The M9 is Bowflex’s most recent addition to their Max Instructor lineup. With this updated model, you obtain a brand-new 10 ″ HD touchscreen show that opens up all sort of exercise and home entertainment opportunities.

Making use of Bowflex’s fitness application, JRNY, the M9 provides you accessibility to limitless instructor-led workouts, scenic paths, and all type of exercise metric tracking.

And unlike the majority of streaming equipment, the console on the M9 additionally allows you accessibility your preferred home entertainment apps, like Netflix, Disney+, and also Amazon Prime.

And despite the fact that the new hi-tech display is hard to miss out on, this is still a Max Instructor we’re discussing below, so it additionally has what it requires to provide as intense an exercise as you can manage.

Long-story-short: if you’re looking for a new cardio fitness instructor that works and enjoyable to make use of, Bowflex’s Max Trainer M9 is a wonderful choice.

If you want listening to the longer tale, keep reading.

In this evaluation, I’ll review every little thing the M9 needs to offer. After analysis, you’ll recognize whatever you require to in order to decide whether this machine is worth purchasing.


Limit Trainers are just one of the many technologies Bowflex has actually produced for many years.

From the initial Bowflex power pole house fitness centers to their more recent VeloCore Bike, Bowflex has made a name for themselves for believing beyond the box.

I believe it’s great to see a firm that remains to forge ahead- especially in an area like residence health and fitness where often it seems like we see the usual machines all over we look.

Anyway, the Max Trainers have been around for awhile and also there have actually been several different models over the years.

Even though Bowflex is only offering their more recent models (the M9 and M6) directly, you can still locate the older designs (M3, M5, M7, M8) on retail sites like Amazon as well as whatnot.

The greatest distinction we see on the M9 contrasted to the M8 is the touchscreen display.

And also I don’t indicate to claim that like that isn’t much of a distinction because it truly is- specifically thinking about the M9 is less expensive through Bowflex (~$ 2000) than the M8 is via Amazon.


  • Multi-grip handles
  • Large, textured pedals
  • Compact frame
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • 10″ HD touchscreen display
  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Unlimited instructor-led workouts (JRNY)
  • Scenic routes (JRNY)
  • Entertainment apps (JRNY)
  • Metric tracking (JRNY)
  • High intensity, full body workouts
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bluetooth arm band heart rate monitor included
  • USB charging port


  • Short warranty
  • Some complaints about user friendliness of apps


The M9, like every one of the other Max Trainers, is made to be a HIIT instructor.

HIIT, or high intensity interval training, as the name implies, is a design of exercise that includes short, extreme rounds of activity followed by longer remainder breaks.

The general suggestion is that exercising in this manner triggers your heart price to invest even more time at greater levels than more typical cardio training.

Which in turn, triggers you to melt even more calories, melt much more fat, rise metabolic rate, enhance cardio health and what not.

You understand, primarily all the excellent things all of us want to achieve with workout.

HIIT workouts have been studied for a long time currently and there’s truly no refuting their efficiency.

The essential nonetheless, is getting your heart price high sufficient during those interval periods.

A lot of experts concur that in order to make HIIT workouts efficient, you need to obtain your heart price as much as 75– 90% of your heart rate max throughout those periods.

For those out there that haven’t done this type of interval training before, you ought to understand that it’s pretty extreme.

Getting your heart price up to almost its max implies you’re essentially going for it throughout intervals.

Well, this type of exercise is exactly what the M9 is created for.

If you take a look at the motion pattern of the M9, you’ll see it basically incorporates the movement of a stair climber with an elliptical machine.

The pedal motion isn’t quite as vertical as a stair maker- it does entail a little horizontal movement, but not almost as long as an elliptical machine.

However like an elliptical exerciser, you obtain the upper body involvement, making it even more of a full body exercise (which is valuable for getting that heart rate raised).

The M9 uses both a magnetic and a fan based resistance system.

This indicates you have a magnetic flywheel that spins as you pedal, permitting you to change the baseline resistance from a dial, however you likewise obtain included air resistance as you pedal much faster as well as faster.

This means that, unlike a device that makes use of only air resistance, you can pedal gradually against high resistance.

Speaking of which, there are 20 resistance degrees to select from, offering you a large range of intensities to work with.

Although you could pedal gradually, keep in mind this equipment is made for interval training– integrating rate and also resistance with the staircase climbing up movement is a very effective way to melt calories in a short amount of time.

Generally, the motion pattern and also the combination of magnetic and air resistances makes the M9 a really efficient calorie burning maker.


Among the nice aspects of all limit Trainers is how portable they are. Unlike treadmills and ellipticals, these HIIT equipments don’t use up a great deal of flooring room (that makes them a great choice for smaller homes).

The M9 takes up a footprint of just 49.2 ″ L x 30.5 ″ W.

When it concerns ceiling elevation, Bowflex suggests taking the tallest user and including 15 ″- this is the minimal ceiling elevation you ought to need to ensure there aren’t any type of undesirable head injuries.

Even though the framework is compact on the M9, it doesn’t take anything away from the structural honesty of the frame.

The M9 still comes with a 300 lb weight limitation, which is pretty good for any kind of residence physical fitness device.

I additionally such as to check out the assembled weight to obtain a concept regarding how sturdy a maker is. The M9 evaluates nearly 150 lb put together, making it a rather significant maker.

The style of the M9 ought to make it quite comfy for most folks to use.

I pointed out the stepping pattern over, however when you take a look at the manages and pedals, you’ll see just how big every little thing is.

There are both fixed and also relocating manages, enabling many different holds during your workouts. And also the huge, distinctive pedals will guarantee your feet have a lot of shake space.

The M9 is likewise a rather low influence kind of exercise.

If you have throbbing joints the stepping pattern might not be as comfy as the more horizontal pattern on an elliptical exerciser, however it would certainly be less impactful than state using a treadmill.

In general, the M9 is pretty heavy-duty. I such as how over-sized all of the components are as well as I assume this will certainly include in individual comfort.


The Bowflex Max Trainer M9 features the adhering to attributes:

10 ″ HD touchscreen- the huge touchscreen screen makes it easy to make all choices as well as see all metrics as well as whatnot really plainly during exercises. It likewise functions extremely well with every one of the stuff you can access through JRNY.

As needed classes- JRNY is Bowflex’s physical fitness streaming app as well as it costs $19.99/ month (you can conserve much more if you register for a year each time). While it’s optional to sign up for this solution, you can not access the majority of its attributes without a membership. Via JRNY, you obtain access to unlimited as needed exercises. These workouts are instructor-led as well as custom-made to you. You can also be coached while watching your amusement applications. There are additionally 4 basic exercise programs that you can access without the JRNY app.

Breathtaking paths- with JRNY, you can access up to 50 or so picturesque paths all over the world, making it seem like you’re out running someplace exotic or gorgeous.

Entertainment apps- this is just one of the coolest attributes if you ask me. The touchscreen tablet features numerous integrated amusement applications that you can view during workouts. These consist of Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney+ (you have to have your own registration to each). Some folks have complained that the console could be a lot more easy to use when it involves utilizing these applications, yet that’s something Bowflex makes sure to work with future software updates.

Metric monitoring- the JRNY application allows you to track all of your workout metrics as well as established objectives as well as see individual bests.

Heart rate surveillance- you can get onto the fixed deals with to examine your heart price or use the consisted of bluetooth arm band for an extra exact analysis.

Bluetooth speakers- you can pay attention to music from your phone or tablet computer wirelessly via the integrated bluetooth speakers.

USB charging port- you can also charge your pad up during your workouts utilizing the USB charging port situated behind the console.

Canteen owner- this helpful function permits you to, uh, hold your water bottle during workouts. Hey, hydration is very important people!


Bowflex does a wonderful work with their assembly handbooks- better than most I ‘d even state. The handbook for the M9 is straightforward as well as simple to read.

I such as the huge images they include with each action because it makes it a lot easier to see what’s going on along the way.

They consist of large images of all the equipment, making it very easy to see which items are being connected with what.

All needed tools are also included, which is constantly nice.

Overall, I think lots of people will have the ability to construct the M9 themselves without too many concerns.

The setting up procedure is quite easy- you’re primarily simply affixing components to the mostly preassembled frame.

You’ll have to affix things like the pedals, handles, console, and also stabilizing feet. You’ll additionally have to make a few simple cable links to link the console.

I ‘d expect to invest a hr or so getting this machine unboxed and also set up.


Bowflex backs the Max Instructor M9 up with the adhering to warranty:

  • 3 year structure
  • 3 year parts
  • 90 day labor

There’s truly no getting around the fact that this is a brief service warranty for a health and fitness maker in this price range.

It’s kinda hard to compare the M9 to treadmills as well as ellipticals due to the fact that it is a different sort of equipment, however however, 3 years on the structure is actually short.

I wish to see a life time frame assurance from a $2000 device (this is what many great treadmills as well as ellipticals will provide; ProForm uses ten years on their HIIT fitness instructors).

3 years on parts isn’t bad- certainly in the ballpark when compared to other makers in this rate range (2-5 years is pretty common).

However 90 days on labor is much shorter than the 1 year most various other brands provide.

Generally, Bowflex’s service warranty on the M9 has a great deal of space for renovation. Directly, I consider this lackluster service warranty to be the M9’s most significant flaw.

Final Thoughts

Bowflex’s Max Trainers are a fascinating team of cardio equipments that provide a good choice to people that are tired with treadmills and also bikes.

The M9, like the others, are created to use high-intensity exercises that can aid you melt a ton of calories in a small amount of time.

And also as limit Trainers go, the M9 is one of the most technologically innovative version of the lot.

The big HD touchscreen sets perfectly with the JRNY application, giving you generally unlimited exercise and also home entertainment alternatives (as long as you’re cool with paying the membership fee).

(And also if you’re not cool down with paying for a streaming subscription, I do not advise the M9 because all of the coolest features call for the JRNY application).

Technology aside, the M9 is likewise well-equipped to deliver terrific workouts.

I such as the extra-large pedals and that the takes care of have many grip options- I believe these attributes will considerably enhance comfort during usage.

My biggest complaint would be the brief guarantee- I believe Bowflex might do a little better in this division.

Overall though, I think the M9 is a wonderful cardio device. I think it would make a great alternative for individuals thinking about workout streaming as well as making use of enjoyment applications during their workouts. Recommended.

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