

All though there aren’t fairly as many recumbent instructors on the market as there are bikes or treadmills, there are still plenty to select from.

The alternatives likewise come under a quite large cost variety, with the most economical choices starting around $700 and also ranging upwards of $5000.

The recumbent trainers I reviewed below all made the listing due to the fact that they have the most to offer for the rate and also are the greatest rated.

I hope you discovered this article valuable. If you have any concerns or comments, please leave them listed below as well as I’ll solve back to you.

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